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Highways Maintenance Engineer Resume

A highways maintenance engineer resume is written by a professional engineer who has a degree in civil engineering and has experience and knowledge of highway works. These professionals are often employed by the government on contract basis. These professionals develop plans, take measurements and put it all to work under their supervision. They have to work in even the hardest of the terrains like in the mountains in the harshest of climates. Their job is to supervise the work being done on the roads and make sure that things are being done as per the laid plan and within the allocated budget.

For drafting an industry standard resume, it is important that one knows exactly how to approach the writing. There are a few rules to resume writing which must be clear in your mind before you pick up the task of dratting that resume of yours. Following are these rules:

  • Use of formal language - it is important, when it comes to resume writing, that you keep the language formal as it is an official document meant for correspondence. The language, also needs to be simple, so that the reader can understand it without any difficulty. Remember, it is an application for job, not a vocabulary contest. Although, use of industry-related technical terms is granted as it will impress the recruiter by emphasizing on your technical knowledge.

  • State the important information first - It is an important rule that you state the important info under each section first. This helps attract the recruiter's attention to those things that you think will impress him and turn the decisions in your favor.

  • Divide the resume into multiple sections - Since the resume packs a detailed account of your professional career, it is important that you divide the information into different sections with suitable headings.

  • Proofread it without fail - once you are done writing the resume, the next step is to check it thoroughly for any kind of mistakes. This is necessary as the discovery of a single mistake in it by the reader will spoil your reputation. Make sure that all the names, work designations and addresses are accurate. Confirm the phone numbers and addresses as they are bound to change.

Now taking all these rules into consideration, one can write a good resume as per the industry standards. Now here is a sample resume for your reference.

Highways Maintenance Engineer Resume Sample

Robert Jones
11 Robertson Street, Ellensburg, Los Angeles
Contact Details: (123) 792-0213

Objective Statement

To make use of my expertise in the field of highways and road maintenance work and apply my engineering specialty to develop advanced plans for better transport infrastructure.

Profile Summary

  • Great experience of 5 years in highway development and maintenance projects.
  • Good experience in developing framework for projects and contracts.
  • Good at developing conceptual projects, giving equal importance to the preliminary design and the final project layout designs.
  • Reviewing the project plan and inspecting the development from time to time, including the quality of material used and the adherence to the schedule.
  • Worked on many projects including highway and city road planning in and around New York, New Orleans and other states.

Skills Summary

  • Great at designing and implementing the blueprints of roads and the subsequent link roads.
  • Good at softwares like Microstation, InRoads, Civil 3D, Microsoft Office applications, important for this job.
  • Strict abidance to the CalTrans and AASHTO standards for ensuring quality work.
  • Skilled at managing large number of team members and extracting good work from them.
  • Good managerial skills for managing the workers and the executives working on the projects.
  • Good communications skills to communicate efficiently with colleagues and others and making sure that the right message reaches the right person.
  • Good time management skills for efficient working.

Professional Experience

Taladega Roads and Bridges, New York
Highway Maintenance Engineer (2009-Present)

  • Planning the projects and taking care that all the procedures are followed by the staff.
  • Visiting the work site and taking all the required measurements, checking the centrifugal/ centripetal forces at work.
  • Worked on the XYZ project linking the national highway to the various other roads.
  • Dealing with the consultants and contractors on a daily basis.

Gray Infrastructure Group, New Orleans
Assistant Road Maintenance Engineer (2007-2009)

  • talking to the contractors and sub contractors about the required work force and designating the men accordingly.
  • Taking care of the specifications and inspecting the material being used for its quality standards.
  • Making report on the week's work and sending it to the senior maintenance engineer for his review purposes.

Educational Background

  • Civil Engineering from the New York University, 2005

This is how a highways maintenance engineer resume is written. The above mentioned tips to writing a resume are to be followed without fail. To build that perfect resume you need to pay attention to each and every detail. Don't make it too long as the reader won't have so much time to read the entire thing and may, thus skip it. Thus, the use of short bullet points has been suggested. Also, make sure that you keep it as objective as possible with stating hard facts for the recruiter to rely on. Also, one needs to attach the work experience certificates of the previous companies along with the resume. This acts as a proof of your experience.

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