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Drilling Engineer Resume

A drilling engineer is a technically qualified professional and his responsibility is to design plans and drill well for oil companies or in off-shore platforms. He/she has to work closely with the service contractors, drilling contractors, geologists and the other engineers and technicians of the organisation. While drilling a well, the drilling engineer has to try hard to minimise the costs of drilling and ensure the safety of the workers and other officials involved in drilling. He or she has to keep a safe and perfect environment in the process.

Before taking up the drilling work, a drilling engineer has to plan regarding estimation of the value of sought reserves and the costs to access reserves, acquiring the property(if required), a well bore plan, a geological survey and the layout of the type of equipment to reach the well deep into it. He or she is also responsible to contribute the designs in respect of casing strings, cementing plans, drilling directions, drilling fluids and programs on drill string and drill bit.

A drilling engineer has to provide technical support at the site of the drilling and supervise the drilling process. He or she has also the responsibility to train the junior engineers and particularly train those, who are engineers, but not qualified petroleum engineers, and have come to work in oil companies.

Richard H
2516, Shinn Street
New York
Phone: 212-755-1386

Job Objective:

I am seeking to become a drilling engineer in a reputed oil company for a better placement and advancement in life.

Highlights of Qualifications:

  • Highly experienced in off-shore drilling operations.
  • Have great knowledge of the engineering practices on horizontal drilling.
  • By good experience, gained thorough knowledge in drilling oil and gas wells.
  • Proficient in utilising all types of fluid testing equipment and maintaining product inventory control.
  • Very strict in enforcing drilling safety procedures and field operations.
  • Have the ability to perform the drilling by maintaining environmental regulations.
  • Possess good problem solving and analytical skills and can understand which work to be given top priority and arrange the work in order of priority.
  • Possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Professional Experience:

Position: Drilling Engineer
Company: Excellent Drillers, Houston, TX
Period: December, 2006 to till today


  • To begin with, have prepared the drilling cost estimates for the project.
  • Sought the cooperation of the reservoir engineers and geologists and commenced and developed the drilling project.
  • Have ensured that the safety pre-cautionary measures are strictly adhered.
  • Responsible for designing the project work and recommended necessary equipments to be used in the project.
  • Have also documented every program of the drilling project and other procedures associated with the project.
  • Have followed the environmental procedures laid down by the Government in carrying out the drilling process.
  • At every stage of the project, have ensured that there is no deviation from the contractual agreement.

Professional Experience:

Position: Drilling Engineer
Firm: David Drilling Agencies, St. Mary's, IL
Period: From January, 2001 to November, 2006

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Had done everything such as planning, designing, scheduling and supervising the process of drilling oil and gas wells.
  • Had provided important directions and technical guidance to the projects that require unusual analysis and significant solutions.
  • Had evaluated new drilling equipment and identified the ways to reduce the cost of drilling and other operational expenses and increasing the drilling efficiency.
  • Provided full technical support in resolving the problems in the drilling equipment as well as in respect of the drilling program.
  • Had ensured that the company standards and policies are maintained throughout the process of the drilling project
  • For the benefit of the organisation, negotiated the contracts with the service providers, consultants and equipment vendors, to minimise the cost.


I have a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from a technical University in Boston, MA.


Available upon request

It is essential for every candidate, aspiring to become a drilling engineer with necessary qualification on hand, to prepare an attractive drilling engineer resume and send the same for the perusal of the recruitment officer. The importance of drilling engineer resume is that it should be in simple language and easily readable. You should not use complicated and high proficient English.

While giving the details of drilling engineer resume, do not include unnecessary information, which are not related to the job requirement. You may be in possession of many skills, but ensure that you give the skills and experiences that are exactly suitable to the job, you are applying for. You can also explain how you were beneficial to your previous employers and mind that this information is subject to verification by your prospective employer and therefore there is no scope for wrongful information.

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