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Civil Construction Engineer Resume

Civil construction engineer resume should be strong, and creative enough to generate better, and enhanced results for your professional career. In other words, it must be creative, precise, and filled with relevant information, in order to knock the doors of a prospective employer. Your resume must be a piece of art, or a masterpiece that comprises of necessary information, and suits the requirements of the hiring authority. Present yourself systematically, with powerful words and accomplishments, so that they are forced to shortlist you for an interview.

This is quite an ancient discipline of engineering, and therefore, candidates should have potential knowledge, and practical understanding towards this particular profession. They are quite responsible for handling the overall designing and construction of buildings, maintaining the necessary facilities, inspecting the entire constructional field work, etc. In other words, they provide a generalized idea about the project plans, look after the constructional techniques, and handle different kinds of constructional issues and problems.

Civil Engineers, who have the complete potential to handle different formulated information, should prepare an exceptional application that enlightens the employer about their work techniques. Follow this sample resume and construct your own resume for the post of Civil Construction Engineer.

Sanford J. Wilkerson
3244 Deans Lane,
56th Blvd,
Mount Vernon, NY - 10550
Contact no.: (914) 803-9230

Career Objective:

Civil Engineer looking for a better position in a well-established constructional organization, where I can utilize my skills and abilities for the benefit of the company. Wish to enhance my experience, and prove to be an asset to the institution.

Career Summary:

Remarkable knowledge and experience regarding this particular field; skilled and capable of handling structural developments, and their associated calculations. Responsible of maintaining the advanced structural analysis.

Academic Qualifications:

  • Course: M.S(Master of Science) Operations & Maintenance
    Year: August, 2007 - July, 2009
    Institute: Lawrence Technological University, Michigan, MI

  • Course: B.E (Bachelor of Engineering) Civil Engineering
    Year: August, 2003 - June, 2007
    Institute: Michigan Technological University, Michigan, MI

  • Kettering State High School, Mount Vernon, NY

Professional Skills:

  • Well-versed, and skilled in handling civil or structural engineering calculations, and other computations
  • In-depth knowledge regarding project specifications, constructional designing, engineering plans, and other layouts
  • Skilled in dealing with different constructional plans and their projected cost estimates
  • Qualified and expert in handling various Microsoft software like MS Power Point, MS Word, MS Excel, etc.
  • Skilled in handling the timely sales target, developing new business contacts, and promoting sales opportunities
  • Exceptional and sound knowledge regarding modified structural designs, applicable codes, and chart calculations

Personal Skills:

  • Proficient, and exceptionally strong in communicating with different clients or customers
  • Skilled in handling various complexities regarding constructional plans and their design layouts
  • Flexible to travel around the globe for future expansion proposals of the organization
  • Competent in resolving the customer problems, and handling work independently
  • Proficient in interpreting, and analyzing highly technical structural drawings, and associated specifications
  • Capable of maintaining better and healthy relationship with other staff members

Work Experience:

Current Employer: Wilson & Wade Group of Constructions, Miami, FL (2010 - till date)
Designation: Civil Construction Engineer
Job responsibilities:

  • Handled the overall constructional designs and their structural layouts, analyzed the total calculations, and projected proper budgets or cost estimates
  • Maintained the complete processing of schematic layout by the project lead engineer, and reviewed the entire constructional drawings
  • Planned and developed probable cost estimates for international constructional projects, and responsibly supervised the activities of the designers
  • Produced sketches, and systematically incorporated in the drawings by the drafters or designers, read the complex blueprints, etc.

Previous Employer: Eachelle & Sons Group of Constructions, Seattle, WA (2009-2010)
Designation: Assistant Civil Construction Engineer
Job responsibilities:

  • Assisted the senior engineers and constructional designers or drafters, in preparing the engineering design documents
  • Communicated with different domestic clients for their fast paced requirements, and participated in various customer meetings
  • Organized, prepared, and coordinated with several constructional associates regarding technical documents, and other formulated design plans
  • Interacted with other departmental members, and assisted them with wide-range of engineering disciplines, that include architectural, mechanical, electrical, etc.

Achievements and Awards:

  • Appreciated for handling the important and routine contract administration section
  • Awarded for systematically designing the metal building foundations, looking after the equipment foundations, etc.
  • Complimented for accurately preparing complete reports regarding constructional drawings, maintaining the seismic records of the structures, etc.
  • Rewarded for performing detailed engineering reviews, tracked the tight constructional budgets, analyzed the structural element method, etc., in Eachelle & Sons Group of Constructions


Kyle Dans - Site Manager
Giselle & Jones Construction Incorporation

Sandra Brandon - Field Engineer
Micron Groups of Construction Pvt. Ltd.

Mobility and Flexibility:

Willing to relocate anywhere in Dallas and Florida.


I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct and true as per my knowledge.


Sanford J. Wilkerson

In order to achieve your professional goals and objectives, you have to skillfully draft a simple, and point-form document for your recruiter. Your impressive application can certainly assist you in getting selected for an interview. In this way, you can explore in the particular work field you are looking for. Therefore, prepare a powerful resume that reaches your most-trusted employer, and offers you the brilliant opportunity.

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