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NASA Aerospace Engineer Resume

A well drafted resume sets out key goals, objectives, and strategies for the applied position. Resume is required not only to get a job, but also to boost professionally. It is therefore essential to find the perfect way to plan a resume that takes you in the right direction. Resume should highlight key features that give overall requirement of the position. For writing a successful resume, one requires the fundamentals and basic concept of developing professional resume. This NASA aerospace engineer resume example will help you to plan a resume that works in the long run. It makes use of selective words and relevant information, to give the reflection of a professional resume.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), is a research firm that focuses on aeronautics and aerospace research. NASA aerospace engineer is an aeronautical engineer who works on the development of aircraft systems and the working mechanisms behind aircraft systems.

The job profile of a NASA aerospace engineer includes developing aircraft systems and related technologies, designing flight components and systems, preparing flight testing programs, conducting preventive maintenance activities, developing missiles and weapons, assembling, testing, and fitting aircraft components, preparing technical manuals, estimating project cost, developing flight safety standards, undertaking aircraft modification activities, handling technical issues, investigating missiles and aircraft failure, developing plans to improve safety features, testing aircraft systems and components, regular inspection of aircraft parts, and providing technical support in handling emergency situations.

Aerospace engineer should have knowledge of aerospace engineering concepts and applications, aircraft structural design and manufacturing process, aircraft design and testing life cycle. It is mandatory to possess strong technical knowledge, combined with excellent troubleshooting, analytical, and problem solving skills. A bachelor's degree in aeronautical engineering is the educational requirement of the position.

Sample NASA Aerospace Engineer Resume

Ricardo Fox
1597 Welton Street, Denver, CO
Contact: 458-012-7920

Career Objective

To obtain the position of an aerospace engineer in NASA with a view to utilize my educational background and experience to pursue new challenges and opportunities in the field of aerospace engineering.

Lists of Skills

  • Comprehensive knowledge of aeronautical engineering concepts, aircraft and missiles systems and components
  • In-depth knowledge of structural analysis of aircraft components, aerospace dynamics, and mechanical aerospace systems
  • Extensive knowledge of Computer Aided Design tools, analysis techniques, and advanced testing procedures
  • Knowledge of flight system hardware, internal components, structures, and aerospace integrated systems
  • Attention to detail with excellent technical, troubleshooting, and analytical skills
  • Possess excellent oral and communication skills with strong organizational skills

Educational Summary

Bachelor's degree of Science in Aerospace Engineering
Colorado University in the year 2008

Work Experience

Organization: NASA, Colorado
Tenure: September 2010 till date
Designation: Aerospace Engineer

  • Responsible for designing tools and applications that meet the specific requirement of the mission
  • Assigned the tasks of planning integration guidelines and operational procedures of aircraft systems
  • Handle responsibilities of evaluating feasibility and perform testing of internal fluid mechanics of aircraft systems
  • Perform the tasks of analyzing the functionalities of aerospace components and systems
  • Responsible for developing theoretical simulation applications and perform safety and risks analysis
  • Assigned responsibilities of developing new technologies and perform testing of advanced aircraft components and systems

Organization: NASA, Colorado
Tenure: July 2008to August 2010
Designation: Junior Aerospace Engineer

  • Assigned the tasks of providing advanced technical guidelines for aircraft structures
  • Performed responsibilities of load analysis, investigation of aircraft structure failures, and developing technical specifications
  • Handled the tasks of providing end-to-end engineering support in aircraft architecture development and mission
  • Responsible for evaluating and implementing technical risk mitigation strategies by reviewing the aircraft system development procedures
  • Assigned responsibilities of supporting senior engineers in developing aeronautical flight technologies
  • Handled the tasks of developing flight-testing procedures for NASA's under the guidelines of senior staff

Use the sections in the resume while writing your resume. The aim of this resume example is to guide you in the writing process. The techniques applied in this resume is simple and easy to apply. This resume will help not only in terms of planning, but will give a clear and better concept of effective resume writing. It will make a valuable contribution in your job search process. The ideas applied in this resume will prove as the best marketing strategy to build a positive image. It will reflect your professional skills and experience in the most appealing and attractive way.

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