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City Traffic Engineer Resume

Resumes are needed for every job imaginable, especially municipality jobs. Here we look at one such job in particular. A public transport or traffic engineer resume, a city traffic engineer resume to be precise.

A city traffic engineer job flat out demands a great amount of responsibility from the person serving in the position. He or she is required to oversee procedures and technology which command the management of the entire city transport. That is the reason an aspirant for the job should be highly qualified. Here on this page, we take a look at the major duties a city traffic engineer has to perform, educational requirements needed in order to nab the job, the working hours for the job, as well as a sample resume provide a sample resume for a city traffic engineer which should be a good reference for candidates looking to apply for the post of a city traffic engineer but cannot decide the proper tone and format for such a resume. Let us start with the job description of a city traffic engineering position.

Job Description of a City Traffic Engineer

Duties Expected of a Serving City Traffic Engineer

  • Finding solutions to traffic problems and congestions by preparing traffic models and traffic control and traffic surveillance devices
  • Observing the city wide traffic to detect "congestion corners" and devising road widening solutions or modifying the city road network to avoid such congestions
  • Keeping a check on accident prone sites and suggesting ideas to avoid further incidents at the detected sites
  • Searching for perfect solutions to parking related woes
  • Maintaining reports for developments which would be put forward to public authorities for funding and execution
  • Acting as an expert witness during public inquiries

Educational Requirements Needed by a City Traffic Engineer

A city traffic engineer is expected to have a university degree in one of the following courses-

  • Civil Engineering
  • Transport Planning
  • Geography
  • Environmental Science
  • Business Science
  • Social Science
  • Mathematics

Candidates armed with BTEC HNC/ HND have a good chance of directly being appointed as transport planning assistants and technicians, avoiding the lower rung jobs which may be a part of the career graph otherwise.

Work Hours of a City Traffic Engineer

A city traffic engineer is expected to serve at least eight hours per day (Monday to Friday). However, employees may be expected to work after hours or during the weekends depending upon public events or crisis situations.

Let us now move onto the city traffic engineer sample resume. There are many different ways of writing a city traffic engineer resume and the following is one of those ways. Take care to use it only as reference and not as a means for plagiarizing copyrighted content.

City Traffic Engineer Sample Resume

Personal Details

Name: Walter J. Hawkins
Address: 3669 White River Way, Payson UT 84651
Contacts -
Telephone Number: 801 - 465 - 4813
Email ID:


To attain a job where my skills, experience and theoretical as well as practical knowledge in the field of city traffic engineering is exploited to the extreme, for the sole purpose of serving society.

Skills Possessed by the Candidate Relevant to the Job at Hand

  • Good knowledge of computer modeling software operations
  • Comfortable with traffic analysis and detection software like SimTraffic, Synchro, AutoCAD, HCS+, Microstation and SPSS
  • Resourceful personality with sharp thinking ability to instantly solve problems
  • Brilliant communication skills
  • Familiar with public budgetary procedures and transport related practices
  • Excellent report writing and presentation abilities
  • Good negotiating and project management capabilities

Previous Work Experience

City Traffic Engineer, City of Charlotte, North Carolina

I served as a city traffic engineer and controller in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, from the period of October 2010 to May 2012.

I was part of the team which oversaw the city's traffic control. I was required to formulate reports pertaining to the same, correspond with various committees over pressing traffic issues as well as represent the traffic engineering team at meetings meant to decide on audit planning for funding future transport related developments. I also helped in the planning of major parking facility developments.

Educational Qualifications

  • Master's Degree in Civil Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Batch of 2010
  • Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Batch of 2008

For further references, contact on the number and/or email id given above

Keep the information in your city traffic engineer resume brisk, formal and as detailed as possible. We wish you the best as you take on the highly responsible public job of a city traffic engineer.

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