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RF Drive Test Engineer Resume

Job Description:

The primary responsibilities of a RF drive test engineer are as follows.

  • The engineer has to monitor the performance of B-mobile radio network by conducting drive test and by analysing several reports generated from Operations Support System.
  • Has to co-ordinate with fellow network engineers and switching sections and to rectify the defects in radio network and to improve its quality and performance.
  • In order to expand the current radio and transmission network and to commence the new projects, the test engineer has to conduct new site surveys and plan an improvement.
  • He or she has to analyse the traffic report and take steps for the expansion of the network.
  • Has to carry out the drive test and analysis of drive test log in order to monitor 3 G network performance.

The following are considered as the secondary responsibilities of the test engineer.

  • When required, the engineer has to prepare tender and to do evaluation
  • Has the responsibility to prepare Bill of Quantities
  • Has to attend any duty assigned by the supervisors and general manager from time to time.

Why Resume is Important?

As regards to RF drive test engineer resume, it is necessary to learn to emphasize what you intend to. Whether advertised or not, the hiring managers used to receive hundreds of resumes every day and the importance of RF drive test resume lies on the design of the resume you submit.

Before applying for a job and preparing a resume, you have to do some research on the job you are going to apply for. The resume should be prepared in such a way that it contains the information that is relevant to the job you are seeking for.

Dirk D
3089, Godfrey Street

Job Objective:

I am seeking an opportunity to work as a RF drive test engineer and to utilise my skills for the betterment of the company and myself.

Highlights of Qualifications:

  • I have rich experience in electromagnetic field and its latest developments
  • I have extensive knowledge of antenna evaluation and know to test the same
  • I have great proficiency in using RF and EE tools
  • I am familiar with sound engineering principles and am aware of applying the same to research projects.
  • I can resolve any trouble in electrical circuitry level and system level

Professional Experience:

  • I am working as a RF drive test engineer since 2007 to till date in a company in New Jersey.
  • I am responsible for designing and implementing RF test solutions to achieve high volume production.
  • I have identified test plans and responsible for finding the best possible solution in order to consider the coverage, test time, costs, etc.
  • As regards to wireless Radio frequency, I have been responsible for manufacturing and test processes.
  • I am responsible for fulfilling the required plans to support new product manufacturing and test.

Academic Qualifications:

I hold a Bachelor's degree in electrical and electronics engineering from a county college in New Jersey.

Special Achievements:

  • On request from the customers, I have achieved improved performance of GSM network after necessary analysis.
  • I am capable of designing wireless system for maximum utility of GSM and I have in fact achieved the same for the company.
  • I have been efficient in using network performance key indicators and drive test data to rectify the complaints received from the customers.
  • I have worked with telecommunication and software engineers to integrate various designs into large scale communication systems.
  • As other engineers, I am also specialised in radio frequency and microwave technology.

Resume Writing

As per the details of RF drive test resume, you have to express your attitude and objective in the first few paragraphs and this will make the hiring managers to go deep into your resume. While writing the rest of the resume, you have to use bullet points to convey the desired information in a clear and concise manner.

You are required to study the job requirements and highlight your skills that meet those requirements. You may be having many special skills and this would not go unnoticed by the employers. Therefore, you have to highlight your strengths, with necessary proofs and relevant points, to get the first sight view of the recruiting managers.

Your resume should be framed with a positive attitude and you must avoid the negatives, if any, on your part. For instance, you need not mention the reasons for leaving a job and explain the employment gaps, if any. If warranted, these points can be discussed with the employer at the time of interview.

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