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Hydraulic Engineer Resume

A hydraulic engineer resume is written by a professional who has a strong experience in handling and working around water dams, turbines and sewage systems. It is a part of civil engineering in which the professional should have, in addition to the knowledge of machinery, the knowledge of bridge designs, water collection techniques, water management systems and more. This kind of engineering concerns itself with the principles of fluid mechanics and issues related to the collection, harvesting, control, distribution and use of water resources. One must take care of all the relevant aspects while planning a water project, like quantity of water to be dealt with and area to be covered.

The resume that you will write for this post will be highly specialized in its content and detail. It has to have all those technical details along with the mention of all the relevant and important experience garnered by you in the field in bygone years. Te various sections like work experience and objective statement make as the resume's core sections. Balance must be maintained between the qualitative and the quantitative nature of information in the resume; equal importance is to be given to the facts as well as figures.

A typical hydraulic engineer resume will have all the information like skills, work experience, education and achievements of the applicant. Alon with all these details, one must also mention his/ her USP- the one quality/ skill that makes him stand out in the crowd of other applicants. Following is the chronological order of the sections that will appear in y our resume.

  • Objective Statement - Symbolic to the aim of the applicant and to what means will he subject his skills to in order to be productive for the hiring company, is the aim of this section. This will also be the first of all sections to fetch the attention of the reader. This is why, this needs to be written with the most effective tone and structure of which the applicant is capable to produce.

  • Profile Summary - This will entail to the reader knowing what you have done and what are the most important points of your entire body of work till now. This will serve as a short description of your capabilities for the reader to go through and thus, depending on it, decide whether you fit the bill for the job at hand or not.

  • Skill Summary - For further displaying, in facts, your abilites and strenghts, you must dedicate this section to a short and comprehensive list of skills that you have picked up along the way up until now. This will help you in impressing the reader further by weaving the words in an impressive manner.

  • Professional Experience - Professional experience is the section that will contain all of your relevant experience in the industry till date. Here you will include the previous companies' names, the post you were at and the important duties handled by you. Also the period of your employment with such companies will have to be mentioned. All this has to be written in a reverse chronological order, starting from your latest employment and going back to your earlier ones. Only that experience that is relevant will be put here.

  • Educational Qualification - In the same way as the professional experience section is written, reverse chronological order will be followed here while writing about your college degrees and other relevant diplomas.

  • Achievements - This is one section that enables you to boast about your confident escapades, well, the professional ones. Here, in this section, one could mention about the awards, certificates and other such things won by them in the previous office.

Following is a sample resume for your reference.

Hydraulic Engineer Resume Sample

Anthony Webb
41st Crossway St, Ellensburg, Los Angeles
Contact Details: (113) 761-4433

Objective Statement

To utilize my expertise in the field of hydraulic engineering and to work towards the development of new systems and taking their applications to a whole new level of infrastructural development.

Profile Summary

  • Total experience of 7 years of working on hydraulic systems in oil extraction processes.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of working on other processes like construction and drilling.
  • Heading project related to develop hybrid machines, combining hydraulic and pneumatic technology to come up with better performing machines.
  • Worked on laying down infrastructural facilities for factory belts for manufacturing specific specialized machine parts.
  • Good experience at carrying out performance inspections and evaluating on the basis of output chart and output plan.
  • Worked for many renowned clients like AXV Tech and M&M Infrastructure.

Skills Summary

  • Good at carrying out independent surprise inspections to evaluate that the work is going smoothly and as per the scheduled plan.
  • Good at determining the problem in the machines and offering solutions to the same after checking all the essential oil levels.
  • Good at logical reasoning and systematic planning.
  • Good at troubleshooting daily problems, be it mechanical or managerial.
  • Excellent managerial skills for handling a big staff in the technical team and international teams too.
  • Good at operating machines on my own and practical knowledge of the operations.
  • Efficient at preparing SWOT reports for the complete in and out appraisal of each technical design. These reports are based on testing of concepts on various predefined yardsticks.
  • Strong capability to perform well even under stressful conditions.
  • Special attention to the details
  • Excellent communication skills in English- both verbal and written.
  • Good time management skills, thus adding to my good performance.

Professional Experience

Gretwig Technologies, Los Angeles
Technical Engineer - Hydraulics (2009-Present)

  • Worked on the GW hydro-power project in Wisconsin, the biggest water project in the state till date.
  • Surveyed the area and installed machines according to the expected load and construction schedule.
  • Carried out SWOT for the determining the most effective machinery that could be used in that region for the specific tasks.
  • Conducted surprise inspections and checked that the machines were in a proper condition and working properly.
  • Carried out the responsibility of erecting and starting operations on 2 big hydraulic turbines of 80 MW.
  • Installation of the required hydraulic power base and combining it with the power house facility.
  • Coming up with on the spot solutions for various basic technical glitches.
  • Ensuring that all the operations are carried out in accordance to the regulations and the graded levels of quality and safety.
  • Installing hydraulic power supply for various turbine systems with high speed hydraulic valves.

Haber Energy, New York
Project Engineer (2007-2009)

  • Started as the Assistant Project Manager and was promoted to the Senior Project Manager.
  • Took the initiative towards modernizing the company's hydraulic power systems and got new, better performing power machines.
  • Worked on proportional hydraulic pressure valves and double regulating turbines.
  • Assisting the project manager on is tours and making notes of calculations and other important things.
  • Worked on new installation projects and took daily report from the respective teams.
  • Sanctioned new machines for the power generators.

Total Infrastructure Solutions
Trainee Engineer (2005-2007)

  • Applied the theoretical concepts related to the principles of hydraulics to my field of work.
  • Assisted the team with calculations regarding turbine valves and suitable regulations settings on them.
  • Making notes of our technical meetings and preparing minutes of the same.
  • Discussed in details the specifics related to projects and did as instructed.

Educational Background

  • Training in Hydraulics Operations, 1 year as a trainee with Total Infrastructure Solutions, 2005
  • Mechanical Engineering with majors in hydraulics, University of New York, 2003

This is how a hydraulic engineer resume is written in a proper manner. Especially, notice the flow and structure used here. This is because this is specifically designed for this kind of resume. What kind of information you are putting in there and what kind of flow and format you are using, it all varies from case to case. For example, there are many formats for writing resumes. A few of them are chronological, combination, functional and targeted. Each of these have separate style of writing and each of them have a different chronological order in which the various sections, mentioned above in the introduction part, occur. Each of these formats serve a individual professionals having different kinds of profile with them. Some may be just looking for a job change; some may be dangling with the choice of changing career stream; and some may be having a considerable gap between the last job and this job application. Whatever may be the need, these distinct resume formats are here to help you with designing a better and industry standard resume application in order to impress the recruiters sufficiently. Alos, one can refer to sample resumes like the one given above here. These samples will give you the most clear idea about what kind of info to include, what kind of language to use and how far to go in terms of length of the resume.

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