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Mechanical Site Engineer Resume

A mechanical site engineer resume is written by an applicant who is a qualified mechanical engineering and has the skills and/ or experience of working on live on-site projects. This may involve his regular presence at the project site. Mechanical engineering involves principles of physics mechanics for analyzing and designing new mechanical parts for industry systems. It is a branch that is most helpful in designing and production of machines and their sub-parts.

The responsibilities of mechanical engineer changes from time to time. Sometimes he has to work on-site and some times in research and development sections, researching on the dynamics of thermal energy, mechanical energy and other principles. They work on new designs for developing automobiles, engines, planes, locomotives, factory machines, product development and much more. They are specialized in various areas, including testing of concept models, etc.

Such a specialized engineer resume is written by a person of relevant educational qualifications, with strong mechanical skills which could be used to cater to the job profile at hand. Although their areas of function will depend on the kind of profile- whether it is on-site work, factory floor work, or office work, or a combination of these. While the field work consists of working around machineries, inspecting them, operating them and repairing them, the factory work involves taking care of the wear and tear of the manufacturing belt machines. It also involves commissioning of new machines and scrapping of the old ones. The office work may include researching and designing new concepts for the next-gen machineries.

In order to write such a resume, the applicant must first possess all the basic knowledge about the format of the resume. He must also be clear about what kind of information to put in the resume, which obviously depends upon the nature of the prospective job. For this, he must first, read carefully the job profile and the nature of work the company is into. He will receive additional clarity by going through the company's vision and mission statements. Research ing the internet about various kinds of resume formats will help you in deciding which format of resume serves your requirements best. The resume sample given in this article follows the combination format.

Mechanical Site Engineer Resume Sample

James Norbitt
14 Jump Street, Ellensburg, Los Angeles
Contact Details: (123) 622-5122

Objective Statement

To make use of my expertise in the field of mechanical engineering and concept designing and use it to come up with new and more efficient machine designs.

Profile Summary

  • Total experience of 10 years in the field of working around concept models and delivering actual working models.
  • Experienced in handling responsibilities of planning, coordination and execution of various kinds of projects.
  • Experienced in on-site assembly and installation of machines and engines.
  • USP in developing technical documentation for the same.
  • Worked for some of the major companies like J-Telco And AVL Auto.
  • Oversight for opportunities and innovations.

Skills Summary

  • Strong at research and gathering information from various sources.
  • Excellent communication skills in English in both written and spoken forms.
  • Good reviewing and inspection skills for checking the conformity of the goods and machines with the assigned standards of production and operations.
  • Excellent project reviewing skills, along with making suitable suggestions, if necessary.
  • Very efficient managerial skills for looking after my staff and leading them successfully on our projects and other day to day work.
  • Good time management skills for ensuring that all my work is done within the set time limits and is delivered with upto the mark precision and quality standards.
  • Strong ability to work under tight deadlines and pressurizing situations and still deliver the results.

Professional Experience

ABC Mechanicals, Los Angeles
Mechanical Maintenance Engineer (2006-Present)

  • Managed and lead a team of engineers looking after the machines and their wear and tear, and providing mechanical servicing.
  • Headed the research wing of the company and developed new concept models for machineries.
  • Managed the mechanical and technical aspects of the projects in Los Angeles, New York, Bridge County and Massachusetts.
  • Initiated on-site machine installation work and gave the workers a head start.
  • Conducted inspections on the work floor.

IRC Infra, New York
Mechanical Field Engineer (2002-2006)

  • Worked on assembling and testing of new equipment.
  • Made reports on the newly developed and assembled machinery and forwarded them to the senior mechanical engineer.
  • Worked on maintenance of assembly line machines and monitoring their wear and tear.

Educational Background

  • Masters in Business Administration, Franklin University, 2001
  • Bachelors in Science, Mechanical Engineering, University of New York, 1999

This is how a mechanical site engineer resume is written. This format can also be used to write resumes for various other posts that come under the category of mechanical engineering- junior mechanical engineer, mechanical field engineer resume, etc.

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