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Electrical Engineer (Product Development) Resume

An Electronic Engineer, is someone who works on electronic gadgets and electrical systems used in different gadgets, automobiles, etc. In this field, the engineer can specialize either in product development, manufacturing or quality assurance. Each of these specialization need a different skill set and comes with a set of responsibilities for the same. An Electronic Engineer working in product development is responsible for the conception and design of the final product that is manufactured in the production line. Here the engineer is not responsible for the production. He/she is only concerned with the conception of the production and creating a pseudo model or a sample product of the same to get an approval from the client. He/she either works on a new product development as per the company's policies or plans or works on the new product requirement put forth by the client. The sample electrical engineer (product development) resume given below will further help in understanding the job profile better.

Electrical Engineer (Product Development) Resume Sample

Sherline .J. Pitt
32nd West Street Lane
Alexandria, VA 22014
Ph: 656 222 33310

Career Objective:

Self-motivated and initiation-taker, with expertise in electronic engineering, looking for suitable opportunities in product research and development. Willing to be a part of an organization, wherein electronic and environmental engineering are blended well to make eco-freindly products.

Career Summary:

Currently, am working with Electro Systems, in the product development and research department. Possess a total work experience of 4 years, and have worked with and am working with some of the best minds in the said field.

Summary Of Skills:

  • Good analytical skills
  • Good at logical reasoning
  • Thorough with the basics of electronic engineering, product development phases, regulation, requirements, etc.
  • Good coordination skills and a good team player
  • Exceptionally good intuitive skills
  • Good at planning and management of time and work

Career Synopsis:

Current Employer - Spark Electronic Systems
Designation: Electronic Engineer - Product Development
(2009- till date)

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Report to the team leader
  • Understand the requirements put forth by the client
  • Work in a team on product conception and simulation
  • Responsible for making a demo product based on the conception and design
  • Check the demo product for effective functioning
  • Note down the faults and defects, and work on the same. Also, work on further improvements and enhancements that can be made in the product
  • Responsible for doing a quality check on the final demo product
  • Presenting the same to the Product Development Head, and on approval, work on final manual for production of the same
  • On approval from the client, pass on the manual, demo product, CAD of the product, etc., to the production department as well as the legal department, in case of patent requirements

Previous Employers:

Power Electro System & Product Developers
Designation: Jr. Engineer - Product Development & Research

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Assist in product development and research
  • Follow the instruction of the Sr. Engineer
  • Responsible for making a rough sketch of design of the product
  • Using CAD, make a design manual of the product
  • Work on the development of the same
  • Assist in testing the product for effective functioning


  • MS in Electronic Engineering, University of Alexandria - 2007
  • Bachelors of Electrical Engineering, University of Alexandria - 2005

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Active participation in sports and cultural events of the college
  • Won the Engineering Tech, Alexandria, thrice for most innovative design and concepts


Looking for suitable opportunities only in Alexandria


Available on request


Sherline .J. Pitt

The sample electrical engineer resume (product development) given above, explains the role and responsibilities associated with the same. In this field, the engineer will be dedicated to development of new products, finding out new uses of existing products, improvising the existing products, etc. Thus, these engineers do not work on production or quality assurance line, but work on conception and design development, to help the manufacturing unit work on the same. These engineers will thus, have a thorough understanding of different equipment, systems, designs, specifications, etc., to help understand the core function of the new product under development. Use the sample resume given above to draft a resume for yourself, and put forth your best to convince the employer, that none other than you can suit the said job profile.
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