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Design Engineer Resume

A Design Engineer needs to have an aptitude to understand a product, its use and the best possible way in which it can be used. Why does an airplane have wings? What is the significance of iphone design? You might have observed that most of the products we use have a particular structure and design, which enable us to use them comfortably (and the ones we cannot, we don't use them at all.) Imagine a toothpaste being packed in a tin container (sounds weird, right?), nobody would try messing up with the container, let alone the usage of the contents in it! And so, design engineers are hired to present the product to the audience in a presentable way, taking into consideration their requirements. It is important that you mention the design assignments you undertook in your resume, if you are applying for the postion of a design engineer. Here is a sample design engineer resume (VLSI design). Observe the work details mentioned here and the sequence of writing. You can also mention the software tools, tool versions and patents if any. It is advisable that you mention references at the end of your resume. Remember that this is sample resume for a VLSI design engineer. The work details change with the type of the design - car design, bag design and even a tetra-pack design!

David C. Hagan
873, 9903 flat no.
4011 Late Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
contact number: 763-855-6564

Career Objective:

To utilize my expertise in VLSI designing to contribute to better product design and to utilize my experience to leverage company profits

Career Summary:

I have worked in NhiDIa Solution Groups Pvt. Ltd. for 3 years. Apart from this I worked as a Junior Design Engineer for 5 years, and then as Senior Design Engineer in SALL Groups Pvt. Ltd. for 3 years.

Educational Details:

  • Masters of Science (VLSI Design), State University of Oklahoma City, OK
  • Bachelors of Science(Electronics and Telecommunication), State University of Oklahoma City, OK
  • St. Francis Boys High School, High School Certificate, Oklahoma City, OK

Work Experience:

Industry: NhiDIa Solution Groups Pvt. Ltd.
Job Title: Senior Design Engineer
Duration: 3 years


  • To discuss the product requirements with the clients and understand product type
  • To get license of the software required for designing the product
  • Responsible for stage 1 design
  • Responsible for dividing the design modules among teams
  • Hold meetings to discuss the compilation procedure
  • To submit the final model to Executive Engineer (design) and get the reviews
  • To contact the component suppliers, and discuss the cost required for bulk production
  • To discuss with the tech lead the modifications and/or changes if any from the client side
  • To test a prototype hardware model
  • Responsible to appoint communication engineers to check the transmission and reception, EMC(Electro Magnetic Compatibility) test
  • To test the PCB(Printed Circuit Board) - regression and vibration testing

Industry: SALL Groups Pvt. Ltd.
Job title: Junior Design Engineer
Duration: 5 years


  • To understand the product requirement and decide the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) type for designing
  • To use MATLAB and MicroWind software for designing
  • To prepare prototypes on both single and double layered PCB's (Printed Circuit Boards )
  • To prepare test reports and submit it to the Senior design Engineer
  • Responsible to troubleshoot the faults and re-design in case of failure at Stage-2 testing
  • Responsible to give demos to the customer at Stage - 4 of product design
  • To work with the communications team for antenna design
  • To work on GSM and CDMA design
  • To ensure the final product complies with the EM (Electro Magnetic) radiation rules set by the government
  • To decide the battery ratings for different models

Certifications and Skills:

  • International certification in VHDL designing
  • SAP certification

Personal Information:

Date of Birth: 12 January, 1972
Hobbies: Adventure sports, Skiing, Trekking, singing, poetry
Languages Known: English, Spanish, German, Korean


  1. Daniel E. Stoltz
    2837 Metz Lane
    Worcester, MA 01608
    Contact Number: 983-942-3431
    Email Address:

  2. Robert L. Weaver
    2989 Ritter Avenue
    Southfield, MI 48075
    Contact Number: 816-394-3823
    Email Address:

While you write your resume, always keep a goal of getting that dream job. Make sure that you are well acquainted with the responsibilities that are demanded, and you have mentioned them in your resume. Moreover, it is important that you also keep a track of the latest techniques that are introduced in the market, and if you have an expertise in them. You would have an advantage if you mention the technical papers you would have presented during your graduation or while working. Correct grammar usage is a must and in no way you should mess up with that. Keep a soft-copy of your resume ready so that you can make changes in the resume if required. A job winning resume would be the one that mentions all the relevant details in correct sequence and is error-free.

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