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MRI Service Engineer Resume

Employers search for the perfect candidate with potentialities in fulfilling the requirement of the position. This scanning or search is done with the help of a resume. Therefore, preparing a good resume should be given importance. It is through a resume that employers build an image about the professional skills and experience level of the applicant. The resume you draft should specifically answer the value input you can make towards the growth and development of the organization. If you really want your resume to pay well, preparing an effective resume is very essential. To help you in this matter, we have prepared a simple yet rewarding resume for your reference. This MRI service engineer resume example addresses the question "why you should be hired for the position"? The technique applied in this resume is easy and understandable. If you have an existing resume, you can polish with the help of this resume. In case of searching the right tips, you can simply use the sample as a reference to meet your requirements.

MRI engineering is a branch of engineering that focuses on designing and testing of magnetic resonance imagining machines. These machines are used for medical purposes like scanning of human body. Physicians use these machines to take images of human structures and organs.

A MRI service engineer is a service engineer who performs installation, testing, and servicing of magnetic resonance imaging machines. The job description of an MRI service engineer includes installation of machine parts to build the complete structure, testing and troubleshooting issues in machines, planning for maintenance procedures, maintaining tools and equipment, running and testing machine after the complete set up, conducting preventive maintenance, providing technical guidelines to customers in operating machine, maintaining service records and logs, and so on.

It is necessary to have a bachelor's degree, either in mechanical or electronic engineering. MRI service engineer should be familiar with MRI theories, and technical concepts, technical procedures, digital storage oscilloscopes, basic testing techniques and tools, system component level testing, power supplies, and digital meters. The position also requires excellent troubleshooting and customer service skills.

Sample MRI Service Engineer Resume

Williams Brown
5628 Midlane Street, Washington, DC
Cell: (123) 999-3410


Highly focused and career oriented service engineer with hands on experience in providing effective servicing activities in MRI machines. Looking an opportunity to work as an MRI service engineer in a renowned medical imagining service company

Relevant Knowledge:

  • In-depth knowledge of medical equipment systems and magnetic resonance imaging equipment
  • Hands on experience in installing and troubleshooting medical equipment and devices
  • Comprehensive knowledge of diagnosing imaging equipment, medical equipment operations, and diagnostic tools
  • Possess strong knowledge of the techniques of repairing medical equipment
  • Ability to communicate effectively with excellent troubleshooting skills

Educational Qualifications:

Achieved Bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering
Washington Engineering College- Year 2008

Professional History:

Designation: MRI Service Engineer
Duration: February 2010 till date
Organization: Medical Device Manufacturing, Washington

  • Handle responsibilities of repairing and maintenance of diagnostic imaging equipment
  • Perform the tasks of installing and providing commissioning service of medical equipment
  • Responsible for testing, maintaining, and operating testing tools and equipment
  • Assigned the tasks of handling preventive maintenance procedures and maintaining logs
  • Handle responsibilities of troubleshooting technical issues in medical tools and equipment

Designation: Junior Service Engineer
Duration: May 2008 to January 2010
Organization: Beldec Manufacturing, Washington

  • Handled responsibilities of providing technical support in improving the operation of medical equipment
  • Assigned the tasks of installing parts and systems of MRI equipment
  • Performed responsibilities of troubleshooting technical failures
  • Responsible for providing maintenance and operation instructions to physicians

The most effective technique of writing a successful and winning resume is by understanding the job requirement. After going through the process, you can start with analyzing the ideal way of presenting the information. The above resume example will clearly help you to identify the right format and techniques of presenting the information in a structured and logical way. The information provided in the sections is just to give an overview on the type of information that needs to be highlighted. The goal of this resume is to help you in identifying the steps of building a good resume. You can showcase your unique skills and professional experience, by using this resume sample. Hope, this resume example helps you to overcome the challenges you faced in the process of preparing an effective resume.

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