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HVAC Project Engineer Resume

There is absolutely no limit to the number of different ways you could write a resume. However, in all of these cases, emphasis and care should be put to the presentation, maintenance of a formal tone in addition to seeing to it that no embellishments sneak in regarding the facts and data provided in the resume pertaining to skills and previous work experience.

The reason you have visited this page is obviously because you are interested in applying for an HVAC project engineering job. Sure enough, as you scroll down you will not only find some very important information regarding the job of an HVAC project engineer but also a highly useful HVAC project engineer sample resume which can be used as a guide while framing your own resume.

Job Description of an HVAC Project Engineer

An HVAC project engineer basically has to perform all the overseeing work, though he or she may also have to get down and do some of the nitty gritty and actuality of the work. It is usually expected that an HVAC design engineer would do the actual designing of the HVAC systems for a given construction project and the HVAC project engineer has to just oversee these designs but if the project happens to be one which needs to be top priority (government funded construction) and/ or boasting of a huge budget, then an HVAC project engineer has to do the designing of the HVAC systems him/ herself.

Other Duties Performed by an HVAC Project Engineer

  • Testing of the individual units of ventilators, air conditioners and heaters as well as the HVAC system as a whole before and immediately after their integration into the construction
  • Overseeing the manufacturing of the manufacturing of the different units meant for the HVAC system designated to a particular project
  • Budget management of the entire project
  • Following the rules and regulations put down by the relevant legal body (either state or national) pertaining to HVAC safety protocols
  • Testing for the HVAC system's load requirement and energy consumption

Educational Requirements for an HVAC Project Engineer

A bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering or a specialized degree in HVAC engineering is more than impressive to get the job of an HVAC project engineer, though it is essential that an HVAC project engineer aspirant has at least some experience on designing and inspecting HVAC systems.

Now that we have made ourselves familiar with some aspects of the HVAC project engineer job, let us look at a sample resume for the job of an HVAC project engineer. Please note that this sample resume is to be used only as a reference guide and we expect you not to plagiarize material from the copyrighted content as it is. If a party is caught doing so, they will be prosecuted.

HVAC Project Engineer Sample Resume

Personal Details

Name: Mary J. Hensley
Address: 2873 Tetrick Road, Winter Haven, FL 33830
Contact -
Telephone Number: 863 - 412 - 9399
Email ID:


To put my skills and experience in managing and designing HVAC systems to good use under the service of your esteemed company.

Skills Possessed by the Candidate Relevant to the Job At Hand

  • Experience in designing HVAC systems for multi construction sites
  • Ability to work better on HVAC designs as I am comfortable regarding design codes and blueprints
  • Patience to test each unit of an HVAC system one at a time
  • Immensely knowledgeable when it comes to rules, regulations and HVAC system safety protocols laid down by the valid authorities
  • Strong leadership and organizational skills
  • Good budget foresight and budgetary control capability

Previous Work Experience

HVAC Project/ Design Engineer, Platinum Flats, Chicago, Illinois

I worked as an HVAC project and design engineer at Platinum Flats, a construction handling company for the time period April 2006 to September 2011.

During my time at Platinum Flats, I initially worked as an HVAC design engineer designing HVAC systems in compliance with government sanctioned safety laws and regulations. Later on,on November 2008, I was promoted to the position of "HVAC project engineer" and made to oversee the designing, testing and manufacturing of various different HVAC systems and individual units produced by the company for different projects. I also had to make mechanical calculations to check for energy and load requirements of the HVAC system in question.

Academic Achievements

Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Chicago State University, Chicago, IL, Batch of 2005

Contact for further references

And so we conclude our article. Please utilize the provided job details of an HVAC project engineer position and the sample HVAC project engineer resume in an appropriate manner. All the best on your job hunt!

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