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Component Design Engineer Resume

Component design engineer resume provided on this page is of a candidate specializing in electrical and electronics engineering. The sample resume can also be used for designing other engineering resumes as well, but would require changes to be made for technical details shared.

Component design engineers work on large projects and are responsible for designing various components to be sued in project. They can be involved in entire project, or certain parts of it, depending on their specialization. For instance, in the component design engineer resume sample shared on this page, candidate Jimmy C. Duncan, is an electrical and electronics engineer, and specializes in designing various components as may be required by clients from vivid sectors such as manufacturing, IT, telecom and automobile. He is responsible for designing electronic components for the clients to be used in actual products, which may be machines or equipment, or their parts.

You will note that he has carefully highlighted his expertise, which gives him an opportunity to work across diverse sectors, thereby expanding the horizon of jobs available. Thus while drafting their resume, candidates must make sure that identify the desired skill-sets, compatible with job requirements, and then share and highlight them in the resume, as illustrated in the below given sample component design engineer resume.

We would also recommend that candidates go through the job description of a component design engineer, as provided by employers in the job advertisement or generic, to precisely target desired job profile, and present one befitting the same. It would make the resume striking and effective. Candidates may also incorporate their personal ideas in the below given component design engineer resume example, to make it personalized and unique. However, formal look should not be distorted. Additional details such as awards, professional memberships, etc., may be included at the end, or highlighted under every job experience detail, for better relevancy. For information on specific sections, their design and details to be shared, we recommend that you refer to the below given component design engineer resume sample.

Sample Component Design Engineer Resume
(Candidate with electrical engineering background with experience in Telecom sector)

Jimmy C. Duncan

1999 Westwood Avenue
New York - 11801
Phone: (516) 827 2406

(Electronics and Telecommunication)

Career Objective

In quest of Component Design Engineer opening with a leading telecom company, with challenging assignments in the field of research and development, where my skill-sets and knowledge can be brought to the best use for organizational and personal growth.

Career Recital

An experienced electrical engineer with 9 years of experience in telecom sector, I have worked with reputed telecom companies, and provided innovative solutions towards developing new component designs, and enhancing the efficiency of existing electrical and electronics systems. Being part of different teams, I have worked on diverse projects, requiring component design optimization, from vivid sectors such as automobile, telecom, manufacturing, and IT.

Professional Experience

Assistant Design Engineer (Research and development wing) (October, 2008 - till date)
Eugenio Information Technology Pvt. Ltd., 11 Penn Plz. FL 5, New York City, NY

Scope of Responsibilities

  • Worked with R&D team for developing new designs for components used in various equipment, with aim of integrating large components into small electronic chips
  • Studied client requirements and engineering problems, and then developed components to meet the requirements
  • Was part of automobile engineering team, and assisted in developing electronic parts for new models in line with international safety standards. These included EBS (Electronic Balancing System), GPS (Global Positioning System), advanced lock systems, automated parking systems, anti-collision device, and many more depending on clients' requirements.
  • Assisted in developing hydraulically operated parts for heavy duty machine
  • Assimilated large chips and motherboards in to smaller units, which could save space and energy
  • Developed blueprints for new approved projects to me integrated with CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) processes, for industrial production
  • Was part of team working on design of new receivers for satellite communication, which were more efficient and light weight for easy portability

Associate Engineer (Design and Integration) (August, 2003 - October, 2008)
Atlas Information Technology Systems Pvt. Ltd., 445 Broadholow Rd. Ste. 25, Melville, NY

Scope of Responsibilities

  • Assisted in designing parts of mega projects such as space telescope, Satellite transmitters and transponders, GPRS system, etc.
  • Was responsible for evaluating final design against the blue print and specifications defined
  • Assisted engineering team in developing electronic steering system for new car model
  • Assisted in integration of components into final product
  • Performed trail tests on various components to test their efficiency
  • Inspected components and final products for compliance of operations standards, such as torque, efficiency, power consumption, bio-hazards, etc.
  • Responsible for integrating the design in existing CAD and CAM programs for final production
  • Assisted Commissioning Engineer in measuring and verifying the quality compliance of finished products

Professional Skill-sets

  • Expertise over CAD and CAM systems
  • Knowledge of various electronic and electrical devices and components
  • Comprehensive knowledge of telecom, automobile, manufacturing and IT sector, and equipment or machines used
  • Research and analytical skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Written and Oral communication skills

Academic Qualifications

M.S (Master of Science) Electrical Engineering (July, 2001 - August, 2003)
Ireland House New York University, 1 Washington Mews, New York City, NY

B.E (Bachelor of Engineering) Electronics and Electrical (August, 1997 - July, 2001)
The Swedish Technical Institute, 226 W 26th St. FL 5, New York, NY


James S. Rudolph
(Chief Research and Design Engineer)

Eugenio Information Technology Pvt. Ltd.
11 Penn Plz. FL 5
New York City
New York - 11507
Tel: (516) 871 2771


I acknowledge that sharing of false credentials would make me ineligible for the position, and my candidature would be terminated. If required and asked for, I would be providing necessary supportive documents, as testimonies to credentials shared above.

Signature: ####

Name: Jimmy C. DuncanDate: May 28, 2012Place: Hichsville, NY

From the above given component design engineer resume example, candidates can draft resumes for other profiles as well, but would require to make appropriate changes to technical specifications. Further customization can be done by incorporating personal ideas in the design/layout and presentation techniques, to give resume a unique outlook.

We hope candidates find the component design engineer resume sample relevant and informative.

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