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Optical Engineer Resume

To develop a strong and positive impression, begin with a compelling statement that sounds more than the normal resume. This is because the beginning of your resume is the strong point that your employer judges you. It is something that you will summarize your professional goals and the way you see your future professionally. You should be able to demonstrate successfully what you wish to convey to your employer. In other sense, this is the opportunity to make your employer focus on each and every section. Resumes drafted with proper understanding of the guidelines are the one that gives the best results. The cream of your resume is the content. However, the style of presenting the information should not be ignored. This optical engineer resume example is written in a style that deserves a job interview.

Optical engineering, an engineering branch that deals with developing optical lenses by studying the application requirement. These engineers design and develop specifications for optical devices like optical sensors, telescopes, fiber optical communication systems, and microscopes. Optical Engineer is an engineer who is an expert in the field of optical technology, optical science, and engineering concepts.

The duties of an optical engineer includes performing research on light properties, designing optical devices by gathering the requirement, designing light sensitive devices, developing manufacturing and testing procedures, performing preventive maintenance of optical devices, planning safety measures for using optical instruments, coordinating in sales and marketing activities, repairing and maintaining optical devices, operating light emitting equipment, testing light emission to ensure that it meets the requirement, solving product issues, handling quality assurance activities, preparing test plans and test reports, identifying the process to improve manufacturing process, and so on.

Optical engineer should possess strong knowledge of the domain like optical engineering concepts and applications, lightning devices and characteristics, optic designing techniques, optical characteristics and maintenance procedures. It is mandatory for an optical engineer to obtain a bachelor's degree in optical engineering. Optical engineer should be well versed in manufacturing process and quality control methodologies.

Sample Optical Engineer Resume

Cody Garret
215 University Pl, New York
Cell: 201-789-0198
Email: cody

Career Goal:

A position as an optical engineer wherein my experience and skill sets can be utilized towards professional growth and development.

Knowledge & Credentials:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of optical engineering concepts, lens characterization methodology, and general lighting technologies
  • Extensive knowledge of lens designing, imaging systems, adaptive optics, and statistical optics
  • In-depth knowledge of fiber-optic packaging processes and development of optical systems
  • Skilled in characterization of optical devices and other lightning equipment
  • Ability to communicate professionally and has the ability to work in a dynamic environment

Professional History:

Lens Inc, New York
June 2010 till date
Optical Engineer

  • Responsible for researching, developing, and testing advanced optical technologies
  • Handle the tasks of designing lens, image quality characterization, and designing of lens prototype
  • Assigned responsibilities of implementing lightning systems in the product
  • Perform the tasks of inspecting and maintaining optical components to ensure conformance with product specifications
  • Handle responsibilities of analyzing and evaluating components and systems related with lightning devices
  • Responsible for determining optical specifications and develop optical inspection methodologies

Reeds Group, New York
August 2008 to May 2010
Junior Optical Engineer

  • Handled responsibilities of assisting senior optical engineer in the design, development, and testing of optical systems
  • Assigned the tasks of developing signal lighting systems by utilizing standard process and methodologies
  • Responsible for gathering customer requirement to develop optical systems that meets the requirement
  • Performed the tasks of developing strategies for improving the methodologies of optical design
  • Handled responsibilities of assisting senior optical design in developing stages of optical design and characterization of lens
  • Performed design verification before delivering to the customer site


Bachelor's degree in Optical Engineering
College of New York in the year 2007

Once you have completed drafting the complete resume, it is necessary to review each and every point. If you have written a poor resume, you can never hope of getting a job interview. In order to make a favorable impression, it is essential to know the art of writing a professional resume, apart from the work experience. This resume example provides a detailed concept of writing a well structured and effective resume in the simplest and comprehensive manner. It discusses in detail the best techniques of developing a resume by providing essential features. Feel free to pick this resume as a unique resume example towards generating a unique resume.

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