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Mining Engineer Resume

Resume should be build by studying the job requirements. We feel that being an experienced professional, or an expert in the domain, we can easily get a job interview by just sending the resume. Remember, this resume is not going to be that simple if you really plan to get an interview. It takes ample time and research to build, frame, and present the entire information in an appealing and organized structure. You need to comprehend all what it takes to bring your resume into perfection. This resume example is a simple guideline on developing a resume that meets the job expectations. You can conceive the best guideline and technique of writing a great resume with the help of the sample.

Mining engineering is the theory of extracting and processing of ores and minerals from natural resources. A mining engineer is a civil engineer who specializes in researching natural occurring substances, extracting, processing, and refining the substance into a valuable one. This field of engineering requires the application of the theory, application, and principles of natural science. Mining engineer can specialize in areas like mine production, mine development, and mine designing.

Duties of a mining engineer include overseeing construction projects, planning development procedures of mine structures, conducting site survey to ensure safe mining operations, designing underground mines, developing safe plans for mining construction and blasting, providing instructions in areas of designing ventilation systems and coal transportation procedures, designing tunnels for underground operations, identifying ore deposits, preparing project plan and budget estimations, preparing detailed design plans, extracting coal by developing standard procedures, planning for demolition methods, maintaining mining equipment and machineries, designing underground mines, extracting, as well as processing of ores and minerals.

Mining engineer should have advanced knowledge of mining engineering, safety guidelines, mining analysis, equipment maintenance, extraction procedures, and knowledge of testing natural resources.

Sample Mining Engineer Resume

Rick Olson
1598 W Main St, Mesa, AZ
Contact: 112-789-0198

Career Goal:

A challenging position as mining engineer wherein my knowledge can be utilized towards professional growth and development in an established organization

Core Competencies:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of mining engineering practices, natural resources, and safety guidelines
  • Extensive knowledge of mining engineering codes and regulations, and mining safety practices
  • In-depth knowledge of mining equipment, tools, and standard procedures
  • Hands on experience in handling mining projects that include project planning, budget estimation, and project schedule
  • Strong communication, technical, troubleshooting, and analytical skills

Work History:

Organization: Natural Engineering, Arizona
Duration: Mining Engineer
Designation: 2010 till date

  • Responsible for reading and interpreting technical drawings and blueprints to develop designing ideas
  • Handle the tasks of providing mining engineering support like defining design, scope, and project construction techniques
  • Perform responsibilities of preparing specifications of mining equipment and prepare research reports
  • Assigned the tasks of preparing drawings for mining engineering and coordinate procurement staff in procurement of mining equipment
  • Responsible for handling mine control activities and monitoring of mine survey activities
  • Handle responsibilities of developing safe plans for mining construction and maintaining of mining equipment and machineries
  • Assigned the tasks of developing long term plans for handling mining projects

Organization: SERC Group, Arizona
Duration: Junior Mining Engineer
Designation: 2008-2009

  • Assigned responsibilities of handling mining projects and preparing plan of action to execute the project
  • Handled the tasks of surveying sites, preparing reports, and prepare specification of construction projects
  • Performed responsibilities of planning and implementing safety measures for mining construction projects
  • Hands on experience in drilling and blasting carried in mining sites
  • Assigned responsibilities of operating and maintaining drilling machines and other mining equipment
  • Handled the tasks of developing safety procedures to be implemented in mining sites


Achieved Engineering Graduate Arizona University in the year 2008

It takes just a few seconds to decide whether you are eligible for the opening or not. It is your resume which plays a key factor in the job search process. For many applicants, having this resume as an example is a great part in the job search process. You really need to implement and document all the vital information in the most appealing manner, with the help of this resume. This resume will help you to overcome the challenges you face. Our aim is to help you in writing a solid resume, to make your job application a fruitful one.

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