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Mechanical Engineer (Costing and Standards) Resume

Capital is the biggest resource of any organization, and is the backbone of an organization. Effective utilization of this resource is essential to guarantee utmost productivity. Every organization takes up various projects and each project or task has its own requirement of resources and costs involved with it. These costs need to be estimated, monitored and checked in a way that the actual budget remains within the limits of the estimated budget for the said project. The person responsible for carrying out the function of costing and monitoring the same is thus, known as a Cost Engineer. Anyone willing to apply for this position must know about the roles and responsibilities of the same and referring to a sample mechanical engineer - costing and standards resume will help one draft a winning resume for oneself.

Who is a Costing Engineer?

Any project in any field, be it mechanical, technical, etc., utilizes different resources, for example, consider an automobile industry. An automobile industry project would require a lot of things like metal, dies, machinery, fuel, etc., and someone from this field can only serve the purpose of estimating the cost for the same. Thus, a Mechanical Engineer with all the technical know-how and correct knowledge of all the resources is suitable for this job, and can help in estimating the cost better than any layman. Moreover, this person can also help in monitoring the budget and check deviations if any so as to assure the completion of the task within the estimated budget.

The sample costing engineer resume given below will help in understanding the job profile better.

Mechanical Engineer (Costing and Standards) Resume Sample

Jack. K. Louis
1039 West Lane
Alexandria, VA 20012
Ph: 444 245512402

Career Objective:

Make use of my technical know-how and expertise and help in effective costing and budgeting of the projects under my supervision in a way that optimum productivity is assured, and ultimately results in increased profits of the organization. Willing to be a part of the work environment wherein individual potential is recognized and one entrusts full faith on me for the responsibility assigned to me.

Career Summary:

Having worked on different projects and being a part of project planning for 8 years, am currently working as a Costing Engineer With SGF Technologies. With a relevant background and expertise in planning a project can independently estimate the cost and plan a budget for a project of any size.

Professional Experience:

Currently working with SGF Technologies (March 2007 to till date)
Designation: Costing Engineer

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Estimate the budget of a project
  • Planning and resource allocation of for a project
  • Monitoring the budget and checking deviations if any
  • Negotiating with the vendors and getting the best price quotes for the resources used in any project
  • Framing different cost control procedures
  • Keep a record of all the costs incurred in a project and verify the same with the estimated cost
  • Communicate with the Project Managers and keep a track of all the resources incurred in a project
  • Maintain records and report to the management
  • Work in coordination with Quality Control to assure the output meets the standard specifications

Many projects supervised by me won 'A' star rating for optimum resource utilization and completion of the project within the estimated budget conforming to the standards of the project

Previous Work Experience:

A] JCB Technologies, Richmond (June 2003-2007)
Designation: Project Planning Assistant

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Report to the Project Manager
  • Assist the Project Manager in estimating the project cost
  • Meet the vendors and study the quotations from the vendors
  • Plan and implement various cost control techniques
  • Assure optimum utilization of resources and keep a track of planned vis-a-vis actual cost

Masters in Business Administration - 2003
Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering - 2001

Additional Courses:

Diploma in Project Management
Diploma in Inventory Management


Won first prize for a case study on Productivity Enhancement by Effective Supply Chain Management


Willing to work in New York, Virginia, and Massachusetts


References will be available on request


Jack. K. Louis

The sample mechanical engineer (costing and standard) resume given above helps understand the profile of a Costing Engineer, and his/her importance in terms of successful completion of project. The resume also helps in understanding the manner in which the required skills and potential should be portrayed, such that the employer takes the applicant as the most suitable candidate for the said position. Analyze your skills and portray the same in the resume effectively to get your dream job.

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