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Commissioning Engineer Resume

Candidates preparing a resume for commissioning engineer job application, would find the below shared sample resume informative and helpful, and be able to present a professional candidature. Considering that there are different profiles for a Commissioning Engineer job, it is always recommended to carefully analyze the job description provided by employers, and only then draft the resume.

Commissioning Engineer Profiles

Commissioning Engineers can specialize in different disciplines, and are designated with responsibilities related to commissioning and approval concerned projects or machines, etc. Thus, candidates should also go through organizational profile before actually drafting their commissioning engineer resume. The below given list of various possible profiles, would give you an idea of diversity of profiles and relevant job responsibilities.

  • Mechanical Commissioning Engineer
  • HVAC Commissioning Engineer
  • Pre-Commissioning Engineer
  • Process Commissioning Engineer
  • Testing and Commissioning Engineer
  • Telecom Integration Commissioning Engineer
  • Others, depending upon individual organizational profile

The above given list is only illustrative, and candidates may search for more possibilities on the web. Now that you know different types of profiles, it becomes important to select the commissioning engineer resume sample carefully, so that it meets your requirements.

The sample given below is that for a Mechanical Commissioning Engineer, who specializes in installation of machines and development of manufacturing process and work space layout. With the gained experience, he has imbibed necessary skill-sets to successfully deliver the expanding scope of responsibilities. You will note that the same are selectively highlighted top stand out of the rest, to influence employers' decision. Thus, presentation of professional credentials, and their visual optimization also plays an important role in achieving desired results. You may go through the commissioning engineer resume example given below for specific details and presentation styles.

Sample Commissioning Engineer Resume
(A candidate with mechanical engineering background; should be customized, if referred for other trades)

Jan C. Shanks

2247 Brentwood Drive
Texas - 78702
Phone: (512) 845 4507


Career Goal

Looking for a challenging job profile of a Commissioning Engineer with an industrial manufacturing company, where my experience, skills and knowledge can be brought to effective use for contributing to organizational growth and personal development.

Career Recital

A professional mechanical engineer specializing in machine commissioning, I have 4 years of experience working with reputed engineering firms, where I have commissioned various machines and equipment for installation (self use) and export (for sales). With skill-sets imbibed by experience, I have been given opportunity to be part of manufacturing process development team, and have assisted in developing manufacturing processes and systems for ensuring highest level of efficiency and minimal redundancy and idle-time.

Work Experience

Junior Commissioning Engineer (March, 2010 - till date)
DFW Movers & Erectors Inc., 3201 N Sylvania Ave. Ste. 115, Fort Worth, TX

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for overseeing installation of machines, before commissioning the for operational use
  • To inspect machines purchases for compliance to prescribed standards such as dimensions, composition, functions (usage), spares, efficiency, and power consumption
  • Assist in development of manufacturing process for the plant
  • Coordinate with planing team for developing and executing layout plan for the factory premises, and installation of machines as per plan
  • Prepare purchase specification for procurement department for buying machines and other equipment
  • Assist in preparing of training manuals and developing training modules for employees to operate machines
  • Study market trends for identifying new machines and equipment for optimizing production efficiency
  • Attend to technical snags and breakdowns, and resolve them ASAP (As Soon As Possible)
  • Inspect final products for quality compliance, and make necessary changes to manufacturing system or machine configuration/settings, to achieve desired output
  • Train employees for operating machines and carrying out general maintenance works
  • Assist teams working for minimization redundancy and idle-time
  • Maintain record of all machines installed, their periodic maintenance, and relevant details as required

Executive Engineer (Commissioning and Maintenance) (July, 2008 - March, 2010)
Compressed Air Systems Pvt. Ltd., 2626 Skyway Dr., Grand Prairie, TX

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for installation of new machines and their periodic maintenance, to ensure smooth operations and minimum breakdowns and idle time
  • Carry out periodic maintenance as per schedule, and maintain a record of same
  • Assist Commissioning Engineer in carrying out preliminary inspection for commissioning machine for use in operations
  • Inspect and record vital stats of all machines on daily basis, such as power consumption, oil level, person working, periodic maintenance date, etc.
  • Interpret operations instructions for staff to operate machines
  • Train staff to perform general maintenance activities such as change of oil, lubricating parts, monitoring vital stats, etc.
  • Coordinate with procurement department for transporting machine safely
  • Ensure that safety standards are followed by all employees working on system and machines
  • Provide Chief Engineer with necessary feedback on manufacturing process and flow space layout
  • Ensure work space is well organized
  • Maintain inventory of spares and equipment used in plant
  • Maintain file system of operation manuals of all machines, periodic maintenance schedules, vendor details, service agreements, record of technical snags and repairs carries out, etc.

Core Competencies

  • In-depth knowledge of machines, their operation, and maintenance guidelines
  • Manufacturing process planning and execution ability
  • Machine installation and inspection
  • Knowledge of ISO certification for various machines and their power ratings
  • Comprehensive knowledge of machines used in industrial sector and relevant technical developments
  • Training skills
  • Team Management
  • Interpersonal Skills

Educational Qualifications

M. Tech. Mechanical Engineering in Machine Design (June, 2006 - July, 2008)
Austin Technical University, 1800 Eastgate Dr., Garland, TX

B.E (Bachelor of Engineering) Mechanical (2004 - 2009)
Remington College, 1800 Eastgate Dr., Garland, TX


Would be pleased to provide suitable reference, if required, on prior information.


I, Jan C. Shanks, hereby declare that credentials shared above are true to best of my knowledge, and if required, can be supported with adequate documented proofs.

Signature: ####

Date: May 28, 2012Place: Austin, TX

We hope that from the example resume for Commissioning Engineer job shared above, candidates would be able to retrieve necessary information and draft a striking resume, which could win them the much desired interview call.

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