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Control Systems Engineer Resume

Control systems engineer resume is written by a person who is equipped to design and handle modern control systems that are automatic in operations and require minimal human interference. This is a new technology that relies completely on a number of electronic sensors that work towards sending electric signals from one part of the machine to another. This all is based on the modern control theory that involves these sensors, based on initial settings, to check the output levels of a system ( like a car) and send back the processed information to the systems controller who can then again set the input levels so as to make the output optimum.

The resume of such a person will contain many technical details including the systems he has worked on till now and the companies with which he has worked till date. It will involve other such details like professional summary where one will write a short summary of his work till date (important points only), skills summary (where a list of relevant skills are mentioned), a work experience section (which will include the company names and designations, among other details such as the work done with each such company). Educational qualification will include your degree name, college name and the year of passing. If you like, in the end, you may include a section of achievements.

Following is a control systems engineer resume for your reference.

Control Systems Engineer Resume Sample

Travis Bickle
61st Harper St. House,
Lakewood, CA
(432) 610-1111


To secure a position of sales manager in a leading fashion company and utilize my skills of a good sales executive to meet my targets effectively and bring the company closer to its targets and mission.

Profile Summary

  • 7 years of rich experience of working on automation systems in the automobile industry
  • Worked on process automation systems design for various models of Ford and GMC
  • Project manager with GMC for developing new generation programmable logic controller sensors for the cars
  • Managed the inspection and validation processes of new sensors and chips produced to be installed in the car engines at Ford.
  • Involved in research, design and test of micro-sensors for optimum engine performance

Skills Summary

  • Good skills with handling electronic circuits and designing micro-processors for the automobile engines
  • Good with all the essential tools and ,machines required for testing, installing and operating the sensors
  • Excellent time management skills for completing projects in time
  • Effective leadership skills for leading and directing the team of engineers through the processes of development and installation
  • Complete adherence to the Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Excellent mathematical skills and logical thinking ability to work out various calculations based on which the sensors are fed with initial information regarding the controlling of the overall car transmission
  • Good communication skills for effective communication with my team members and other subordinates

Work Experience

Automobile Engineer ( Control Systems) (2009-Present)

  • Managed the installation of mechanical switches and electronic circuits for the proper functioning of the sensors
  • Oversaw the entire process of production of the sensors and other chips and made sure they were as per the specifications and up to the standards
  • Conceptualized and designed efficient power supply micro circuits for the car engines
  • Led a team of 6 engineers on research and desigingn processes for new systems

Electrical Engineer(2006-2009)

  • Worked on the development project of 2nd generation car transmission sensors
  • Prepared the electronic circuit graphics in CAD and showcased it to the sinor engineer for review
  • Worked in collaboration with an international team of engineers in developing the new sensors systems


  • M.Tech. In Electrical and Circuit Engineering, University of Chicago, 2006
  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, University of Chicago, 2003


Mention some of your professional achievements in this section in bullet point format.

This is how a control systems engineer resume is written to apply for a new job. Just make sure that you don't indulge into information overload; just limit it to the relevant information. Also, be concise and to the point. Making sure that all the information is accurate is your most important priority as any false statement may get you in the thick of trouble at a later stage of verification.

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