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Geographic Information System Engineer Resume

Some jobs require us to work hard to impress our potential employers as the job in question may demand a number of different skills and knowledge so it extremely important to put together an excellent resume which covers all there is to know about a candidate's biggest and most unique of assets. Therefore it is crucial that one goes to the lengths of putting together a brilliant resume which manages to put its point across to the recruiters and tells them exactly why they need to hire you right away.

Here, on this page, we discuss the job of a geographic information system engineer. This is a position which is well paying and also gives one the opportunity to work in a multitude of different areas, interacting with individuals from various professional backgrounds, as geographic information like climate forecast and global positioning is utilized in a number of different job fields. On this page, we have a geographic information system engineer sample resume for reference sake that the candidates may use as well as vital data regarding the position of a geographic information system engineer. Let us look at this aspect first-

Job Description of a Geographic Information System Engineer

A geographic information system engineer is required to conceptualize, design and oversee the execution of geographic information systems. Geographic information systems (GIS) are those devices or softwares which collect, store, process, manipulate and retrieve intelligible results related to detailed and complicated geographical information.

Skills needed by a Geographic Information System Engineer for the various duties he/ she has to perform

  • Genius levels of resourcefulness and highly competent knack for analysis as he or she is required to develop GIS tools as well as GIS data transferring devices
  • They should be good, methodical programmers as they need to create, develop and preserve GIS data storage back end structures
  • Good money management skills so as to not let the project expenditure go overboard
  • Eye for efficient human resources as at times, they need to recruiters the workers under them
  • Persuasive skills and proactive personality needed for promoting and spreading awareness of the pros of utilizing GIS

Educational Requirements of a Geographic Information System Engineer

In the United Kingdom, where this profession flourishes the most, a geographic information system engineer needs to be a holder of a higher national diploma in one of the following- computer science, surveying, geography, cartography, town planning and geographic information systems.

Average Salary for a Geographic Information System Engineer

In the United Kingdom, the annual average salary for a geographic information system engineer happens to be around 25, 000 to 27, 000 pounds (about $39, 470 to $42, 628 respectively).

Now that we have seen the various job requirements and details of a geographic information system engineer, let us look at the geographic information system engineer sample resume you have been so eagerly awaiting. Note that you are not supposed to plagiarize the content provide in the sample resume below as it happens to be copyrighted material though you may freely use the format and language tone while preparing your own resume.

Geographic Information System Engineer Sample Resume

Personal Details

Name: Kelsey J. Miller
Address: 4563 D Street, Detroit, MI 48226
Contact -
Telephone Number: 586 - 360 - 7569
Email ID:


My goal is to ensure that my skills, experience and knowledge in the field of geographic information system engineering are put to the best use possible.

Skills of the Candidate Which Are Relevant to the Job At Hand

  • Assertive personality with incredible persuasive skills
  • Excellent analytical and methodical skills which come in handy while developing GIS tools and programs
  • Solid IT related knowledge
  • Brilliant time and money management abilities
  • Highly detail oriented
  • Endless resilience and mantra of "never give up" even during the most stressful of situations

Previous Work Experience

Geographic Information System Engineer, Para Atlantic Info Systems, Manchester, UK/ Albany, NY

I worked as a geographic information system engineer at Para Atlantic Info System for the time duration of May 2006 to June 2011 initially at the company's England headquarters in Manchester before being relocated to the Albany office in June 2009.

During my five years at Para Atlantic, I worked at diligently developing GIS data manipulative tools which would act as storage devices of immense geographic details of customers and clients of companies the tools were sold to, tools which allowed for data to be easily retrieved whenever required. My duty also had me personally meet higher management company representatives and persuade them to purchase Para Atlantic produced GIS tools in bulk and integrate them in their daily work flow.

Educational Qualifications

Master's Degree in Computer Science, New York University, NY, Batch of 2006
Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, New York University, NY, Batch of 2004

Contact for further references

Now that we have reached the end of our page on geographic information system engineering, let us wish you our best wishes as you embark on a journey of nabbing this challenging job. We sincerely hope the geographic information system engineer job description and sample geographic information system engineer resume provided here are beneficial for you during your, hopefully brief, job hunting time period.

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