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Engineering Consultant Resume

A Consultant, be it management or engineering, is a person with thorough expertise in the said field, and is looked upon to for expert opinion when in trouble or need of help. An Engineering Consultant is thus, someone who is an expert in the field of engineering (civil, mechanical, etc.), and is either self-employed and serves a group of clients or is employed by an organization, and offers expert advice pertaining to any engineering issues. He/she can also work with government organizations, and help them plan and advise on various engineering projects and issues. To work as a consultant, a person has to possess thorough expertise, which is gained over years of experience working in the said field. The sample engineering consultant resume given below, will help us understand the role of an engineering consultant and draft a resume, referring to the same.

Engineering Consultant Resume Sample

Kiara .P. Houston
Cafford Market Street
Portsmouth, VA 22310
Ph: 666 4521780

Career Objective:

Willing to extend my expertise in civil engineering to help develop infrastructure projects, in a way that it does not harm the environment, and yet makes commutation and civil organization better. Currently am working as an Engineering Consultant, with Zen Developers, and help in project planning and troubleshooting, to make every project successful and cost effective.

Career Summary:

Have been in this field for almost 13 years, and currently am working as an Engineering Consultant with Zen Developers. Having worked on different projects and in different roles all these years, possess thorough expertise in practices and methodologies of civil engineering, and today am capable of handling any query, any project, etc.

Skill Set Synopsis:

  • Good analytical and critical thinking
  • Good at troubleshooting and drawing conclusions based on intuitive skills
  • Good listening and coordination skills
  • Thorough with environment laws and regulations pertaining to civil engineering
  • Good planning and presentation skills
  • Thorough with all the methodologies of civil engineering

Professional Experience:

Current Employer - Zen Developers
Current Designation: Engineering Consultant
(2008-till date)

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Work in coordination with the management of the organization
  • Study the projects, proposals,etc. planned by the organization
  • Do a thorough SWOT analysis, which helps in determining the feasibility of the project for the organization
  • Study the issues, concerns, or obstacles in completion of a project, and come up with solutions for the same
  • Help in project designing and planning when needed
  • Help in procuring or designing machinery,equipment, etc., as per the specific needs of a project
  • Help in troubleshooting of problems pertaining to environment regulations for a said project
  • Troubleshooting and solving any issues or hurdles during broadcasting
  • Make proper reports based on analysis and present the same
  • Give 2-3 alternatives to a problem, present the same, and assist in decision making

Horizon Project Developers
Designation: Project Manager

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for handling different construction projects
  • Understanding the requirements put forth in the government tender request and draft proposals accordingly
  • On approval of the tender, make a project plan and execute the same
  • Make sure that all the specifications and regulations are met
  • Responsible for checking the quality of the output, raw material, etc.

PS Infra Systems Ltd.
Designation: Civil Engineer

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Simulating the project design using CAD
  • Making a project schedule and plan with the guidance of seniors
  • Executing the plan as per instructions
  • Updating the daily work log
  • Assisting in choosing the right buyer of raw material, checking the quality of raw material, etc


  • MS. Civil Engineering - 1997
  • Diploma in Project Management - 1996
  • Diploma in Environment Law - 1996
  • Bachelors of Civil Engineering - 1995

Computer Skills:

  • Proficiency in computer operations

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Active participation in various cultural and sports events


Looking for suitable opportunities in Richmond


Available on request


Kiara .P. Houston

The sample engineering consultant resume given above helps us understand that, a Civil Engineer, with thorough expertise and experience in his/her field, can at a later stage of his/her career work as a Consultant. Being a Consultant, this person can either be self-employed or join an organization. However, the responsibility and expectations associated with this position are very high, since this person is considered to be an expert, whose expert opinion will help solve any problem. The resume for this person, should also stand at par with these expectations, so as to convince the employer that a particular candidate is capable of handling such a huge responsibility. Thus, take some time, put in some efforts, and draft a resume that reflects you the best.
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