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Communication Engineer Resume

Engineering candidates, whether experienced or fresher, looking for information on how to draft a communication engineer resume, would find the sample given below relevant and helpful. Being a Communication Engineer, a candidate is expected to possess relevant engineering degree and prior experience would be beneficial. Experience of any kind, either gained through internships, part time work or as a full time employee, is always helpful in reinforcing one's candidature, and should be included in the resume.

Likewise, other credentials such as job responsibilities, professional skills, accomplishments, professional memberships or affiliations, etc., to should be strategically included, so that desired purpose of marketing your candidature is effectively fulfilled. We would recommend that candidates carefully study the communication engineer resume sample shared on this page, and customize the relevant information as per their requirements.

If you observe carefully, you will note that in the sample communication engineer resume, candidate Leslie S. Saez has ensured that employers observe her professional expertise immediately on seeing the resume, and are provoked to review it further. Their attention is retained and guided to rest of the details, by providing career summary immediately after career objective. Here also, skill-sets and experience are again highlighted. On further reviewing the resume, you can also observe that uniform pattern and legible layout makes the resume attractive, and can certainly grab employer's attention while glancing through heaps of resumes received for the job opening. Other credentials can be included or excluded at candidate's discretion, provided their importance and relevancy to candidature promotion is carefully analyzed.

Another important factor which candidates must give attention to is the resume length. Ideally, your resume should not be more than 3 pages (for experienced candidates), and all key details should be included on first page itself. This is because lengthy resumes act as deterrent for employers to review them thoroughly, and can minimize selection chances. For detailed information on specific sections, candidates can refer to the communication engineer resume example shared below.

Sample communication engineer resume
(For candidate with experience in ECE - Electrical Communication Engineering)

Leslie S. Saez

4616 Wikinson Court
Fort Myers
Florida - 33901
Tel: (813) 261 3030


Career Objective

In quest of assignments as Communications Engineer with a performance oriented telecom company, where my skill-sets and knowledge can be challenged and brought to effective use, for contributing to organizational growth and personal development.

Career Summary

An adept Electrical and Communication Engineer with 3 years of experience in maintaining electrical communication equipment of all kinds, whether digital or analog. Core competencies imbibed by experience include in-depth knowledge of digital communication systems, processes and equipment, tracking devices (GPRS), design of simulation models, conducting trials, and troubleshoot of problems.

Work Experience

Senior Engineer (Digital Communication) (April, 2011 - till date)
A Lexitel Communications LLC., 5849 Okeechobee Blvd. Ste. 201, West Palm Beach, FL
Job profile

In-charge of handling Digital Communication department daily operations, involving inventory management, problem resolution, and maintenance of different equipment.

Job Description:

  • Worked on project to develop an in-situ tracking software to monitor the performance and functioning of GPRS tracer using digital communication techniques
  • Assisted in developing equipment and process for transmitting digital satellite signals and decoding them to analog signals for DTH technology
  • Coordinated with wireless communication system development team for integrating the system with digital communication technology
  • Assisted in developing digitally optimized LAN and WAN systems for various communication networks
  • Single handedly prepared prototype model for communication system utilizing laser precision technology
  • Assisted in preparing user manual and training manual
  • Maintained record of all processes developed and tested in the department and their outcomes
  • Managed the entire inventory, including purchase, of various equipment used in the laboratory

Executive Engineer (Customer Care) (July, 2009 - April, 2011)
Advanced Telecom Inc., 6601 State Road 54, New Port Richey, FL
Job Profile

Responsible for attending to customer complaints and providing online support for technical problems, along with on-site maintenance and servicing.

Job Description:

  • Attended to inquiry and complaints by customer for equipment failure and malfunctioning
  • Assisted tele-customer-care executives in providing solutions to customer complaints
  • Conducted product demonstrations and training sessions for sales and customer care team
  • Provided on-site assistance to sales staff and maintenance staff for repairing equipment or providing information to client
  • Carried out periodic and emergency maintenance for equipment failures at facilities run by high worth clients
  • Maintained record of all equipment serviced and next scheduled dates
  • Assisted clients in selecting the best solution for their requirements
  • Coordinated between clients and engineering department for developing equipment as per technical specifications and predefined requirements
  • Carried out inspection of equipment to be repaired under warrant for verifying the eligibility

Academic Qualifications

  • Course: M.E. (Master of Engineering) Digital and Satellite Communications
    Year: August, 2007 - July, 2009
    Institute: University Of Florida, 200 9th SE St., Vero Beach, FL

  • Course: B.Teach (Bachelor of Technology) ECE (Electrical and Communication Engineering)
    Year: June, 2003 - July, 2007
    Institute: College Of Engineering, 4000 Central Florida Blvd., Orlando, FL

Professional Skills

  • In-depth knowledge of digital communication systems, processes and equipment
  • Expertise at developing tracking devices (GPRS) embedded communication system
  • Design and development of simulation models
  • Conducting trials
  • Troubleshoot for technical snags and process failures
  • Project supervision
  • Financial cost estimations
  • Expertise over MS Office

Personal Skills

  • Effective communication skills
  • Strong team management ability
  • Effective time management for on-time project execution
  • Oral and written communication skills


Jerome D. Lam
(Engineering Director)

A Lexitel Communications LLC.
5849 Okeechobee Blvd. Ste. 201
West Palm Beach
Florida - 33974
Tel: (813) 578 4110


I hereby declare that all credentials shared here are true and reliable, and can be supported with original documents, if required. I also acknowledge that sharing of false information and inability to produce original proofs can result in termination of candidature and legal action against me.

Signature: ####

Name: Leslie S. SaezDate: June 22, 2012Place: Fort Myers, FL

From the above shared communication engineer resume sample, we hope that applicants would be able to grab relevant and required information, and draft an inciting resume for themselves. The resume can also be referred for drafting resumes of any other field as well, and would require adequate customization.

We would recommend that visitors also explore other sections of this website for more information on different styles of resume writing.

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