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Instrument Engineer Resume

You will come across various ways of developing resumes. But the most effective resumes are usually those which follow these simple rules -

  • The content placed in the resume is as precise as possible, and summarized in such a neat fashion that the HR personnel reading it may easily take in information you are trying to convey in the first read itself
  • The layout of the resume content is presentable, easy to read, and dynamic
  • The resume follows the basic template of section by section breakup - Personal Details, Career Objective, Job Skills Possessed by the Candidate, Previous Work Experience, Educational Qualifications, and References
  • Use bullet lists in as many resume sections as needed

On this page, we throw focus on the job of an instrument engineer, and how to put together an instrument engineer resume. Provided on this page is not only a sample resume which would be of use as a guide for aspiring instrument engineers, but also job related details highly important to learn about for someone hoping to make a headway in the profession.

Job Nature of an Instrument Engineer

Basic Duty of an Instrument Engineer

Basically, instrument engineers are expected to design, oversee the construction process, maintain and upgrade those instrumentation systems which measure the quantity of material produced at a manufacturing company. Instrumentation systems not only determine the quantity of the final result, but also its quality, so an instrument engineer has multiple responsibilities placed on his shoulders.

Let us look at some of the other duties faced by an instrument engineer -

  • Seeing to it that the instrument systems measure up to set industry standards
  • Bearing the responsibility of commissioning and installing new instrumentation systems, as well as trouble shooting problems produced by the systems in the future
  • Identifying and taking advantage of opportunities which allow for the cost of production to be reduced without compromising on the final quality and safety levels of the instrument systems

Educational Requirements for an Instrument Engineer

An instrument engineer is required to obtain a bachelor's degree in engineering technology, electrical engineering, or any mathematics based subject. Many universities and colleges provide programs, specifically designed for those interested in the field of instrument engineering. It is preferred that upon graduation, the aspiring candidate give the Fundamentals of Engineering examination, and achieve a good score in order to dramatically increase his or her chances of being hired as a professional instrument engineer.

Average Salary of an Instrument Engineer

As of 2010, the Bureau of Labor Statistics informed that instrument engineers make an annual salary between $54,030 to $128,610, with $92,270 being the average.

So now that you have seen the basic job elements of an instrument engineer position, let us have a look at a sample instrument engineer resume. Please note that this sample resume is to be used only as reference material and not meant to be plagiarized word for word, otherwise those individual(s) found guilty may have to face strict legal action.

Instrument Engineer Sample Resume

Personal Details

Name: Robert J. Saldana
Address: 2133 Woodrow Way, Houston, TX 77060
Contact Information -
Telephone Number: 936 - 337 - 3202
Email ID:


To ascertain that my efficient skills and immense knowledge in the field of instrument engineering is utilized properly by a leading manufacturing brand, renowned for its quality products.

Skills Possessed by the Candidate Which Are Relevant to the Job At Hand

  • Experience in instrument system design, construction, installation and maintenance
  • Comfortable working with instrument design software like MultiSim 6.1
  • Ability to pinpoint areas in the process of instrument system construction and installation where reductions may be made to the costs incurred, without negatively affecting the quality and safety levels of the end result
  • Immense knowledge of industry set rules and regulations regarding instrument system quality control and safety procedures
  • At ease with the installation of Programmable Logic Controllers(PLCs)

Previous Work Experience

Instrument Engineer, Madley Industries, Houston, TX

I served as an instrument engineer at Madley Industries, Houston, in the five year time period between July 2006 and July 2011.

During my five years at Madley, I was required to design, construct, and maintain measuring instrument systems. I was also called upon for troubleshooting system errors whenever such situations arose. My advice was sought while embedding the PLCs into the instrument system machines, as well as when it came to cost reduction during the instrument construction and installation processes.

Educational Achievements

  • Master's Degree in Engineering Technology, University of Texas, Batch of 2006
  • Bachelor's Degree in Engineering Technology, University of Texas, Batch of 2004

Contact for further reference information

When it comes to preparing an instrument engineer resume, just remember to express the technicalities behind your skills and experience as simply and precisely as possible. Wishing you the best on your future job search.

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