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Financial Engineer Resume

A good resume is one which has been built in an incredibly organized and presentable manner. Namely, the format has to be incredibly presentable in order to make an impression on the recruiter's minds and get the message across, as much of it and as clearly as possible.

Here on this page, we look at the profession of a financial engineer resume. Here, we not only look at the job elements of a financial engineer, but also a sample resume of a financial engineer. We start with the job description of a financial engineer.

Work Specifics of a Financial Engineer

The job of a financial engineer is held in very high regard as a lot of smarts is required and the work done by financial engineers is extremely influential.

The Main Duty of a Financial Engineer

A financial engineer holds a job of high responsibility. He or she has to use mathematics and statistics to conceptualize and create complex financial formulas, in order to build elaborate and complex financial models. These models can also be created using computer programming languages. They are used to derive financial methodologies for pricing shares and assets or to determine the fluctuation of prices in the financial market.

Financial engineers are usually hired for Wall Street companies. Incidentally, it was financial engineers who were blamed for 2008's catastrophic economic collapse. It was the everyday practice of utilizing financial engineer produced financial instruments, the most prominent of which happened to be collateral debt obligations, which directly led to the recession crisis and financial engineers have had to bear most of the brunt of the blame.

Secondary duties of a Financial Engineer

  • Risk management and financial problem solving with the help of self created or pre-existing computer programs
  • Forecasting the leading trends in the financial market
  • Financial portfolio structuring for the company
  • Managing the reserves of the company

Educational Requirements for a Financial Engineer

A financial engineer is expected to have a bachelor's degree in financial engineering, which is a relatively new degree offered by universities. However, career advisors highly discourage Wall Street bound aspirants to take BFE and recommend double majors in Math and Computer Science as a much safer option. Candidates also apply for doctorals in Physics to get a credible opportunity at nabbing the job of a financial engineer.

Average Salary of a Financial Engineer

It is not just a myth that the profession of financial engineering is one of the most paying jobs in the business sector. A beginner may earn as much as $74, 000 per year per year. Experienced financial engineers have been known to earn in the neighborhood of $112,000 annually! Most of this comes from the fact that financial engineers get a decent cut of the company's profits (starting from $5,000 to as much as $55, 000).

So now that you have seen how incredibly exhilarating and rewarding a financial engineering job can be, let us look at a simple financial engineer resume sample. Note that this sample resume should only be used for reference purposes, for, if you are caught plagiarizing online content word for word, you might as well bid your Wall Street dreams goodbye right at the starting line itself.

Financial Engineer Sample Resume

Personal Details

Name: Daryl M. Barr
Address: 1632 Godfrey Street, Beaverton, OR 97005
Contact -
Telephone Number: 503 - 643 - 8545
Email ID:


Enthusiastically awaiting further chances to prove my knowledge in financial engineering and to put my skills and knowledge into extremely good use, which would only benefit the company.

Skills Possessed by the Candidate Relevant to the Company

  • Experienced in creating elaborate financial models with the help of mathematic and statistical based computer programs for evaluating and forecasting prices in the financial market
  • Proficient in back end/ data storage software languages like RDBMS, SQL, MS SQL, My SQL as well as front end languages like Java Basic, JSP, Perl and C++
  • Immense knowledge of the working of automated trading system help me better the financial models I create

Previous Work Experience

Financial Engineer, Prescient Finance, Manhattan, NY

I worked as a financial engineer for Wall Street based Prescient Finance, NY. For a period of three years (May 2007 to May 2010), to be precise.

At Prescient Finance, I was appointed to develop risk management and risk evaluating financial tools, using mathematic and statistical tools and software programs. This duty mainly consisted of making upgrades to the model which aimed specifically at liability minimization and risk avoidance, especially during the height of the recession and the subsequent months.

Educational Qualifications

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, with Associate's Degree in Mathematics, New York University, NY, Batch of 2006

Contact for reference information

So now that we have cleared the hurdle of demonstrating how a financial engineer resume should be composed, along with providing you with informative details on the job specifics of a financial engineer, you are now in a much better position of planning your path in this challenging but highly prized professional field.

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