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Cisco Certified Network Engineer Resume

Resumes should reflect the different information and data about a potential candidate. All of it should be collected and organized in one place. There are different ways of formatting a resume and though fancy presentation may be eye catching, it is always wiser to stick to a basic template because aesthetic tastes are a subjective thing.

Here, on this page, we look at a Cisco certified network engineer resume. Not only do we some crucial data regarding the job of a Cisco certified network engineer but we have also provided aspiring candidates with a Cisco certified network engineer sample resume for reference sake.

A Cisco Certified Network Engineer's Job Description

First, we look at the importance of a Cisco certificate. Cisco certificate awardees are known as Cisco Certified Network Professionals (CCNP). These professionals are those individuals who have been validated by Cisco, one of the leading manufacturers in networking devices like wireless routers, to conceptualize, implement, analyze and trouble shoot local area networks (LANs) as well as wide area networks (WANs). Therefore, a Cisco Certified Network Engineer is highly desired over other networking engineers.

Now let us look at the duties of a Cisco Certified Network Engineer-

  • Plays an all compassing role in implementing a company's networking system- including creation, preservation, modification and destruction of the obsolete sections of a company's network. Mainly, he or she has to perform the following duties in particular-
  • Conceptualizing and designing the company's network system in its entirety
  • Overseeing the setup of this network and seeing to any installation hitches, if there are any
  • Seeing that the networking system performs to the optimum 24/7 and making the necessary upgrades to ensure the same
  • Providing additional support to the company's telecommunications system which should really be an ongoing process

Educational Requirements for a Cisco Certified Network Engineer

In order to give a Cisco certificate out to a professional, the candidate must possess at least a bachelor's degree in computer science or software engineering.

Average Salary of a Cisco Certified Network Engineer

A Cisco certified network engineer earns around an average salary of about $45, 910 per year for entry level CCNPs (which is about $16.40 per hour) to about $91, 840 for the highest levels of CCNP (which comes to s whooping $46.25 per hour).

So now that we have all the details of a Cisco certified network engineer job down pat, let us look at a sample resume for a Cisco certified network engineer. Please see to it that you do not end up plagiarizing any of the actual content written in the resume and just use it for reference sake when it comes to putting together the format.

Cisco Certified Network Engineer Sample Resume

Personal Details

Name: William C. Brown
Address: 2154 Pride Avenue, Bronx, NY 10452
Contact -
Telephone Number: 718 - 293 - 5545
Email ID:


Looking forward to implementing my skills, experience and academic knowledge in network setup and maintenance to the best of my abilities.

Skills Possessed By the Candidate Which Happen to be Relevant to the Job at Hand

  • Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)
  • Should be deeply analytical and logical when it comes to deciding what kind of network pattern would best suit the layout of the building
  • Should have great foresight to conceptualize the network layout which promises the optimum performance considering the topography of the area
  • Should have an in depth knowledge of computer languages, installation procedures, networking protocols and rules and regulations pertaining to networking as dictated by law
  • Immense patience to keep repairing networking troubles and shortcomings around the clock
  • Good communication and guidance skills

Previous Work Experience

Cisco Certified Network System Engineer, Globalizor Information, Boston, MA

I served as a Cisco Certified Network System Engineer, Globalizor Information from the time period of April 2008 to June 2011.

At Globalizor, I was required to perform configuration on the site as well as design the LAN and WAN layout. I also had to perform as a network system administrator regularly and troubleshoot whatever problems arose due to networking lapses.

Academic Achievements

Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering, Boston University, MA, Batch of 2007

Contact for further references

It is important that you elaborate your experience section by writing down all the duties you had to perform at your previous workplace in their entirety (in bullet form preferably). We hope the job description of the Cisco certified network engineer as well as the sample Cisco certified network engineer resume we have provided benefit you in the near future.

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