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Optical Design Engineer Resume

Before beginning the writing process, you need to identify the requirements of the profile you are applying for. There are several reasons behind this. The simple reason for this is that employers search for candidates with the right skill sets and work experience. After identifying with the job requirement, you need to choose the format in which you are going to present the information. To help you in getting clarity in the mentioned points, a free optical design engineer resume sample has been updated on the page. The content and the format you choose, really matters a lot. It is necessary to put the amount of work experience and skills in a single, or two pages. The choice really depends on your professional background and skill sets. This resume example highlights the most common style of preparing an effective resume. It organizes the information in a reverse chronological format.

Optical engineering is a branch of engineering that falls under photonics engineering. It is the field of engineering that studies the design and application of optics. An optical design engineer is an engineer who works on designing optical instruments and components. This includes instruments that utilize light like telescopes, types of lenses, fiber optic communication systems, optical sensors, lasers, and microscopes. The main job profile of an optical design engineer is to design light information technologies.

The job profile of an optical design engineer includes conducting photometric test of optical instruments, developing new optical technology, identifying standard testing equipment and standard procedures, evaluating products to ensure that it meets the optical specifications, optical/electrical measurements, specification and analysis of optical subsystems and components.

Optical design engineer should possess extensive knowledge of optical test practices and processes, optical design engineering and technology, optical standards and procedures, optical measuring and testing. Skill sets required for the profile of an optical design engineer include problem solving, analytical, and communication skills.

Sample Optical Design Engineer Resume

Grung Amiths
8975 Bers Calvin Drive, Chicago 60605
Cell: (333)-897-8920
Email: grung

Career Objective:

Experienced optical design engineer seeking a responsible position in the field of optical designing in a high technology and dynamic environment with a view to utilize my proficiencies towards organizational growth and development

Core Competencies:

  • Extensive knowledge of optical designing, optical imaging system, lens specification, and laser beam shaping
  • In-depth knowledge of optical test practices and processes as well as optical ray-tracing software
  • Comprehensive knowledge of designing and testing different types of optics as per the specifications
  • Demonstrated knowledge of optical illumination system, product development stages, and optical component
  • Well versed in illumination optics, backlighting systems, and optical spectrum analyzers
  • Creative with excellent communication and organizational skills
  • Ability to work in a team environment and in a fast and dynamic environment

Summary of Work History:

Organization: Tellebs, California
Duration: November 2011 till date
Designation: Optical Design Engineer

  • Handle the tasks of designing imagining optical systems used for various detection purposes
  • Assigned responsibilities of handling optical design for the production of lighting products
  • Perform the tasks of analyzing optical elements and investigations on prototype designs
  • Handle responsibilities of performing modeling and tolerance analysis and testing optics by referring the specifications
  • Responsible for developing optical systems as per the requirement of customers
  • Perform responsibilities of taking active part in design verification and production launch programs

Organization: Valeo Systems, California
Duration: May 2008 to October 2011
Designation: Junior Optical Design Engineer

  • Assigned responsibilities of implementing imaging optical systems under the instructions of senior optical design engineer
  • Responsible for coordinating with optical mechanical engineers for verification of optical designs
  • Handled responsibilities of developing concept developing stages of lenses and other lightning optics
  • Performed the tasks of preparing product layouts, performing quality assurance testing, and analyzing optical elements
  • Handled all other essential tasks as assigned

Educational Summary:

Achieved Bachelor's degree in Optical Engineering
University of California in the year 2008


Will be pleased to furnish upon request

Writing a perfect resume is not a cup of tea for everyone. A good research, combined with proper understanding is necessary. This resume fulfills the criteria required for writing a professional and successful resume. It can be referred by freshers as well as experienced professionals. The best part of the sample is that it provides relevant information by using key sections. It emphasizes all the essential points that one needs in writing a resume. You can bring yourself in the limelight by referring the sample. Our goal is to help you in discovering the unique way of generating a successful job application resume. This resume style is suitable for any kind of job application. It communicates all the main idea to make your resume strong and effective.

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