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Health And Safety Engineer Resume

A Health and Safety Engineer Resume is an important piece of official document- a job application, which is written by a person who specializes in promoting industrial health and safety operations. He is the one who advises the company management and helps in providing better environmental working conditions for the employees. Such professionals work towards identifying the key area where operational safety needs to be promoted, which is done by, first, monitoring the chance and scope of potential working hazards to property and people, including loss or damage to property and injury to the employees.

For the purpose of writing an environmental health and safety engineer resume, one needs to know the exact format an style of language that is a must for drafting a good, industry standard resume. There are multiple formats for writing a resume, like, chronological resume, combination resume and targeted resume. As a common practice, many people use combination resume, which is simply the best resume format as it combines all the good features of the rest of the resume formats, thus packing in all the good qualities of different kinds of resumes into one single body of resume draft. The flow of this kind of resume is as follows:

  • Objective Statement - This is the beginning section of your resume application through which you can articulate your passion for the job at hand and how ready are you to commit yourself to the duties involved in this job. This is the stepping stone for setting a tone to your resume, which will ultimately impress the recruiter.

  • Profile Summary - This is the second section of the resume application, where the applicant mentions the most important points of his entire professional career till this date. This is an exclusive section reserved only for the exactly relevant and most impressive details of your profile. You can mention in here details like your work for well-known companies,

  • Skills Summary - An important and the third section of your resume, which carries information regarding your particular skill sets that you think will serve you good in the course of carrying out your responsibilities in the hiring company.

  • Work Experience - In a reverse chronological order, one needs to write about his/ her previous job experience. The things to be mentioned here are the company name, your designation there, the amount of time served there, and all this followed by the information about your duties their. These duties can be mentioned in the form of separate bullet points for each of the different companies worked with.

  • Education - Here, just like the work experience section, you need to mention about your degrees and diplomas, along with the names of the colleges and universities where you perused these courses. Also, year of passing must be mentioned along.

  • Achievements - here is the section, where you could boast about your professional achievements, thus impressing the recruiter and giving him/ her solid reasons for hiring you.

So these are the sections that make up for a good and industry standard resume draft. Following is a sample resume for you.

Health And Safety Engineer Resume Sample

Frank Hanza
12 Dawson Street, Ellensburg, Los Angeles
Contact Details: (123) 700-9876

Objective Statement

To make use of my knowledge in order to constructively contribute towards upholding the industry health and safety standards and ensuring that all the necessary and latest accessories are available for the employees.

Profile Summary

  • Total experience of 5 years in the field of factory safety and health standards and of being on the internal and external audit teams for inspecting work stations.
  • USP regarding inspecting the work gear for its proper quality with respect to the workers' safety.
  • Good knowledge of the law and amendments related to the Occupational Health and Safety Act.
  • Actively contributed to the advisory board in deciding upon the issues related to systems upgrades, hardware testing and assembling of the systems.
  • Experience in working around budgetary constraints.
  • Worked with some well-known companies like ABC Manufacturers and Ferrier Auditors.

Skills Summary

  • Conducting and coordinating employee training and drills in building evacuation and other safety procedures.
  • Good ability of scrutinizing the detailed reports on the present company safety standards and procedures in place and advising amendments to them.
  • Innovative in designing new strategies for a better working environment in a company.
  • Excellent managerial skills for managing large teams of people and keeping them motivated throughout.
  • Excellent communication skills enhancing my performance even more.
  • Outstanding time management skills for completing projects.

Professional Experience

ABC Manufacturers, Los Angeles
Health & Safety Manager (2009-Present)

  • Working along with the company legal advisors to narrow down on the points of concern.
  • Keep the company updated on all the latest amendments to the regulations of the industries health and safety act.
  • Responsibility of conducting internal safety audits and checking up the employees' safety gear for quality and standard.
  • Investigating any accidents on the production floor, addressing the injured and making available all the treatment and remuneration as deemed fit by the regulations.

Ferrier Auditors, New York
Health and Safety Auditor (2005-2009)

  • Visiting the factory floors and conducting safety standards audit by examining the employee safety gear and machineries.
  • Advising the client company's legal department about the ways of minimizing legal risks and also promoting of safety awareness among the employees.
  • Taking workshops for the employees and company executives on how to deal with safety and health concerning situations.

Educational Background

  • Diploma in Environmental and Industry Safety Audit, Spencer College, 2004
  • Mechanical Engineering from the University of Philadelphia, 2003

This is how a Health and Safety Engineer Resume is written. Notice the kind of simple language used here, along with the flow of the entire resume. It is as per the industry standards and easy to follow, with all the different specific headings for guiding the reader through the resume body. So, all the best with drafting your resume.

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