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Computer Design Engineer Resume

Computer design engineer resumes can be drafted for different job profiles, such as software design engineer or hardware design engineer. Thus, while applying for any job opening, it is always recommended that candidates go through the job description provided by employers, for presenting a relevant and inciting candidature.

Candidates working as Computer design engineers should possess technical skills relevant to their specialization. For instance, a software design engineer should have knowledge of different programming languages, and be able to work on multiple platforms, such as Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. Sharing of such credentials would add weight to one's candidature, and enhance selection chances. You may observe in the below given computer design engineer resume sample that candidate specializes in hardware development and network assembling, which is clearly highlighted right at the beginning. This eventually makes it obvious for employers to view it, and enhances chances of application being shortlisted. However, if highlighting credentials or core expertise at the beginning of resume, one must also be prepared for relevant questions, as may be asked during the interview. The same is applicable to all credentials highlighted in the resume.

Candidates should also give due attention to layout followed in the below shared sample computer design engineer resume, which is uniform, simple and legible. Candidates should restrain themselves from excessively using different font types or tables and long paragraphs, which may make their resume illegible, and deter employers from viewing it. All details shared should be presented in a precise and concise manner. If any more details are to be included, they must first be appropriately categorized and then prioritized, before actually being included. We recommend that you critically analyze the job description given by the employers, and then incorporate them in the below given computer design engineer resume example.

Sample Computer Design Engineer Resume
(For a candidate with experience in Hardware Design and Network Integration)

Robert M. Demery
4293 Hiney Road, Las Vegas
Nevada - 89102
Tel: (702) 284 0380, Email:


Career Objective

An experienced computer engineer, in quest of intriguing assignments with opportunities to explore and implement skill-sets, while developing and designing advanced computer hardware components.

Career Synopsis

An adept computer design engineer with 7 years of experience in designing, developing and integrating computer hardware components. I have also worked on diverse design tests and trials for research and development department. Being member of teams, designing computer for gaming and entertainment purpose, I have developed new creative designs for diverse themes and as per manufacturers requirements, gaining knowledge and exposure production and assimilation process. Area of expertise include designing user interfaces such as monitor (LCD, LED and Plasma), joystick, CPU, and other input and output devices as may be used in entertainment and industry.

Professional Experience

Computer Design Engineer (May, 2008 - to present)
CODEC Information Systems Technology Pvt. Ltd., 3070 Edmond St., Las Vegas, NV

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for overseeing computer hardware design process, and actual production process
  • Assisted in developing new designs for user interface peripherals such as monitor, key board, joystick, mouse, and others
  • Developed new designs for clients manufacturing games, and other recreation products and services
  • Assisted Research and development team in developing customized designs for clients with specific requirements
  • Researched on feasibility of new designs and prepared reports for management review and approval
  • Prepared manuals and documents giving technical specifications of products, and appropriate care instructions
  • Inspected faulty pieces for defects and rectify the same
  • Addressed customer complaints and queries
  • Carried out trials to ensure optimal performance in various environments

Executive Engineer (Computer Design and Integration) (August, 2005 - May, 2008)
Astrix Design Solutions Pvt. Ltd., 727 Fairview Dr. Ste. A, Carson City, NV

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for assembling various components together to prepare finished product
  • Carried out trial run for examining performance of finished products
  • Discussed with clients for identifying their requirements, and negotiating deals
  • Assisted in collecting user feedback and preparing reports for use of R&D department
  • Coordinated with software design team for integrating hardware and software together, and optimally
  • Assisted in developing manufacturing process and plant layout
  • Inspected finished product against standards specified
  • Discuss with users and help them select best hardware configuration meeting their requirements
  • Was involved in testing of products from unit level to integration level, and then finished product testing
  • Analyzed existing system for scope of improvements, and suggested new hardware for up-gradation
  • Developed prototypes for initial trails
  • Prepared graphic designs and presentation tools for explaining model to clients or customers
  • Assisted sales team in developing sales strategies for promoting new products and or design improvements made in existing products

Core Competencies

  • Knowledge of computer components design, development and assimilation
  • Ability to integrate design solutions with the manufacturing process (CAD and CAM)
  • Theme based designing of peripherals for clients such as gaming and entertainment companies
  • Consistency and on-time project completion
  • Comprehensive knowledge of programming languages and software used
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Communication skills
  • Effective time management ability

Academic Qualifications

M. Sc. Computer Engineering (August, 2003 - July, 2005)
University Of Phoenix, 7455 W Washington Ave. Ste. 300, Las Vegas, NV

B.E (Bachelor of Engineering) Computer (August, 1999 - July, 2003)
Deep Springs College, 45001 HC 72, Dyer, NV


Lyle D. Hill
(Production Director & Chief Engineer)

CODEC Information Systems Technology Pvt. Ltd.
3070 Edmond St.
Las Vegas
Nevada - 89107
Tel: (702) 412 7878


I undertake the responsibility of proving the credibility of information shared above, through documented proofs, failing which my candidature may be canceled.

Signature: ####

Name: Robert M. DemeryDate: May 28, 2012Place: Las Vegas, NV

The above given computer design engineer resume example can also be referred for drafting other relevant resumes, such as computer programmer resume, quality assurance engineer resume, etc.

We hope that the sample resume meets candidates' requirements, and proves to be helpful in drafting an impressive resume for computer design engineer job application.

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