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GE Field Engineer Resume

A GE Field Engineer Resume is written by a professional who has a strong experience in handling and working around GE manufactured machines. He has to perform duties related to inspecting, pointing out defects, repairing and commissioning such machines that are used on-site in the field. Such individuals are actually there to provide technical assistance to all the GE users in a specific field- it could be oil drilling, construction, extraction, etc. they are the tech-support from the company. Apart from providing the maintenance support, he also helps your people with installing and operating the machine on behalf of GE. Any troubleshooting that needs to be done, is handled by this person, on-site. The applicant for such a post needs to be well-trained in the GE technology and machinery. He must also have a technical engineering degree to his credit.

The resume for such a post needs to be prepared in a certain manner, with technical information as its core matter and stress on quantitative nature of words, that is, mentioning figures for targets. This style will definitely impress the recruiter and will guarantee that your resume is forwarded to the next level of selection process. This is why it is considered a good idea to always know what kind of resume will go for what kind of job.

A typical GE field engineer resume will includes the applicant's skills, experience and education. Along with stating this, you need to clearly mention your USP so that the reader can clearly assess your profile. Following are the sections to be involved in the resume.

  • Objective Statement - A perfectly written, sharp objective statement will be the key to impressing the reader. It has to be definite and has to be crisp. It should clearly reflect your ability and passion to work towards the goasl of the company.

  • Profile Summary - Summarizing all the important points under this section, including your USP will help in taking the message all the way to home in an effective manner.

  • Skill Summary - It will include a comprehensive list of all your work-related skills that could be used by you to add to your output performance for the hiring company. This is one section that the reader wants to get impressed by. So write it carefully, by stating all the important skills first in order.

  • Professional Experience - Professional experience concerns with your work in the earlier organizations that hired you in the past. This section will contain the names of your previous companies, along with your respective designations and the number of months/ years served there. This will be followed by a list of your roles in those companies- what you did, what you handled and other such important details.

  • Education - Details of all your relevant educational qualifications. State them in reverse chronological order, from the latest to the oldest.

  • Achievements - This is where you boast about your professional achievements to further make a mark.

Following is a sample resume for your reference.

GE Field Engineer Resume Sample

David Cross
30 Easter Way, Ellensburg, Los Angeles
Contact Details: (123) 761-0377

Objective Statement

To utilize my expertise in the field of mechanical engineering and my experience with GE technology to handle new projects in a better manner and produce the desired results as per schedule.

Profile Summary

  • Total experience of 7 years of on-site repair and maintenance of all GE construction machinery and drills.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of various mechanical aspects of the construction drills and hydraulic systems.
  • Worked on developing hybrid engine technology and compression turbine mechanism.
  • Worked with turbine systems for drilling ground water and monitored the process.
  • Excellent at inspecting and pointing out faults in the machinery, thus facilitating optimum performance and good output.
  • Strong at taking initiatives, driven by quality assurance.

Skills Summary

  • Careful and detailed inspection ability of machinery, engine, oil levels, distill water level and servicing dues.
  • Proper logical way of ascertaining the problem and pulling out the relevant solution for in-the-field machinery parts.
  • Excellent troubleshooting abilities- at mechanical and engineering level.
  • Good at testing equipment at factory level and making SWOT reports on the same, enumerating areas of improvement and areas of strength.
  • Strong flair for attention to the detail
  • Excellent communication skills in English- both verbal and written.
  • Good managerial skills for better tackling of issues pertaining to manufacturing belt or on-site equipment.
  • Good time management skills for smooth operations.

Professional Experience

GE Technologies, Los Angeles
On-site Technical Engineer (2009-Present)

  • Given the role of preparing SWOT analysis and finding out the root cause of problems in the machinery performance.
  • Conducting regular inspections on the machines to determine that all of them are in working condition.
  • Coming up with mechanical solutions to meet the difficulties and coordinating with the supply schedule.
  • Commissioning new mechanical parts and technical upgrades according to the technical specifications pointed out in the report.
  • Developing plans for handling complicated manufacturing problems in order to achieve quality standards.
  • Preparing technical road map for the teams to achieve in a given time span.
  • Initiating processes of installing and testing of new machinery and spare parts to check them for their optimal performance.
  • Taking follow-up reports on the newly-procured machinery.

GE Energy, New York
Mechanical Engineer (2006-2009)

  • Worked as Assistant Project Manager on various projects with the company.
  • Developed performance road map for the team and worked towards achieving it as per schedule.
  • Worked on turbine-operations at sea-bed drilling and monitoring process.
  • On the Diagnostics and Recovery Team, monitoring any problems that the teams encounter in the extraction process.
  • Developed the system architecture and came up with a helpful technical interface for keeping tab on the under-water operations.
  • Sanctioned new oil drills and other machinery to be used on the oil bed in the ocean.

Tetra Infrastructure Technologies
Trainee Engineer (2005-2006)

  • Applied the theoretical concepts to the working of turbine motor for digging oil.
  • Assisted the head engineer in inspecting machines on-site and determining tests.
  • Evaluating designs and systems along the team and determining improvements and testing the equipment for durability.
  • Studying CAD designs and working on modifications with the technical team, testing the modifications for their compatibility.
  • Making reports of inspections and giving it to the head engineer.

Educational Background

  • Training in Oil Rig Operations, 6 months On-the-Job training, Tetra Infrastructural Technologies, 2004
  • Mechanical Engineering, University of Iowa, 2003

This is how a GE field engineer resume is written in a proper manner. The flow and structure needs a special notice here. This is because, it will vary from situation to situation, depending upon the kind of job application you want to write. There are many resume formats that you can chose from- chronological, combination, functional, etc. Each of these formats have a different structure and flow to them. Chronological resume format gives stress to skills and work experience. It sates these details like educational qualification and work experience in a reverse chronological order, that is, starting from the most recent ones and then moving back according to date. In a combination resume format (which has been used in this sample), skills and experience are listed first, respectively; then the rest of the information follows. Using this format, you can highlight your important and relevant skills to the reader. In a functional resume format, the stress is on your skills and professional history, and not on the chronological order of your work history and education. It is used by people who have a substantial gap in between their tow jobs or who are changing careers. One more resume format, that is, targeted resume format, is used when you are giving only the relevant information in accordance to the nature of job being applied for. This obviously takes more time to draft and filter what relevant information to keep and what to let go. These are a few resume formats that one could use to draft his/ her resume. But for one's ease, combination resume is the one that is most often followed in the industry.

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