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Military Electrical Engineer Resume

Every professional working in any corporate, small sector, or government organization relies on a resume to move ahead. It is very essential that the resume you draft should support your skill sets and work history. Your resume should meet the demand of the prospective employer. There are certain things that need high consideration in writing an effective resume. Let's speak first about the requirement of an employer. Applicants often skip the idea of knowing and analyzing the requirement from the employer point of view. This is very wrong. In order to convey the right information, it is necessary to be on the foot of the employer. After this process, comes the question of placing the information. Well, this resume sample is a brief and explanatory concept on building a resume that works well.

Electrical engineer is a field of engineering that focuses on the application of electrical and electronic concept, in developing and designing electrical systems. This electrical system can be for the use of various industries like military, telecommunications, building, health-care, plant construction, and for other scientific purposes.

An electrical engineer working in a military organization plans and develops and designs mechanical equipment and devices for military purposes. The job description of a military electrical engineer includes installation, testing, and operating mechanical equipment, preparing mechanical testing plans, handling and solving complex mechanical system issues, designing specifications, integrating electrical parts of mechanical systems, implementing technical guidelines, handling projects, estimating project budget, developing power generation systems, and the required military equipment.

A Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering is the minimum educational qualification to apply for the position. The job requires comprehensive knowledge of electrical engineering concepts and practices, with extensive knowledge of developing and designing electrical systems and components. The position requires strong analytical, technical, and problem solving skills.

Sample Military Electrical Engineer Resume

James White
1134 West Subway, Bean Street, Florida
Cell: 123-111-7610

Career Goals:

A challenging and responsible position to work as an electrical engineer wherein my expertise and educational background can be utilized towards professional growth and development in a renowned organization

Relevant Knowledge & Credentials:

  • Posses excellent knowledge of the concepts, principles, and applications of electrical engineering
  • Comprehensive knowledge of radar systems, wireless communication, and missile systems
  • In-depth knowledge of electro-optical systems, circuit designing, and computer aided design tools
  • Possess excellent technical, troubleshooting, and analytical skills
  • Ability to communicate effectively with strong organizational and management skills

Work History:

Employer: Military Group, Florida
Position: Military Electrical Engineer
Tenure: July 2010 till date

  • Responsible for developing design concepts for analogue systems and devices by following military specifications
  • Perform responsibilities of designing military equipment like missile guidance and advanced electronic systems
  • Handle the tasks of designing, developing, and testing defense operation weapons system
  • Assigned responsibilities of improving electrical systems, developing testing instruments, and preparing test data
  • Perform the tasks of installing, repairing, and maintaining electrical systems and devices
  • Responsible for modifying military equipment to meet the operational standards as required

Employer: Defense Academy, Florida
Position: Junior Electrical Engineer
Tenure: May 2008 till June 2010

  • Performed responsibilities of testing electrical systems of weapons used for defense purposes
  • Handled the tasks of installing and repairing electrical systems and devices
  • Assigned responsibilities of designing electrical systems under the instructions of senior electrical engineer
  • Responsible for improving electrical system performance, developing electrical models, and military communication systems
  • Handled responsibilities of preparing technical documents and test plans as required

Educational Qualifications:

Achieved Bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering
Engineering College, Florida in the year 2008

The above mentioned sections should really be given top priority in making any resume. You can prepare a sparking resume with the guidelines provided in the page. The resume is written in the chronological format. It displays the most recent job at the beginning followed by the past experience. Employers will see every detail required for the opening if you prepare a resume that stands equal to one provided in the page. This military electrical engineer resume example keeps the information short, and to the point. You are free to pick the format, and use it as the best example towards making the best and effective resume.

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