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Music Recording Engineer Resume

A music recording engineer is an audio engineer and is also called as a sound engineer, audio technician, or audio technologist. The job profile of a music recording engineer includes recording sound, mixing sound, maintaining sound quality, providing directions in music and sound effects, selecting appropriate sound and music to suite the taste or requirement, creating sound effects, operating recording and amplification machines, mixing and editing sound tracks, adjusting sound volume, testing sound equipment, repairing sound equipment, and many more.

A music recording engineer should be well versed in sound engineering concepts, broadcast audio specifications, sound miner software, audio codes/compression, Pro Tools, and signal flow. Apart from the knowledge, the profile requires excellent troubleshooting, communication, and multi-tasking skills. Job opportunities for the position are available in music and production companies, theatres, and other private entertainment houses.

Sample Music Recording Engineer Resume

Anthony Grubbs
6781 Samd View Lane
San Francisco, California 94103
Cell: (111)-892-1209
Mail Id:

Career Statement:

Diverse knowledge of sound recording, mixing, and editing techniques with hands on experience in the field of sound engineering. Seeking a position as a music recording engineer in a renowned organization

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of audio engineering equipment like microphones, sound signals processors, razor blade and tape
  • In-depth knowledge of the practical applications, concepts, and techniques of sound engineering
  • Diverse knowledge of sound mixing equipment, tools, and technologies
  • Sound knowledge of acoustic and electronic devices, analog and digital recording, and musical instruments
  • Ability to communicate professionally with excellent leadership skills
  • Creative, attention to detail, with good taste of music

Educational Summary:

Achieved Bachelor's Degree in Audio Engineering
California Engineering College in the year 2006

Professional Experience:

Music Recording Engineer, Sound Stereo, California
Duration: August 2010 till date

  • Handle responsibilities of mixing and editing sound and music by using sound mixing boards to achieve the desired effect
  • Responsible for operating volumes to maintain sound quality by using control consoles
  • Assigned responsibilities of planning for the recording session by setting up microphones, audio signals, and other related software
  • Perform the tasks of operating and maintaining recording devices to avoid distortion of sound quality
  • Handle responsibilities of creating composite tracks, editing unwanted sound effects, and adjusting multiple volume tracks
  • Assigned the tasks of selecting stereo track from the mixing process and proceeds with fine-tuning activities

Junior Recording Engineer, Reeds Musical, California
Duration: June 2006 to July 2010

  • Assigned the tasks of testing and setting musical instruments before the recording process
  • Handled responsibilities of handling activities like mixing and dubbing sounds under the instructions of sound director
  • Performed the tasks of operating and maintaining sound equipment and devices
  • Responsible for troubleshooting issues in sound equipment and devices
  • Assigned the tasks of supporting staff in handling music recording activities
  • Handled responsibilities of testing sound to ensure that it achieves the desired effect

Preparing a good music recording engineer resume can help you gain the chance of an interview for your dream job. You need to mention all relevant points in your resume to increase the success rate with the resume.

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