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Novell Certified Network Engineer Resume

As an aspiring job applicant, perhaps the most important thing you need is to possess a well structured and professional resume. It is necessary on your part to learn the best way and techniques of preparing an effective job application form, to submit to your recruiter or prospective employer. It is important that what you communicate should please your recruiter. Without having a well-structured resume, your efforts to get a job interview may not turn a fruitful one. Preparing a professional resume takes research and time. If you follow the step, your resume will be worth for a job interview. If you do feel that you need guidelines in writing a resume, or just need the effective tips to improve, you can use this novell certified network engineer sample provided in the page.

Novell Inc is a renowned and established IT service sector that has made a remarkable contribution in local area network. This organization provides training to aspiring networking professionals in every aspect of network engineering. A novel certified network engineer is a network engineer who has undergone the training. This certification is required to move ahead in the field of network engineering.

The responsibilities of a novell certified network engineer include designing and developing implementation procedures of network systems, troubleshooting networking issues, testing networking devices and equipment, installing hardware and software infrastructures, monitoring frequency and usage of network, monitoring network security practices, analyzing and solving network failure issues, providing technical support in local area network, wide area network, and voice over internet protocols infrastructures, configuration of hardware and software, analyzing networking circuits, preparing technical documents, maintaining testing records, upgrading networks to improve communication and networking systems, and solving network related issues.

Network engineer should be familiar with advanced network engineering and administrative procedures, LAN/WAN communications, traffic engineering, routing protocols, network devices, infrastructures, network security systems, network protocols, and network management systems. In addition to this, it is required to have strong technical knowledge of firewalls, Cisco routers, and routing protocols. To become a novell certified engineer, it is mandatory to obtain a bachelor's degree in network engineering with a novel network certification.

Sample Novell Certified Network Engineer Resume

Julio Medina
1489 Campus Dr., New Port Richey, Florida
Contact: 189-001-7595

Career Objective:

To obtain the position of a novel certified network engineer in a dynamic and established organization

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of computer networks, network infrastructures, and network protocols
  • Extensive knowledge of LAN/WAN technologies, Storage Area Network, and virtual storage systems
  • In-depth knowledge of implementing, testing, and administering network tools and devices
  • Well versed in Cisco switches and routers, network cabling, Change Management Processes, and network connectivity devices
  • Comprehensive knowledge of network monitoring tools and network security practices
  • Possess excellent troubleshooting, problem solving, analytical, and communication skills


2005-2008: Bachelor Degree in Networking Engineering- Florida

Professional History:

Communications Corp, Florida 2010 - Present
Network Engineer

  • Responsible for developing detail plans for implementing, testing, and maintaining network systems of the organization
  • Handle the tasks of handling evaluation process of network security and wireless devices
  • Perform responsibilities of monitoring the operations of network hardware and establish communication protocols
  • Responsible for developing techniques for upgrading networking tools and devices
  • Handle the tasks of analyzing network failures and troubleshooting network issues
  • Assigned responsibilities of developing solutions to resolve complex networking issues

Network Engineering Support, Florida 2008 - 2009
Junior Network Engineer

  • Handled the tasks of installing, configuration, and optimization of network communication devices
  • Assigned responsibilities of data integrity of network equipment and maintenance of network security services
  • Performed the tasks of providing 2nd tier support for local area network and wide area network issues
  • Responsible for monitoring Storage Area Network and provide technical solution in VPN connection issues
  • Assigned responsibilities of documenting implementation process and conduct testing of network cables
  • Performed the tasks of providing networking support in remote places

Review the sample in the page to learn writing a proper resume. This resume makes use of simple and proven techniques of generating an effective resume. Remember, if your resume meets the criteria of the job requirement, you are sure to be shortlisted for the opening. Consider the techniques applied in this resume as the guideline of writing a successful resume. Hope this resume will help you to give the picture of your professional skills and experience in a perfect, unique, and appealing manner.

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