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Electrical Engineer (Managerial) Resume

When we speak about an Electrical Engineer, the first thing that comes to our mind is electronic gadgets, electrical circuits, systems, etc. Of course, we are right when we relate all this with the said profile; however, when a different role or responsibility, i.e., a managerial role or responsibility is associated with it, the job profile changes to a certain extent. This change is only in terms of the responsibility and role an Electronic Engineer plays. When he/she is assigned with a managerial responsibility, he/she not only works on product development or research, but also plays an active role in the management of the organization. While working at a managerial position, he/she plays an active role in strategy planning, managing the work force, getting work done, etc. Let us discuss a little more on the same with the help of an electrical engineer (managerial) resume sample. The sample resume, written in a professional resume format, puts light on the additional responsibilities an engineer accomplishes while he gets to work at a managerial position.

When one is appointed at a managerial role, one must think beyond one's goals and responsibilities. The primary aim of a manager is to accomplish the organizational goals, and one's own goals take a back seat. On being appointed as a manger, one must understand that he/she is someone, the other employees will look up to, and he/she has to treat them as his/her team. Thus, a managerial role needs thorough managerial skills other than the professional skills related to one's field.

Sample Electrical Engineer (Managerial) Resume

Steve .K. Tucker
12AB West Street Lane
Bristol, VA 21023
Ph: +666 2103702

Career Objective:

Highly enthusiastic, thoroughly competent, good team-player, and a visionary leader, looking for opportunities that not only help me use my professional expertise, but also allow me to play an active role in the planning and functioning of the organization. Willing to move up the professional hierarchy by proving my excellence at every step.

Career Summary:

Have worked in this field for almost 8 years, and am thorough with all the responsibilities, practices, and methodologies of the field. Currently, am employed with Luminos Electronic Systems, as the Electronic Engineer - Assistant Manager, and am responsible for overseeing the product development department.

Summary Of Skills:

Managerial Skills:

  • Good team handling skills
  • Good leadership skills
  • Good at planning and coordinating
  • Intuitive skills that help me take the right decisions
  • Analytical skills that help me judge a situation, project or decision for better results
  • Good at setting targets, and planning strategies to achieve the same
Other Skills:
  • Competent knowledge of every aspect of electronic engineering
  • Good communication and presentation skills
  • Efficient in using CAD and other simulation and analytical tools required during product development

Career Synopsis:

Current Employer - Luminos Electronic Systems
Designation: Electronic Engineer - Assistant Manager
(2008- till date)

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Report to the Manager
  • Responsible for process and strategy planning with the assistance of the manager
  • Responsible for setting goals for the product development team
  • Responsible for determining the roles of each of the team members, delegating responsibilities, overseeing the functioning of the department, etc.
  • Responsible for monitoring and keeping a track of planned versus actual output
  • Responsible for coordinating with other departments like purchase, client servicing, etc., to put forth the requirements, and understand the requirements, respectively
  • Responsible for compiling team reports and presenting the same to the manager

Previous Employers:

Power One System Developers
Designation: Electronic Engineer - Quality and Field Assurance

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for understanding the quality criteria and production processes planned for a production line
  • Responsible for checking the quality of the production processes
  • Responsible for checking deviations in the production process
  • Responsible for checking the quality of the product while still in process, to ensure that it meets the quality at every step of production
  • Oversee the plant activities
  • Assure effective and efficient use of men and material
  • Coordinate with the plant head, purchase head, marketing head, etc., and understand the requirements of each department, so as to make sure that at every step of production, each of these requirements are fulfilled

Power One System Developers
Designation: Electronic Engineer - Product Development & Research

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Help in product development and research
  • Contribute in research of new products, systems, etc.
  • Play an active role in production processes pertaining to the same
  • Play an active role in purchase of raw material, strategy planning, etc.
  • Assist in quality assurance


  • MS in Project Management, University of Bristol - 2003
  • Bachelors of Electrical Engineering, University of Bristol - 2001

Extra Curricular Activities:

  • Sports - Rugby, Table Tennis, Chess
  • Cultural - Dance


Suitable opportunities with good relocation compensation anywhere throughout USA


Available on request


Steve .K. Tucker

The sample electrical engineer (managerial) resume given above, explains in clear and simple language the role of an Electronic Engineer working at a managerial position. The basic responsibilities being the same, this individual is responsible for exercising control and monitoring the overall activities from a management perspective. Thus, rather than being a core producer or developer, he/she is someone, who oversees the production and development and plans for the accomplishment of the same. Thus, if you are at a managerial position or wish to apply for the same, the above given sample resume will help you to a great extent.
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