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Nuclear Procurement Engineer Resume

The best resume writer or a professional writer will suggest to begin the resume with a powerful statement. A writer with knowledge of writing resumes always try to see the other side, i.e., the job requirements and expectations of the employer. This is the way one should begin with, while preparing a good and fruitful resume. Like a well planned proposal, this resume provides the content in such a way that it meets the expectation at the highest. It begins with a powerful opening by stating the goals and objectives of the applicant. This nuclear procurement engineer resume will please any recruiter at the first glance, and will make him/her incline to go through the entire resume. With the help of this resume, give a clear idea of what the employer/recruiter looks for in the position.

A nuclear procurement engineer is a nuclear engineer who is assigned with the tasks of buying nuclear materials for power plant, and for manufacturing nuclear weapons. Nuclear procurement engineer is employed in the nuclear power industry, engineering firms, medical equipment manufacturing organization, and nuclear research firms.

The duties of a nuclear procurement engineer include verifying material bills, performing technical evaluation of nuclear materials, conducting inspection of nuclear systems, identifying material requirement, procurement of nuclear power plants, preparing technical bid and specifications, classification of nuclear materials, routing nuclear materials, handling and managing procurement activities, estimating cost of nuclear materials, planning and preparing technical guidelines, correcting discrepancy reports, identifying required components, developing procurement plans, preparing technical bids and specifications, and coordinating with the vendor, in handling procurement activities.

Nuclear procurement engineer should be well versed in power plant components and materials, procurement processes, material characterization and specifications, power plant procurement regulatory guidelines, ASME codes, and nuclear equipment. Nuclear procurement engineer should possess strong analytical, management, negotiation, management and organizational skills. A bachelor's degree in science with specialization in physics and mathematics is required for the position.

Sample Nuclear Procurement Engineer Resume

Allan Bowman
128 Metro Dr, Lebanon, PA
Cell: 102-789-0128

Career Profile

Hands on experience in handling and managing procurement of nuclear power plant industry. Seeking a responsible position as a nuclear procurement engineer in a renowned organization

Professional Strengths

  • Comprehensive knowledge of general power plant components, procurement of nuclear utility, and automated purchasing process
  • Extensive knowledge of electronic and mechanical equipment and devices
  • Sound knowledge of nuclear equipment, material characterization, and power plant materials and systems
  • In-depth knowledge of nuclear procurement rules, regulations, and regulatory guidelines
  • Possess strong negotiation, communication, organizational, and multi tasking skills
  • Ability to interpret technical data with excellent project management skills

Work Experience

Organization: Power Plant, PA
Duration: September 2010 till date
Designation: Nuclear Procurement Engineer

  • Responsible for material analysis and reviewing of application to provide effective support in procurement engineering
  • Handle the tasks of planning cost effective counter measures to meet business goals and objectives
  • Perform responsibilities of ensuring that the procured raw materials meet quality requirements
  • Assigned the tasks of preparing procurement engineering documents and provide effective support in nuclear plant projects
  • Handle responsibilities of procurement of mechanical and electrical equipment for power plant systems
  • Responsible for performing bills of material verifications, solving discrepancy reports, and material classifications

Organization: Power Inc, PA
Duration: July 2008 to August 2010
Designation: Junior Procurement Engineer

  • Assigned the tasks of estimating budget for procurement of nuclear components
  • Performed responsibilities of preparing procurement list and maintain record for future reference
  • Handled the tasks of identifying appropriate product that will meet project requirement
  • Responsible for checking raw materials at the time of delivery and return any defect materials
  • Assigned the tasks of negotiating with vendors in procurement process
  • Handled all other material verification and billing process as required

Educational Summary

Achieved Bachelor's degree in Nuclear Engineering
PA College of Engineering in the year 2008

Your resume is the only means where you can interact face to face with your employer. Do not take it as simple as it may seem, like just jotting your work experience and skills. There is something more than that and this makes a great impact in your resume. The success or failure of your job application depends on how you communicate, and what you communicate. Therefore, proper understanding of the requirement and learning the guidelines of organizing the information works wonders in the job search process. The simple idea is to make your resume simple, informative, and to the point.

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