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Facilities Engineer Resume

Facilities Engineer, as the name suggests is a job profile, wherein the engineer is responsible for facilitating a certain project, process, etc. He does not have a defined role. He is responsible for assisting in inspection, testing, manufacturing, etc., so as to ensure smooth functioning of the production procedures. To learn more about this job profile, read the facilities engineer resume sample given below. However, before that let us take a look at the generic responsibilities associated with this designation.

Generic Responsibilities of a Facilities Engineer:

  • Ensure efficient use of all resources of the plant
  • Active participation in strategic planning and development
  • Analyze and evaluate various vendor offers, sub-contractors services, etc., to help get the best deal
  • Work as a mentor to new employees or existing employees on new projects
  • Oversee the maintenance and functioning of various equipment and machines
  • Arrange for regular preventive maintenance
On reading the responsibilities given above, one can easily understand that any duty or responsibility, which assures effective completion of work and smooth functioning of the plant, comes under the purview of Facilities Engineer job responsibilities. For more on the same read the sample resume given below.

Facilities Engineer Resume Sample

Shelly .S. Bakers
Market Tower Street
Lane -5
Richmond, VA 20160
Ph: 555 6123450

Career Objective:

Willing to work in an environment wherein my skills and expertise as a Facilities Engineer not only helps in efficient and effective functioning of the department/departments, but also makes a difference in the way the organization functions, and the ultimate results delivered to client. Thus, wish to work in an environment wherein I get to exercise control on various actions when needed to assure utmost efficiency of the organizational functions.

Career Summary:

Working as a Facilities Engineer with REVA Electric Cars, Richmond, since 2010. My total work experience in this field is around 5 years, and am thorough with the basics of this job profile. Have worked under the mentoring of seniors in the initial days, which helped me learn and improve my practical knowledge. Thus, today am capable of handling any project individually to facilitate economic and qualitative efficiency of the organization.

Summary of Skills:

  • Excellent technical competence
  • Excellent in maintaining, operating and troubleshooting of electronic and mechanical systems
  • Thorough knowledge of raw material, its quality, price, etc., which helps in negotiating with the vendors
  • Good communication and negotiation skills
  • Good management and organization skills
  • Effective management of human resource, and thus assuring efficient productive output from the same
  • Good at making, compiling, and presenting reports
  • Good at work scheduling
  • Good at managing, compiling, and analyzing data
  • Ability to work without any supervision and self-motivated
  • Ability to make nearly accurate projections
  • Thorough with CAD
  • Strong work ethics

Professional Experience:

Current Employer - REVA Electric Cars
Designation: Facilities Engineer
(2010- till date)

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for developing and implementing various strategies, policies, and procedures that help in improved productivity of the organization
  • Responsible for preventive and corrective maintenance of the machineries used in the production
  • Responsible for overseeing the cleaning and lubrication of machinery and equipment
  • Assist in die/mold fixing and setting on the machine, oversee the initial production, until the die/mold is thoroughly set on the machine
  • Oversee the efficiency of movement of men and material on the floor
  • Thorough cost analysis to help get the best deals from the vendors
  • Keep a check of the inventory - raw material and processed or final product
  • Try to make efficient use of byproducts of production processes
  • Keep a check on the cost of the project and allow no deviation in the same
  • Assist in design simulation and explaining the production of the same to the workers of the plant using these simulations
  • Work as a mentor to the production workers, especially while working on new designs or products

Previous Work Experience:

Zen Dies & Moldings
Designation: Jr. Facilities Engineer

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Report to the Chief Facilities Engineer
  • Oversee the production processes
  • Update the daily work sheet kept at different machines
  • Monitor the movement of raw material
  • Make sure that all the unused/extra raw material is placed back in the inventory room, equipment and tools are placed back in the tool room, and at the end of the shift the machines are cleaned and shut down
  • Monitor the actions of the staff and workers, and identify their training needs Additional Information:
  • Working as a guest faculty in Mechanista College of ME - Richmond


  • Masters in Mechanical Engineering - 2007
  • Diploma in Project Management - 2007
  • Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering - 2005

Additional Courses:

  • Certificate Course in Kaizen and JIT - 2006
  • Thoroughly studied the Toyota Production System and solved many case studies on the same Extra Curricular Activities:
  • Participated in Engineering and Robotics Fest every year, and won the same twice for innovate engineering techniques


Looking for suitable job opportunities in Richmond, Alexandria, Lexington, and Portsmouth


Available on request

Shelly .S. Bakers(dd/mm/yyyy)

The sample facilities engineer resume and generic job responsibilities, give precise and clear information about the said job profile. The Facilities Engineer, is thus not only responsible for efficiency in production, but also ensures that the activities are carried out as economically as possible, and the production goes on uninterrupted. Besides, monitoring and planning all the activities, he/she also serves as a mentor to the staff when required, and thus should be thorough with all the concepts and duties to be carried out under his/her supervision. The above given sample resume serves as a ready reference, and when needed, can be altered and submitted for presenting one's candidature for the said job profile.

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