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Integration Engineer Resume

An integration engineer resume is written by an IT expert in the field of systems and software. This position is highly technical and the applicant needs to work around systems meant for commercial or industrial use. The industries have specific requirement in terms of computer systems and softwares. It is the job of an integration engineer to integrate various viable technologies together into one single system thus making it costume-made to the wishes of the client company.

He and his team works upon suitable integration concepts, which includes researching over the technology, trying to adopt it into a single computer board software and charting out the development process for the same. They need to be aware of all the latest breakthroughs in the related computer technology and should also be able to understand what the client needs and explaining to them how you propose to achieve it for them. The complete focus is on how to develop a concept into a salable computer software or hardware entity. For doing all this, the hiring company always wants the applicant to be able to understand exactly what the client wants, stay within budgets and complete the project, have good awareness about all the systems and latest innovation in the field and be on time in completing projects.

For writing a specialized resume as per the industry standards, the applicant needs to be well-versed with the formats and the techniques that go into drafting an ideal industry- standard resume. There are various different formats for writing a resume, namely- chronological resume, targeted resume, combination resume and functional resume. The applicant can choose from these as per his/ her need and the kind of application he wants to write- whether it is simply for a job change, a career change, an application with a considerable gap since the last job. Though, here are some tips that will help you in avoiding some common mistakes that others commit while writing a resume.

  • Always be specific - Whenever mentioning anything in the resume, be specific. One needs to be absolutely clear and exact about the details that he/ she furnishes in the resume.

  • Use bullet points - It is a recommended and a must practice to use bullet points in the resume. These help in writing segregated, short and crisp account of your professional profile.

  • Add different headings - It is a good idea to add separate headings for each section of the resume. This helps classifying the information and neatly arrange it under the relevant sections. This also helps the recruiter in simply finding the specific information in the resume by just following the section headings.

So these are the sections that make up for a good and industry standard resume draft. Following is a sample resume for you.

Integration Engineer Resume Sample

Rhys Hamilton
12 Robertson Street, Ellensburg, Los Angeles
Contact Details: (123) 776-0292

Objective Statement

To make use of my expertise in the field of integration engineering and dedicatedly work towards giving the clients custom made integrated systems and softwares for their business purposes.

Profile Summary

  • Total experience of 5 years in the field of software application integration for the business and sales purposes of the client companies.
  • Good experience in the field of software testing and debugging.
  • USP developed in manufacture process monitoring integrated systems applications for big manufacturing companies.
  • Have worked with some well-known companies like Malcolm Systems, Los Angeles and Zenith Group, New York.
  • Have an Engineering degree in IT along with a special diploma in Software Integration from the renowned SXG College.
  • Active participant in the yearly International Systems Integration Convention.

Skills Summary

  • Good at software testing and integration on various platforms like Linux, Oracle, Windows, etc.
  • Advanced skills in Linux software developing and testing for customized usage.
  • Good at relational database testing and SQL testing.
  • Expert in Visual Basic for developing record and monitoring applications.
  • Debugging skills for removing bugs and similar defects from the application programs.
  • Good at collaborating with other team members and people up and down the hierarchy, owing to my excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Great communication skills with complete knowledge of technical terms and industry jargons.
  • Good time management skills for an improved performance and timely delivery of targets.

Professional Experience

Malcolm Systems, Los Angeles
Software Integration Engineer (2009-Present)

  • Came up with cost-efficient integrated models for the clients.
  • Worked along with the software testers and developers and beta-tested systems and software compatibility.
  • Dealt with coding design for the industry-specific integrated systems and modified them accordingly.
  • Managed the post-sales technical interaction and support.
  • Worked on important projects involving supply chain management systems, sales coordination and tracking systems development.

Zenith Group, New York
Assistant Integration Engineer (2007-2009)

  • Evaluated the softwares on an ongoing basis, thus working towards perfecting it even after post-sales.
  • Provided the client with complete technical support, including training the client staff in application usage.
  • Generated electronic user manuals for guiding them through the software usage.

Educational Background

  • Diploma in Software Integration, SXG College, 2006
  • IT Engineering from the New York University, 2005

This is how an integration engineer resume is written. You need to clearly mention about your educational qualifications, in a reverse chronological manner. Same is the way to write the work experience section, with company name, your designation in the company and the period of your tenure there. All the details must be checked and verified before finalizing the draft. This is how you can achieve perfectness and immaculate detailing in your resume. Also, one needs to make sure that all the details in the resume are relevant to the kind of job profile at hand. It all boils down to one point only- to be finally able to write such a resume that meets all the industry standards and captivate the attention of the recruiter in order to persuade him to forward your resume for the next round of selection.

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