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Pollution Control Engineer Resume

What is the most effective way to make your resume impressive in the eyes of the employer while reviewing your resume? The answer is simple: short, reflect professionalism, well drafted, relevant information, and proper organization. This resume example is simple and appealing, both in terms of style and content. Employer can have the best information, clearly and precisely. It projects a professional image of the applicant. Employers have a quick review of the resume sent by the job applicant. The first few seconds are important for it to determine your fate. The idea here is to know the essence of bringing only the related information. Avoid junk information and focus only on the relevant information. Get ready to catch all the effective ideas towards the making of a perfect resume, with the help of the below sample.

Pollution Control Engineer is an environmental engineer who develops engineering strategies of controlling and preventing pollution of various types. This engineer may be specialized in air pollution, water pollution, or a combination of both.

The responsibilities of a pollution control engineer include planning and developing pollution control strategies, conducting research and evaluate pollution problems, developing techniques for monitoring pollution, researching and analyzing pollution emissions from various sources, determining the concentration and nature of contaminant, evaluating the effectiveness of equipment designed for pollution control, developing methods of testing pollution, evaluating the significance of air and water pollution hazards, developing treatment systems, reviewing compliance schedules, development of emission control strategies, and testing pollution control devices.

Knowledge required for a Pollution Control Engineer include pollution control principles and practices, principles of thermodynamics, industrial air control practices, chemical and environmental engineering practices. In addition the mentioned requirement, air pollution control engineer should have knowledge of handling hazardous waste materials. Career opportunities are available in pollution control organizations, and other private sector.

Sample Pollution Control Resume

Charile Brown
Fourth West Oak Lane
Carlisle, MA 01741,
Contact Details: 111-094- 6720

Career Goal:

Seeking a responsible position as a pollution control engineer with a view to utilize my skills and professional experience in an organization that offers opportunity towards professional growth and development

Professional Knowledge & Abilities:

  • Knowledge of overall air pollution control systems and operation of power plant systems
  • In-depth knowledge of APC systems, preventive maintenance procedures, and installation of air pollution testing equipment
  • Hands on experience in providing engineering support in Air Pollution Control technology
  • Comprehensive knowledge of safety inspection techniques, pollution control methodologies, and safety environmental practices
  • Extensive knowledge of pollution control devices, environmental engineering principles and practices
  • Ability to communicate effectively with strong technical and leadership skills

Employment History:

Organization: Research Group, Washington
Duration: June 2009 till date
Designation: Pollution Control Engineer

  • Handle the tasks of planning testing methods and procedures of pollution control
  • Assigned responsibilities of analyzing and evaluating pollution related issues and develop solutions for the same
  • Responsible for researching testing pollution sources and conduct research on air contaminants
  • Perform the tasks of surveying industrial areas to determine pollution emissions from industrial sources
  • Handle responsibilities of testing and evaluating the effectiveness equipment in performing pollution control activities

Organization: Pollution Research, Washington
Duration: April 2008 to March 2009
Designation: Junior Pollution Control Engineer

  • Handled responsibilities of assisting staff in the design and development of pollution monitoring methodologies
  • Assigned the tasks of handling engineering calculations of pollution control
  • Performed responsibilities of calibrating and adjusting air control equipment and devices
  • Responsible for preparing testing results and perform review of pollution techniques to ensure compliance with pollution control regulations

Educational History:

Achieved bachelor's degree of Science in Environmental Engineering
Washington Science College in the year 2008


Will be pleased to furnish upon request

The very quick initial reading of this resume is very essential if you want to get a positive result. It is imperative that you communicate only the information that the employer looks forward to. This does not mean putting fake information to fulfill the requirements of the employer. Be honest while conveying the information. Employers are smart enough to detect any fake information. The above resume provides guidelines that will help you to draft a resume that presents you in the best light. The soul of the resume i.e the sections are filled with relevant data. You can also include your accomplishments and professional awards, if any. When deciding about any information to put in your resume, ask yourself whether the information will add value. This resume will help you to boost your chances of getting a job interview, and make you a qualified applicant for the position.

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