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Mechanical Design Engineer Resume

A mechanical design engineer resume is written by a person who applies for a job with a company dealing in manufacturing of machines and spare parts. A lot is to be done while manufacturing machines. First, the technical drawings/ blueprints are prepared using CAD, then it is analyzed and tested by making a concept model. All the parts, their inter-operations, and dynamics are carefully thought on and designed in a way that all the cogs and parts complement each other, thus working towards efficient performance. Once the actual machine ahas been assembled, it is inspected for its thorough performance and depending on the results, it is commissioned by the in charge, mechanical design engineer, for installation and operation. Such a professional is required to be well-versed with all the latest relevant technology and should be able to lead a team of developers who work together to come up with the entire design and concept. There is a lot of research involved in such work. Also, taking care of industrial standards is a must for making machines worth commissioning.

In terms of educational qualifications, a masters in mechanical/ business administration and a bachelors in mechanical engineering is a must for the applicant to get the job in this field. Any relevant diploma courses will also come handy in applying for these jobs.

In order to write a professional standard resume, you need to think about its structure first. The structure and content of the resume will depend on the nature of job at hand and the seniority level of the job. Also, every applicant's resume should have something unique to offer to the reader. This is why there you should add your USP (unique selling proposition), that is, what you are best at. At all times, the resume should be kept brief, at best 2 pages worth of information. The language needs to be formal an simple in diction. One must go through the various resume format structures available on the internet. These are combination resume, functional resume and target resume to choose from. While, each of them has a specific feature to it, it is up to you to decide which one suites you the best.

Here are some rules that must be followed while writing a resume.

  • Keep it short - always keep the resume length short, as discussed above. A lengthier resume has less chances of being read completely because the recruiter won't have that much amount of time to spare on just one lengthy resume.
  • Keep it free from mistakes - After writing it, reread it once or twice more in order to ascertain that there is no mistake in it at all. Having a single smallest mistake can ruin your chances of getting the job as the employer won't want a careless employee in his company.

Mechanical Design Engineer Resume Sample

Steven Dominic
21 Jump Street, Ellensburg, Los Angeles
Contact Details: (123) 625-0093

Objective Statement

To make use of my expertise in the field of designing and assembling mechanical parts and making heavy and light machines for industry purposes.

Profile Summary

  • Total experience of 5 years in the field of mechanical designing and testing, while leading a team of engineers on the West Brooklyn Bridge project, done under Halco Steel Corp.
  • Experience in developing concept models, first as disintegrated parts and then assembling them in graphical representation of the entire model.
  • Worked on projects like production belt engineering for automobile manufacture, developing automated paint and wash systems, developing concept designs for new cranes and bulldozers, etc.
  • USP as testing and commissioning machines.

Skills Summary

  • Excellent physics and mathematical skills for using formulae and deriving calculations while designing and optimizing the mechanical parts.
  • Good communication skills for efficient communication
  • Expert at interpersonal skills and managerial skills enabling me to lead teams successfully.
  • Good problem solving skills using logic
  • Excellent time management skills for completing all work within the given deadlines.

Professional Experience

ABC Systems, Los Angeles
Design Engineer (2009-Present)

  • Initiated and implemented the THX design and development plan for the company to expand its manufacturing capacity.
  • Worked on both, analog and digital systems and developed them for heavy duty operations.
  • Worked on automated systems development and revamped the manufacture belt from manual to semi-automatic setup.
  • Monitored the developmental stages of machine

ZRT Corp, New York
Physical Design Engineer (2007-2009)

  • Conducting research, consulting experts and preparing reports on suggested machine designs for the senior project engineer's approval.
  • Identifying the physical building blocks of the entire machine concept.
  • Consulting with the manufacturing team over the possible dimensions and power consumption requirements.
  • Contributing to the weekly team meetings and presenting the members with latest design and development reports.

Educational Background

  • Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, University of New York, 2007
  • High School: Bettany High, New Orleans, 2004

This is how mechanical design engineer resume, or in other words, a mechanical design engineer resume is written.

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