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Environmental Engineer Resume

Today there are many products and services that make human life easy. Although, these products make life simple, we must not forget that many of these are developed at the cost of environment. Our day to day activities assault the environment to a great extent. While some companies are least bothered, and only look at the profits they can reap out of the offerings they make, some others work towards preserving the environment. Environmental Engineers, thus work towards developing waste management systems, recycling, come up with measures to avoid deforestation, etc. Thus, they help in making life simpler but not at the cost of the environment. A Civil Engineer, for example, if incorporates environmental engineering in his profile, he can help in developing infrastructure with least damage to the environment. For more on the same, read the sample environmental engineer resume given below. The resume provides a ready format to draft one's resume, along with a thorough explanation of roles and responsibilities associated with this position.

Environmental Engineer Resume Sample

Sheryl .S. Anderson
Blue Hues Blvd.,
25th Street
Richmond, VA 200612
Ph: 555 44110

Career Objective:

Willing to use my expertise to help make human life simple and preserve the environment for coming generations. Wish to be a part of research and development activities that help in developing environment friendly products.

Career Summary:

Highly competent and thorough experience (6 years) in the field of environmental engineering, am currently working with Eco Services Ltd., Richmond. Have independently developed projects and plans to make human life simple without affecting the environment. Have worked on developing effective sewage systems, recycle systems, etc., to help prevent the waste from deteriorating the environment further.

Summary of Skills:

  • Exceptionally good mechanical competence
  • Excellent expertise in using CAD to explain and present the blue-prints of the final structures
  • Competent knowledge of environment laws and regulations
  • Thorough with the environment hazards caused by poor sewage systems, lack of recycling systems, etc.
  • Good projection and analytical skills, which help in projecting the cost of a project and its benefits
  • Good negotiating and convincing skills
  • Complete knowledge of eco-freindly raw material, its supplies, cost, etc.

Professional Experience:

Current Employer - Eco Services Ltd.
Designation: Sr. Environmental Engineer (Civil)
(2008- till date)

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for designing flyovers, bridges, roads, etc., giving heed to environment preservation laws
  • Responsible for developing roadway plans in a way that leads to minimal deforestation and clearing of mountains and hills
  • Study the area, analyze the potential of the same, come up with a plan and present the same to the seniors
  • On approval of the plan from the seniors, using CAD make a blueprint of the planned roadways and present the same
  • In coordination with the Purchase Manager work out the costing of the plan
  • Pass on the costing and the specifications of the plan to the accounts department to make tenders and quotations
  • Submission of quotations to the seniors, who in turn submit it to the concerned government authority
  • On acceptance of the quotation prepare for substantiating the plan
  • Check every raw material used in the plan, and make sure that the environment is not polluted during the production processes
  • Get the required approvals from governing bodies pertaining to environment regulations
  • Make sure that whatever minimal deforestation takes place while actuating the plan, the same is compensated by the organization as a part of its

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Keep adequate place for roadside plantation techniques in the plan

Previous Work Experience:

Eco Infra Systems
Designation: Jr. Environmental Engineer

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Report to the Chief Engineer
  • Assist in planning and development of sewage systems
  • Assist in planning and development of recycling/dumping zones
  • Responsible for maintaining and preservation of environment while drafting these plans and proposals
  • Assist in cost analysis of the proposal, making a blueprint of the same using CAD, presenting the same to the seniors of the organization, etc.
  • Conduct seminars on environment regulations and laws for the employees of the organization


  • Masters in Environmental Engineering - 2005
  • Diploma in Environment Law & Science - 2004
  • Bachelors of Civil Engineering - 2003

Additional Courses:

  • Certified Course in Cost Analysis - 2003

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Active participation in competitions and seminars related to engineering and environment issues


Looking for suitable job opportunities in Lexington, Bristol, and Richmond


Available on request

Sheryl .S. Anderson(dd/mm/yyyy)

The sample environmental engineer resume given above helps us understand about the skills, qualifications, roles and responsibilities of an Environmental Engineer. This field is a blend of environment regulations and preservation with engineering techniques to help make human life simple and easy but not at the cost of environment. An engineer in a manufacturing organization will use his/her engineering skills to develop products that are environment friendly (example Panasonic); one working in the civil engineering sector will ensure that infrastructure development does not hamper the environment, etc. Using this sample resume, one can draft a resume for oneself. This resume can be used as a reference or one can alter it as per one's requirements, and thus present one's candidature for the said post. Adding one's achievements and other such important information will make the resume more effective.

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