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HVAC Engineer Resume

An HVAC engineer resume is written by a mechanical engineer who knows the work involved in indoor environmental comfort. He is the guy who works around HVAC systems. HVAC is the short form for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning and it implies to all kinds of buildings- from office floors to residential spaces.

HVAC is a branch of mechanical engineering and involves the dynamics of all the three principles- thermodynamics, heat transfer and fluid mechanics. This technique is used to secure and regulate the humidity and temperature levels in buildings and is a modern system for new modern offices and high-class residence projects.

The job of an HVAC engineer involves studying the architecture of the building and accordingly design an HVAC plan for installation in the building. He has to make sure that all the elements of the system- the entire mechanism is installed properly and work smoothly as per the desired results. The engineer looks over the HVAC designers and mechanics working on the project and ensure that the work gets done on time as per the schedule. He also looks into any problems that may arise in the installed system at a later stage and advise solutions.

For coming up with a perfect resume as per the industry standards, the applicant must know about all the pitfalls that are commonly encountered by the applicants while writing their resume applications. For this they must first be properly introduced to the various available formats for writing a resume application. Each element and each detail should be clear in the writer's head. Apart from the different resume formats, which are chronological resume, targeted resume, combination resume and functional resume, the applicant must know about the company he is applying to. He should go through the company website and get to know about its mission and vision statement. This will enable you to add exactly those details, and in a particular manner, which the recruiter wants to see in particular. Here are some instruction to follow while writing the resume.

  • Ensure accuracy - Whenever you are stating facts, make sure they are as accurate as you can ascertain them. This rule holds good when you are mentioning about your previous job roles and achievements made in the field by you.

  • Make use bullet points - This is absolutely necessary whern writing a resume. This helps in dividing information in small and crisp points.

  • Always proofread it - Once you have completed writing the resume, the next step is to go through it again and making sure that there are no mistakes in it whatsoever. Having mistakes, factual or spellings, in the resume will spoil your impression in the eyes of the reader.

So these are the sections that make up for a good and industry standard resume draft. Following is a sample resume for you.

HVAC Engineer Resume Sample

Garry Hamilton
12 Robertson Street, Ellensburg, Los Angeles
Contact Details: (123) 776-0884

Objective Statement

To make use of my expertise in the field of HVAC system installation and secure the modern real estate projects with state of the art heating and cooling mechanisms for a better and comfortable living.

Profile Summary

  • Total experience of 5 years in the field of installing HVAC systems in homes and offices.
  • USP in installing customized systems in the offices.
  • Sound knowledge of studying architectural blue prints and planning the installation process according to it.
  • Good knowledge of thermodynamics and fluid mechanics combined with heat flowing.
  • Deep understanding of Building Information Model
  • experience in inspecting the HVAC systems and ascertaining their technical and mechanical wellbeing.

Skills Summary

  • Good at softwares like AutoCad and Microstation utility tools for designing the plans and testing them too before the final installation.
  • Excellent at auditing the building HVAC systems and recommending changes, if any.
  • Efficient with drawing boards for drawing blueprints for renovations, if needed.
  • Good at collaborating with other team members and people up and down the hierarchy, owing to my excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Great communication skills with complete knowledge of technical terms and industry jargons.
  • Good time management skills for an improved performance and timely delivery of targets.

Professional Experience

Heather HVAC Systems, Los Angeles
Installation Engineer (2009-Present)

  • Developed and initiated the plans for installing HVAC systems in the buildings and ensured there proper performance.
  • Developed the plans for introducing upgrades in the already installed HVAC systems in order to increase their performance.
  • Managed the projects and visited the sites for ensuring that all the necessary supplies have reached the workers and on-site engineer.
  • Received reports on all the work-in-progress and any technical complaints, that may arise.
  • Sanctioned supplier contracts and made surprise visits for inspecting the quality of material.
  • Designed the concept flow of the entire HVAC laying down plan and got it approved from the senior manager.

Zenith Construction, New York
On-site HVAC Engineer (2007-2009)

  • Inspected the power supply source of the building and calculated HVAC load requirements according to the building area.
  • Identified what all equipment was required for the completion of the task and made and order of the same.
  • Maintained proper documentation of all the daily work being carried out.
  • Reviewed the development and made sure that the entire installation process went as per schedule.
  • Studied the project and made an estimate of the required budget for the senior engineer's approval.
  • Designed plan layout for the work on computer and followed it.

Educational Background

  • Training in in HVAC installation, GH Center for Thermodynamic Studies, 2006
  • Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering, from the New York University, 2005

This is how an HVAC engineer resume is written. Notice the length and format of the resume sample provided here. This sample follows a combination resume format which incorporates the best features of all the other resume formats for the purpose of creating a holistic and comprehensive resume application. So, all the best.

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