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EMC Implementation Engineer Resume

Provided here, on this page, is an EMC implementation engineer resume sample, which can be referred by applicants who wish to make the most of lucrative opportunities available in this quickly growing segment of electrical (IT) industry. Acknowledging the growing trend and demand for talented workforce, there is a huge rush of candidates opting for EMC specialization, to enhance their job suitability.

However, what needs to be given attention is that these qualifications and other such professional credentials should be optimally presented and promoted through the resume, for winning the interview call. To help candidates to effectively market their skill-sets, we have shared a sample EMC implementation resume of a candidate with experience, to give you insight of the job profile and requirements to deliver the assigned responsibilities successfully.

The candidate Anna S. Hathaway, whose resume is shared below is an electrical engineer who has completed certificate course in CCIE. While drafting her resume, she has carefully included the specialization at the beginning itself, and highlighted it by making it bold, so that it can be easily observed by employers while scrutinizing resumes. This would significantly enhance the chances of her resume being reviewed among the vast collection of resumes received. To retain and guide employer's attention to the rest of the resume, she has again strategically included core expertise right underneath the job specialization, and further more re-emphasized on them in career synopsis as well.

These professional skill-sets are yet again stressed upon, in the core competencies (technical skills) section of the EMC implementation engineer resume example provided below. This kind of stress on certain skill-sets has dual benefits. First of all it helps in guiding employer's attention to your strengths, thereby limiting questions from other spheres. Second, as part of job description mentioned by employers in the job advertisement, it helps to successfully target employer's expectations from ideal candidate. In all, employers are convinced about candidate's suitability for the given profile, and candidates may get desired outcomes.

For more presentation styles, we would recommend that candidates explore this website for more resume samples, and thoroughly review the sample EMC implementation engineer resume provided below.

Sample EMC implementation Engineer Resume
(An experienced Electrical Engineer specializing in EMI control, and knowledge of internationally acceptable EMC Standards)

Anna S. Hathaway

3918 Hardman Road, Brattleboro, Vermont - 05301
Tel: (802) 739 9467


(Electrical Engineer specializing in EMI control, and knowledge of internationally acceptable EMC Standards)

Career Objective

To obtain a challenging opportunity to work as an EMC engineer with a growing company, with scope for exploring my skill-sets to contribute to organizational growth and new learning ventures for personal development.

Career Synopsis

An experienced Electrical Engineer with 4 years of experience in EMC engineering, I have worked with leading names in the industry on different projects, gaining exposure to all the stages of electromagnetic interference (EMI) control. This has helped me to develop expertise over following skill-sets.

  • Expertise at EMC design and testing
  • Implementation and support for EMC guidelines
  • Use of diagnostic procedures for resolving complex system interference issues
  • Design and development of EMI control tools, systems and techniques
  • Knowledge of CW and EMP (isolated and repetitive) interference and control
  • Awareness of EMC standards set by IEC (International Electro-technical Commission)

Work Experience

EMC Engineer (Department of Research) (October, 2010 - till date)
Union Technical Institute & University, 157 Old Guilford Rd., Brattleboro, VT
Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assisted in planning and developing complex networks for telecommunications systems
  • Was part of team responsible for developing clustering products
  • Studied customer requirements and analyzed design solutions against the EMC guidelines
  • Provided architectural design solutions for facilities involving high exposure to EMI
  • Developed safety procedures and protocols
  • Maintained record of interference issues and prepared statistical reports for research work and future reference
  • Assisted EMC storage infrastructure team in developing designs with minimal interference
  • Conducted investigations for systems with EMI problems, and provided probable solutions, before recommending for exchange or free repairs

EMC Engineer (May, 2008 - October, 2010)
Hammond Electric Inc., 342 Main St., Colchester, VT
Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conducted trial tests for finished products to approve them for Q.C against the prescribed CMI levels
  • Assisted in preparing training modules and user manuals
  • Prepared technical documents for different equipment
  • Implemented tools and systems for EMP control and minimal interference
  • Assisted telecom companies in carrying out EMI analysis for their systems, and provided them with appropriate solutions
  • Coordinated with installation team for proper installation of equipment with adequate shielding and coupling
  • Was part of team responsible for developing automated diagnostic systems for EMC
  • Prepared diagrams and blueprints for EMC design
  • Assisted in reviewing EMC system and upgrading it to desired levels
  • Analyzed systems against EMC standards for maximum performance, and provided recommended solutions
  • Maintained record of all technical specifications of EMC infrastructure

Core Competencies

Technical Skills

  • In-depth knowledge of EMC design and testing, using different equipment and processes
  • Execution of EMC guidelines
  • Expertise at use of diagnostic procedures for resolving complex system interference issues
  • Comprehensive knowledge of design and development of CMI control tools, systems and techniques
  • Awareness of different types of equipment interference such as CW and EMP (isolated and repetitive) interference and their control
  • In-depth knowledge of EMC standards set by IEC (International Electro-technical Commission)
  • Expertise at grounding and shielding techniques for EMC

Personal Skills

  • Problem solving skills
  • Observation skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Team management

Academic Qualifications

EMCIE Certificate Course (EMC Implementation Engineer Certification)
(July, 2007 - August, 2008)
Norwich University, 158 Harmon Dr., Northfield, VT

BE (Bachelor of Engineering) Electrical Engineering - Electro-magnetics
(August, 2003 - June, 2007)
Bennington College, 85 S Prospect St., Burlington, VT


Peter S. Clark
(Department Head - Research)

Union Technical Institute & University
157 Old Guilford Rd.
Vermont - 05314
Tel: (802) 781 0220


I hereby declare that credentials shared above are true and can be supported with appropriate documented proofs in original. I also acknowledge that failure to present these documents can result in rejection of candidature, and I may be forbidden from applying for future job opening with the company forever.

Signature: ####

Name: Anna S. HathawayDate: June 27, 2012Place: Brattleboro, VT

With the help of the information retrieved from the above shared EMC implementation engineer resume sample, we hope candidates would be able to draft a striking resume which can effectively promote the candidature and get desired results.

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