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Design Automation Engineer Resume

Job Description:

A design automation engineer has to pay attention in developing process technology design kits built in ADS/Cadence/Caliber and make arrangements to maintain link the above and EM engine. He or she also has the responsibility to customize them to automated projects.

A design automation engineer also has to develop various models of commercial simulators such as ADS, Spice, etc., and is also expected to assist the junior design engineers at several centers. Besides supervising the testing activities, a design automation engineer must cooperate with other engineers in achieving expected and targeted quality level in respect of the products.

A design automation engineer has to support the inclusion of the testing procedures during design and development phases and ensure that the developers are executing the projects. He or she also has to lend hand in designing and code review programs and take part in every functioning processes and testing of the products. He/she is totally responsible for achieving quality processes and standards.

James M
2276, Mutton Town Road
Phone: 360-608-6913

Job Objective:

I am looking forward to become a design automation engineer in a reputed firm and I shall be an asset to the company with my technical skills.

Highlights of Qualifications:

  • Have a notable experience in design automation industry
  • Proficient with computer application and skilled in using all significant languages
  • Have deep knowledge in embedded systems design, VHDL. C, C++, Windows and Real Time Operating systems
  • Experienced in creating and developing test plans, writing test programs, write assertions, functional coverage closure and can perform formal verification proofs
  • Have great ability to work with SOC validation and UNIX environment and possess sound knowledge in RTL designs
  • Possess excellent communication skills in both oral and written forms
  • Have the capacity to resolve all problems faced by the systems and at various tool levels
  • Possess admirable knowledge in circuit designs, timing and electrical analysis

Professional Experience:

At present, I am working as a design automation engineer in ABC Electronics and Integrated Solutions, Saint Cloud, MN from August, 2006 to till date and my roles and responsibilities are given hereunder.

  • Have supported in maintenance, engineering and production to maximize the utility of process control systems
  • Have provided technical support to project management teams in its activities and gave training to the engineers and supervised the performance of project engineers
  • Have supported the technical team in achieving improved quality of RTL process
  • Responsible for providing support to several coverage flows and tools
  • Responsible for organizing all support tools for verification of designs
  • Have been responsible for developing and executing several design automation systems
  • Closely worked with Control Power Unit design teams and suggested new strategies for the enhancement of productivity

Professional Experience:

Position Held: Design Automation Engineer
Firm: High Degree Technologies and Solutions, Paramount, CA
Period: January, 2001 to June, 2006
Responsibilities Discharged:

  • Was responsible for developing and maintaining various tools
  • Was associated with handling of all issues related with the tools and resolved all problems reported by the customers
  • Conducted training classes for the users of RTL designs and on various validation tools and made them realize their importance
  • Was responsible in bringing out the manual of instructions regarding installation, maintenance and operations of various systems
  • Performed preventive and corrective maintenance of electrical control systems in various projects such as waste/water treatment, power distribution systems and more
  • Responsible for developing various control schemes, configuration, installation of hardware and testing procedures

Educational Qualifications:

I have a M.S degree in Computer Science and Engineering, University of Maryland.
I have a B. Tech Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, University of Maryland.


Available upon request

Every one is aware that the job market is tight in the midst of downward trend of economy and it is highly difficult to get a job to suit one's own taste and qualifications. The employers of several companies receive numerous applications for a small number of positions daily, irrespective of the job notifications whether advertised or not.

As such, the employers expect great resumes from the candidates to be enclosed along with the dossier. In turn, the hiring managers use the resumes to short-list the candidates, by screening the resumes for quality presentation. Therefore, you have to prepare an attractive design automation engineer resume, if you are really interested in getting that position.

The importance of design automation engineer resume is that it should contain attractive explanations focusing on key achievements on par with the demands of the employer for the specific job, advertised for. The presentation of the details of design automation engineer resume should make the reader to develop interest in you and your skills and experience and compel the employer to send you an interview call.

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