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Game Test Engineer Resume

There are some resumes which may be prepared well on time but lack the substance needed to net the job sought after by the candidate as it fails to impress the recruiter scanning the resumes. It is for this very reason that we need to really prepare a well organized, unambiguous, easy to read resume.

Here on this page, we focus on one of the most interesting professions for a creative and tech savvy individual- the job of a game test engineer resume. We not only give you a special sample of a game test engineer resume but we also provide you with important details pertaining to the game test engineer position. So without further ado, let us have a look at these details.

Job Specifics of a Game Test Engineer

First and foremost, we will look at what a game test engineer does essentially. A game test engineer has to basically check the software from which the game is developed for bugs and any other kinds of glitches. Once he or she has found said bugs, they have to implement solutions for it and then run the software. A game test engineer works on software games which are meant for a number of platforms like Xbox/ Xbox 360, Playstation 2/ Playstation 3, PC et cetera. Let us look at some particular skills a game test engineer has to possess in order to nab the coveted job-

Skills that a Game Test Engineer Must Possess

  • A deep knowledge of computer programming
  • The ability to withstand repetitive practices as a game tester may have to challenge the same software in different ways for a fixed number of times in order to detect any tricky, hidden bugs
  • The ability to translate technical data into simple layman terms when presenting the facts to the non-tech portion of the game developers and creators, if so required. Example. Talking to scriptwriters of the game to change or modify any one portion of the game if it is just cannot be programmed and run without falling prey to bug interference

Educational Requirements that a Game Test Engineer Must Possess

A candidate for the job is expected to have a bachelor's degree in computer science or even any computer science program would do from a revered junior college. Basically, the candidate should have in depth knowledge and skill in the language the software has been programmed in.

Now that you have seen the job essentials of a game test engineer, let us look at a game test engineer sample resume which may be used as reference material by candidates applying for the job. Note that you should only use this resume sample as reference for the template and wording of your own resume otherwise if you plagiarize the content as it is then there are high chances of legal action being levied against you.

Game Test Engineer Sample Resume

Personal Details

Name: Mary M. Santiago
Address: 3684 Rainy Day Drive, Boston, MA 02109
Contact -
Telephone Number: 617 - 998 - 7780
Email ID:


Looking for an opportunity to build and hone my skills as a game test engineer in the service of your esteemed company.

Skills Possessed by the Candidate Which Are Relevant to the Job at Hand

  • Proficient knowledge and programming skills in languages like Java, JSP, C, C++, as well as back end languages SQL/ PHP
  • Endless amount of patience and energy for testing the software a multiple times day in and day out to detect hidden bugs
  • Ability to convert technical data into presentable, layman friendly language
  • Knack of testing game consoles for any crippling errors

Previous Work Experience

Game Test Engineer, ActiSoft Games, Boston, MA

I worked as a games test engineer at ActiSoft Games, Boston, from the time period of August 2008 to August 2011. My duties at ActiSoft required me to run and test game consoles as well as associated tools to check for some technical glitches.

My secondary job also required me to write down the problems facing the smooth execution of the game and plan solutions for it with the creators and developers of the game, including making changes to the script (game storyline) if there was no other option. For this, I had to convert the data stats into a layman friendly language so the non tech savvy crowd like the game scriptwriters could also understand the problem and make changes accordingly.

Academic Achievements

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Boston University, MA (Batch of 2008)

Contact for further details

And so we come to an end of our page on the game test engineer job. Hope our game test engineer job description and sample game test engineer resume serve you efficiently in the future.

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