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Cost Engineer Resume

Applicants looking to work as Cost Engineer can refer to the sample cost engineer resume shared on this page, which highlights a professional layout and key skills required for presenting a convincing candidature.

In the example given below, you will note that candidate, Carolyn J. Daley, is a civil engineer, and specializes in cost management of commercial projects. Her knowledge of civil engineering and finance specialization for MBA studies, has imparted with required expertise to be a Cost Engineer and deliver assigned job responsibilities effectively. Thus, it becomes important for her highlight her academic credentials and relevant experience, for presenting a strong candidature. Likewise, you would also note that in the below given cost engineer resume sample, candidate has also included career recital, which facilitates employers' task of reviewing the resume, and helps them to save time. This section also acts as a promotional space, where you can highlight your key skills, such as experience, core competencies, achievements, etc. However, the same must be included under appropriate sections as well.

We would also recommend that candidates refer to the job description and study organization profile, before actually drafting the resume. It would help you in identifying employer's precise requirements and expectations from ideal candidate. The same can then be targeted in the resume, as you may see in the below given cost engineer resume example. Here, if you observe closely, organizational requirements such as cost minimization, budget planning, etc., have been targeted by Carolyn Daley, which are common to all companies. Alternatively she has also included her ability to manage funding for the project from various sources. This again is an important requirement for commercial projects, which generally have a huge budget with large capital requirements.

Thus, it is always better to prioritize and categorize all details to be shared in the resume, based on factors such as relevancy and support to candidature, which would in turn help in presenting a reliable and professional candidature. If you need more information on different sections and details to be shared, please refer to the cost engineer resume sample below.

Sample Cost Engineer Resume
(A civil engineer with finance background, specializing in project cost management)

Carolyn J. Daley

3838 John Avenue
Michigan - 48075
Tel: (517) 809 7727


Career Goal

In quest of interesting job opportunities to work in the capacity of a Cost Engineer, with renowned builders and developers, where I can implement my civil engineering and finance knowledge, and help organization plan and manage its project costs, to ensure optimal profitability.

Career Recital

An experienced civil engineer with 5 years of experience in planing and managing project costs I have worked with some of the popular names in the industry, and have taken care of entire cost management process, right from planing budget to ground execution of financial strategies. Specializing in cost minimization and profit maximization, I have developed effective strategies, which have turned loss making projects in to profitable ventures. Key skills include budget preparation, strategic financial planning, capital generation, market research, and relation building with industrial financial partners and or investors.

Work Experience

Junior Cost Engineer (Commercial Projects) (June, 2007 - till date)
Fluxtrol Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd., 1388 Atlantic Blvd., Auburn Hills, MI
Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible for engineering cost estimates for the project, and preparing budgetary statement for management review and approval
  • Assisted Project Manager in preparing final budget and expense projection for the entire project
  • Analyzed impact of proposed changes in the project, and provided alternative options
  • Interpreted contract terms and conditions for loans and investments
  • Monitored all expenses for the entire project stage to ensure effective cost control measures
  • Analyzed various resources for capital generation for the project
  • Conducted market research for finding finance options for project funding and cost management
  • Coordinate with other commercial project developers for planning joint ventures, and presenting them financial plans showing profit margins
  • Maintained record of all funding details, financial partners, expenses incurred, etc. for review and audit

Assistant Cost Engineer (October, 2004 - June, 2007)
Alvardo Manufacturing Co. Inc., 337 Norborne Ave., Dearborn Heights, MI
Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible for executing cost management strategies at ground level
  • Assisted in vendor selection, by analyzing their proposals and bid documents
  • Coordinated with banks, financial institutions, government departments, for seeking funding for project
  • Ensured all standards are adhered for winning capital funding from third parties
  • Negotiated terms and conditions with clients and business partners
  • Analyzed the entire process for identifying gaps for cost minimization
  • Carried out auditing regularly for reviewing the progress and taking corrective measures
  • Assisted in cost estimation for new projects
  • Implemented cost control measures
  • Collected necessary feedback from experts to analyze impact of strategies
  • Worked with financial partners for establishing cordial relations
  • Prepared financial statements for projection and management review, and filed them appropriately
  • Updated system with real-time financial statements, for quick review and further measures

Professional Skills

  • In-depth knowledge of GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)
  • Comprehensive knowledge of international financial norms and standards, for cost engineering of oversees projects
  • Strategic planning ability
  • Expertise at computer usage: MS Office
  • Market knowledge
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Strong negotiation and communication skills

Personal Dossier

Name : Carolyn J. Daley
Date of Birth : January 18, 1984
Martial Status : Single
Willing to Relocate : Yes
Passport : Yes
Medical problems, if any : Nil

Educational Qualifications

MBA (Master of Business Administration) Finance (August, 2001 - July, 2004)
Madonna University, 36600 Schoolcraft Rd., Livonia, MI

B.E. (Bachelor of Engineering) Civil Engineering (July, 1997 - August, 2001)
Marygrove College of Commerce, 8425 W McNichols Rd., Detroit, MI


Rudolph S. Emanuel
(Finance Director)

Fluxtrol Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd.
1388 Atlantic Blvd.
Auburn Hills
Michigan - 48071
Tel: (517) 451 1212


I confirm that all credentials shared above are true, and if required, can be supported with original documents, failing which my candidature would stand canceled.

Signature: ####

Name: Carolyn J. DaleyDate: May 29, 2012Place: Southfield, MI

With the information available from the cost engineer resume sample shared above, candidates can draft cost engineer resumes for different profiles. One must always remember that being a cost engineer, the prime responsibility of a professional is to plan, develop and execute cost management strategies. We hope candidates find the information relevant and helpful for drafting a striking resume.

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