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Instrument Commissioning Engineer Resume

An instrument commissioning engineer resume is written by a person who specializes in the technicalities involved in the use of technical and mechanical instruments. These instruments are related to the field of manufacturing and other engineering processes. The person checks the instruments for their conformity to the desired physical make, capacity and quality. Only after ascertaining these things does he commission, or pass these tools and instruments from the testing stage and order them into use. Such an engineer has to be a mechanical engineer or an electrical engineer in order to test the machinery and tools.

For getting this job, one has to be suitable educated and amply experienced. It is of a good understanding that no machine can function without the right kind of cogs and tools serving it to make it run. This person is a guy who works towards adding up all these cogs and tools to make up a well-oiled machinery that can take care of the designated process on a day to day basis. Industries depend completely on such heavy machines and if, God forbid, any one of these stop working or malfunctions, millions of dollars will go down the drain owing to the lost machine hours. For this precise reason, this post in any engineering/ manufacturing company is very important.

Following is a sample resume for this post. Read it carefully before you start writing your own resume.

Instrument Commissioning Engineer Resume Sample

Garry White
61st Harper St. House,
Lakewood, CA
(432) 510-1922


To secure a job with a leading manufacturing and engineering company and take care of the inspecting and commissioning part of it with utmost competence and diligence.

Profile Summary

  • 7 years of rich experience of working in heavy machinery industries that make automobiles
  • Worked as mechanical auditor for R&D department of ABC Manufacturing
  • Handled the research and development processes of various machine parts and commissioned them
  • Handled a team of 3 engineers who worked towards developing more efficient machine designs
  • Conducted surprise inspections of the manufacturing floor and ensured proper functioning and operations across all the manufacturing belts
  • Studied existing designs and marked out areas of improvement in them

Skills Summary

  • Good skills in studying and understanding machine designs for a detailed analysis
  • Good skills in handling CAD and making 3D structures of concept designs
  • Efficient management skills for handling a team and keeping all the members of the team motivated
  • Excellent time management skills for ensuring that things get done in the given time period only
  • Strong mathematical and reasoning skills for applying complex formulae whenever required and also breaking down complex problems into structured layers for a step-by-step solving process

Work Experience

ABC Manufacturing
Instrumentation Engineer (2009-Present)

  • Handled all the commissioning activities along with the subordinate technicians
  • Coordinated all the activities of the research and development department and our installation technicians
  • Oversaw the entire process of machine design development from conception to the installation
  • Frequently inspected all the machinery on the floor to ascertain their proper performance
  • Provided the technical support to the daily operations of the factory
  • Evaluated procedures and documentations according to the company standards

D&G Engineering
Commissioning Engineer(2006-2009)

  • Worked as the commissioning engineer and carried out internal and external technical audits
  • Evaluated all the technical standards of the client companies and made suitable recommendations about optimizing the process further
  • Oversaw the repair and maintenance of all the machinery of the company
  • Coordinated with the R&D department and assisted them with the conceptualization of new designs and testing their viability
  • Always maintained proper records of all the work


  • M.Tech. University of Chicago, 2006
  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, New York University, 2003


Mention some of your professional achievements in this section in bullet point format.

This is how a instrument commissioning engineer resume is written to apply for a job in the industry. It is to be made sure that all of the detail given in the resume are accurate. All the points are to be mentioned in bullet point format. Be sure to include your full name and address, along with contact details in the beginning of the resume.

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