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Field Engineer Resume

Field Engineers, the job title is self explanatory. An engineer responsible for effective production/functioning of tasks on field is known as a Field Engineer. His/her job is similar to a site supervisor, only difference being that he/she will have technical/mechanical knowledge, and thus, will help in trouble shooting or resolve breakdown of machinery or systems. He thus, can be termed as a mobile engineer, who is available on-site, to facilitate uninterrupted production. Field Engineers can work on different projects like civil engineering projects, architectural projects, electrical or mechanical manufacturing, etc., depending upon his/her specialization. The field engineer resume sample given below will help understand more about the role of these personnel in the successful completion of projects/tasks.

Field Engineer Resume Sample

Steve .P. Anderson
East Street Blvd.,
Lane -5
Portsmouth, VA 22016
Ph: 555 6145023

Career Objective:

Possess a zeal to learn and grow with the work responsibilities handed to me, and looking for suitable job opportunities in the same, wherein my role would be beyond a mere facilitator, and rather be considered as an on-site supervisor. I would like to widen the scope of responsibilities from being a mere engineer of equipment, machinery and systems, to someone who is familiar with every piece of information related to the project, and has an active participation in planning production techniques.

Career Summary:

Highly qualified and well-experienced Field Engineer with 7 years of work experience. Capable of independently supervising various projects and tasks, providing on-field technical support, and thorough with maintenance, repair, installation, operations, etc., of the machineries and equipment used in the field. Thorough project management skills, leadership skills, managing the resources used in a project, and effective implementation of Kaizen and JIT techniques.

Summary of Skills:

  • Exceptionally good technical competence
  • Good coordination and interpersonal skills
  • Good leadership skills
  • Good at troubleshooting, identifying problems, analyzing the same, and coming up with best possible solutions
  • Good project management and supervision skills

Professional Experience:

Current Employer - Pioneer Infrastructure Systems
Designation: Chief Field Engineer
(2008- till date)

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Oversee the on-site production, mixing of raw materials, etc.
  • Keep a check on the standards and specifications mentioned for the project and assure the compliance of the same
  • Oversee the maintenance, repair, testing, etc., of the machinery and equipment carried out by the Jr. Field Engineers
  • Assist the Project Manager in timely completion of the project with due importance given to efficient productivity
  • Assist in planning the various phases of work
  • Always be available for troubleshooting of any mechanical/technical hassle developed in production process
  • Direct the Jr. Field Engineers and assist them
  • Make efficient use of CAD to explain the work procedure, pattern, machine operations, etc., to the colleagues and workers
  • Keep a check on scheduled vis-vis completed work

Previous Work Experience:

Horizon Developers
Designation: Sr. Field Engineer

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Report to the Chief Field Engineer
  • Assist in smooth uninterrupted production and task completion
  • Regular maintenance of machinery and equipment used in the production
  • Assist the reporting manager and the head of the project in cost analysis of the project
  • Check for deviations in production patterns, and if found any, report the same to the seniors
  • Assist the production construction workers in performing their duties uninterruptedly by assuring proper functioning of equipment and machines used on the site of production

Budget Homes Developers
Designation: Jr. Field Engineer

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Use CAD to design and explain the final design to the workers
  • Keep a check on regular maintenance and lubrication of machines and equipment
  • Follow the instructions given by the seniors
  • Help in completing the project on time by providing utmost assistance
  • Check deviations for cost, production procedures, etc., from planned and report the same to the seniors

Additional Information:

  • Associated with Accreditation Board for Engineering Technology


  • Masters in Civil Engineering - 2005
  • Diploma in Project Management - 2004
  • Bachelors of Civil Engineering - 2003

Additional Courses:

  • Diploma in Cost & Budgeting Analysis - 2004 Extra Curricular Activities:
  • Active participation in engineering expos and competitions
  • Active participation in organizing college/organizational events


Looking for suitable job opportunities in Portsmouth, Richmond, and Bristol


Available on request

Steve .P. Anderson(dd/mm/yyyy)

The sample field engineer resume given above, thus explains the role of these personnel thoroughly. A Field Engineer is thus, responsible for facilitating uninterrupted production activities on field and after gaining thorough experience help in effective project management. They can also play an important role in timely completion of project; keep a check on the costing of the project, and quality controls. Using the above given sample resume, one can draft a resume for oneself, and add any other essential information that he/she feels will make his/her candidature effective.

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