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Petroleum Engineer Resume

Petrol or fuel is in great demand and many geologists and engineers work on finding new reservoirs of crude oil beneath the ground, extraction of the same, preserving existing reservoirs, etc. The geologists are only capable of locating such reservoirs; however, they need the help of petroleum engineers to extract this essential and precious natural resource from beneath the ground. Thus, petroleum engineering is a sub-section of engineering, and besides home country they do have great demand in gulf countries. The only problem with this profession is that the candidate might have to relocate to regions, cities or countries, where there are unexplored patches of this essential fuel, and work towards locating and extracting the same. In USA, almost all such areas have been tapped, and thus there is not much scope for these engineers.

With this, we get a clear idea of the said job profile. The candidates willing to work in this profile must have a Bachelors degree in the same, and can refer to the sample petroleum engineer resume given below

Petroleum Engineer Resume Sample

John .P. Mike
25th Market Street
Richmond, VA 20013
Ph: 44 121022010

Career Objective:

Willing to work in R&D to help solve the problem of diminishing fuel reserves, and help save the environment. Willing to work with geologists and research experts wherein my skills of engineering and zeal for research and development could be used to the fullest. Also, willing to work as faculty to impart my knowledge to the budding engineers.

Career Summary:

Worked as a Petroleum Engineer for 6 years, and am currently working with Petro Tech, UAE. My current job role is to assist the geologist in tapping unexplored reserves of hydrocarbons, and work on designing machinery and equipment for safe extraction of the same. As mentioned above, I would like to be a part of research to help find substitutes for this non-conventional energy resource.

Professional Experience:

Current Employer - Petro Tech, UAE
Designation: Chief Petroleum Engineer
(2008- till date)

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Oversee the petroleum extraction processes
  • Accompany the geologists in field visits and help tap virgin fuel reserves beneath the ground
  • Designing various machineries or equipment that help in safe extraction of this valuable resource
  • Purchase the equipment and machineries, spares, etc., as and when required
  • Oversee the maintenance of equipment and machinery
  • Testing of the extracted hydrocarbons, and safe storage and transportation of the same
  • Determine the extent of the underground resource reservoir and assist in mapping the same
  • Set protocols and procedures of extraction to ensure minimal wastage while doing the same
  • Keep a check on storage and security of extracted mineral
  • Work on new procedures and try to develop new equipment that help in extraction of hydrocarbons
  • Working on a project plan to get an approval for research on substitutes of this non-conventional resource

Previous Work Experience:

Sheikh Petroleum Reserves
Designation: Petroleum Engineer
(January 2004 - 2008)

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Report to the Chief Engineer
  • Work on extracting fuel from fuel reservoirs
  • Assist the geologists in fixing equipment and machineries to examine fuel reserves
  • Assemble and dismantle equipment and machinery
  • Assist the Chief in making reports, maps, etc., to help demarcate the boundary of reserves
  • Responsible for maintenance and lubrication of equipment and machinery
  • Arrange for field visits by loading all the required equipment and assuring timely transportation of the same
  • Work in coordination with the geologists to assure minimal wastage of resources during extraction

Additional Information:

  • Working as a Guest Lecturer in Abu-Dhabi University
  • Assisting the Chief in his research proposal drafting
  • A member of Petroleum Environment Research Forum (PERF)
  • Write articles for various journals or blogs related to my field


  • Masters in Project Management (distance learning) - 2008
  • Bachelors in Petroleum Engineering - 2006

Additional Courses:

  • Certificate course in Disaster Management
  • Certificate course in Environment Safety Norms

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • State-level chess champion


Relocation and on-job traveling is not an issue


Available on request

John .P. Mike

The petroleum engineer resume sample and a brief job description given above, is of great help to a candidate looking for suitable job opportunities in this field. A fresher can get a clear idea of the employer's expectations and thus, prepare accordingly, and an experienced candidate can draft an effective resume for oneself, which will help in tapping better job opportunities. One can either use the resume given above, and make the required changes or use it as a reference to make one's own unique resume template and send in their job applications. Always remember that you are judged for your capabilities based on your resume, even before you get a chance to meet the employer in the interview.

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