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IT Field Engineer Resume

An IT Field Engineer Resume is written by a professional whose job it is to work at the client's location and frequently visit their office in order to make sure that all the IT operations are running smoothly and if there is any glitch, then to solve it. A standard IT field engineer resume will include different sections for different nature of information. This includes objective statement, profile summary, work experience, skill set, educational qualification, achievements, affiliations (if applicable) and references, if any.

Following is a sample resume for your reference.

IT Field Engineer Resume Sample

Malcolm West
30 Easter Way, Ellensburg, Los Angeles
Contact Details: (123) 761-0311

Objective Statement

To utilize my expertise in the field of IT engineering and utilize my skills , learnt in this field, in order to provide secure back end support to all the clients and the parent company to the best of my capabilities.

Profile Summary

  • Total experience of 8 years in the field of providing IT related software and hardware services to the companies.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of various IT softwares and platforms, along with the supporting hardware configurations required for smooth running of the systems.
  • Worked on developing new software programs custom-made for companies for their specific operations.
  • Worked with Apple systems and Linux systems, thus I am well versed with their specifics.
  • Excellent at inspecting the systems and pinpointing the exact problems in the programs and hardware.
  • Good contacts with various IT dealers thus getting good deals and prices.

Skills Summary

  • Careful and detailed on-site checking and diagnosis of problems in the computer systems and the ability to solve them.
  • Logically inclined towards finding out the right solutions for even the most complex problems by following the right approach and brainstorming.
  • Excellent at testing software and hardware for compatibility, with importance given to the updated versions and models
  • Good at testing the IT infrastructure and preparing detailed SWOT analysis for the same based on the upcoming challenges and its resulting load on the computers and the network servers.
  • Strong and comprehensive report making skills for the use of the senior IT management.
  • Strong inclination towards attention to the detail.
  • Excellent communication skills in English- both verbal and written.
  • Excellent managerial skills for managing the subordinates in the IT department and to manage the clients.
  • Efficient time management skills for timely completion of projects and other targets.

Professional Experience

Gregson IT Services, Los Angeles
On-site IT Engineer (2009-Present)

  • Handled the part of preparing SWOT analysis and recommending the right kind of configurations for computers to the clients.
  • Carrying out regular inspections of the hardware and software and on finding any problems, finding the root cause of them.
  • Conducting regular inspections on the machines to determine that all of them are in working condition.
  • Coming up with innovative plans for laying down cost effective plans to install infrastructure and setting up other services.
  • Commissioning new technical upgrades according to the scale of budget allocated to such projects.
  • Developing plans for delivering varied IT services and solutions to the company's customers and other partners and clients.
  • Preparing road map to optimum technology adoption for better business prospects.
  • Initiating research processes in order to recognize the points of concern in the chain of the entire specific IT service.
  • Continuously evolving the strategies with respect to the needs and plans of the company.

Hollis IT Hub, New York
Assistant Engineer (2005-2009)

  • Worked as the Assistant Project Engineer on various projects with the company.
  • Developed research plans for determining the right kind of infrastructure model for our client companies.
  • Worked on collecting samples for the research and gathering instances of other similar case implementations.
  • Arranging meetings with the clients and discussing with them, along with the senior project manager, about the research results and suggesting to them the most effective IT plan for their office setup.
  • Headed the diagnosis and recovery team and helped the clients by determining the problems and then solving them.
  • Developed customized applications for the company computers to run in order to keep carrying out their processes in a smooth manner.

T.C.G. IT Technologies
Trainee Engineer (2004-2005)

  • Used the theory and principles of infrastructural development and worked in a team to produce the most effective plans for the company.
  • Assisted the team in the regular servicing of the company systems and determining the problems, if any.
  • Studying case studies and coming up with solutions to the problems.

Educational Background

  • IT Engineering from the University of Iowa, 2004

This is how an IT Field Engineer Resume is written. So, all the best with drafting your resume.

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