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Civil Site Engineer Resume

Civil site engineer resume sample shared on this page can provide candidates and enthusiasts with relevant information, related to different aspects such as resume writing or understanding the job responsibilities, drafting career objective, identifying skill-sets required, etc. If analyzed carefully, a resume can prove to be the best source for selling one's candidature in a professional and effective manner, before the employers so that they are provoked to call you for further rounds of the selection process.

However, while drafting the resume, the sample civil site engineer resume provided below should only be used as a guiding tool to collect necessary information, and then the same must be customized suiting to your individual professional profile. If you observe carefully, you will note that candidate Jacqline S. Victore has smartly included selected credentials right at the beginning of the resume, and have highlighted them for easy visibility. This would certainly help her in grabbing employer's attention to her resume, the first step towards successful marketing of candidature. Furthermore, after grabbing the attention, to retain and carry it forward, she has included career synopsis and highlighted key details under it. This can certainly boost employer's confidence in her abilities, and provoke them to call her for much desired personal round of interview.

Inclusion of work experience immediately after the career synopsis, that too with job responsibilities mentioned therein itself, would even further reinforce employer's confidence, and can contribute towards swaying the outcome in candidate's favor. The same strategy can be observed in the civil site engineer resume example below. Other details included in the resume only help in gaining advantage over other candidates who have similar credentials, and play a pivotal role at the later stage of selection process, when competition becomes stiffer.

For more such tips and information on selling your candidature, we recommend that candidates carefully analyze the sample resume civil site engineer given here and make the best use of information available.

Civil Site Engineer Resume Sample
(An experienced civil engineer with expertise over environment friendly designs and construction process solutions)

Jacqline S. Victore
947 Settlers Lane
New York - 11426
Tel: (917) 81 0454

(Project Design, Development and Management)

Career Objective

Looking for a suitable opportunity where my skills and knowledge can be brought to effective use for achieving organizational goals, and can be further challenged for my professional and organizational growth.

Career Synopsis

A professional civil engineer with 7 years of experience in designing and developing various commercial and residential projects, which have become prominent landmark in the city. I have worked with leading names of the industry, and have been part of diverse projects gaining exposure and expertise over innovative building design, HVAC system integration, environment friendly processes and material, energy conservation design, disaster prevention management, advanced safety features and innovative interior design solutions.

Professional Experience

Site Engineer (August, 2009 - till date)
Mike Smorol Construction Pvt. Ltd., 2909 Lafayette Rd., La Fayette, NY
Job profile

Responsible for supervising the construction work at the project site, and ensure all designs, standards, and instructions are adhered in true sense.

Job Description:

  • Ensured project is completed on time
  • Directed the filed work to ensure project is developed as per the plan
  • Monitored the work of engineers and assisted them in resolving operational bottle necks
  • Maintained record of all projects completed and their design specifications for future reference
  • Coordinated with clients to develop customized design solutions which meet their requirements

Executive Civil Engineer (September, 2005 - August, 2009)
Maximum Global Construction Corporation, 114 Harding Place, Utica, NY
Job Profile

Responsible for executing the design work at the ground stage, and guide the workers appropriately to ensure on time completion of project.

Job Description:

  • Assisted clients coming for site visit in touring and understanding the facilities at the project
  • Interpreted project design to on-field engineers and workers for proper execution of the work
  • Prepared blue print of the project layout for others to refer to
  • Assisted in preparing prototype of the project for clients inspection
  • Represented organization at trade fairs and demonstrated products and samples to clients
  • Maintained record of all expenses incurred for the construction work, such as raw material used, transport cost, various daily operations cost, and other logistic expenses
  • Ensured that all safety features and guidelines are adhered to by all workers employed at the site
  • Coordinated with vendors for on time supply of all raw materials used for construction
  • Inspected quality of raw material provided by vendors before approving for final use

Educational Qualifications

  • Course: B.E. (Bachelor of Engineering) Civil
    Year: June, 2001 - July, 2005
    Institute: The Swedish Engineering Institute, 226 W 26th St FL 5, New York, NY

  • Course: B. Arch. (Bachelor of Architecture) Computer Science
    Year: August, 1997 - July, 2001
    Institute: Globe Institute of Design and Technology, 291 Broadway Rm 200, New York, NY

Core Professional Competencies

  • Expertise over graphic design
  • Knowledge of various statistical tools for data representation
  • Ability to develop innovative building designs
  • Knowledge of HVAC system integration
  • Expertise over usage of environment friendly processes and material
  • Awareness about various energy conservation design solutions
  • Knowledge of disaster prevention management and advanced safety features
  • Can also assist with interior design solutions

Personal Skills

  • Effective team management ability
  • Strong interpretation skills
  • Time management ability (have completed projects on time)
  • Industrious
  • Strong communication skills
  • Leadership skills


Mimi J. Lamont
(General Manager)

Mike Smorol Construction Pvt. Ltd.
2909 Lafayette Rd.
La Fayette
New York - 11471
Tel: (917) 412 4545


I hereby confirm and acknowledge that above shared information is true to the best of my knowledge and belief, and if found deceiving, would result in termination of my candidature.

Signature: ####

Name: Jacqline S. VictoreDate: June 22, 2012Place: Bellerose, NY

The civil site engineer resume sample shared on this page highlights professional way of drafting a resume, which can grab employer's attention and provoke them to call the interview for interview. However, we would recommend that candidates may also check out other resume samples provided on this page, for more effective customization and personalization.

We wish candidates success in drafting a job winning civil site engineer resume.

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