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Circuit Design Engineer Resume

Candidates drafting their resume for the first time, the circuit design engineer resume sample can be of great help, as it not only provides all the required information at one place, which saves time and efforts, but also presents the information in easy to understand and execute manner.

Candidates must observe the presentation styles and credentials shared, which are a must for presenting an inciting candidature. However, we always recommend that candidates may try to include their own personal ideas in the resume design, to make it personalized and unique. This would also help in better familiarization with the resume content, making it easier to relate to during the interview. You may note that in the below shared sample circuit design engineer resume, candidate Richard T. Marks has mentioned his professional USPs (Unique Selling Propositions) right at the beginning of the resume and has highlighted his core expertise, i.e Electrical Engineer. This invariably helps his resume to grab employer's attention among the large number of applications received, and guide it to other sections, a must for optimal presentation and promotion of the candidature.

If your resume is exceeding 3 pages, try to filter the details on the parameters such as support to candidature, relevancy, and importance, and include the most credible ones. The reason being that lengthy resumes often act as deterrent to employers, and they become hesitant to review them considering the time required to be spent.

Thus, whenever you are drafting a resume, ensure that it is well planned and then drafted. For more information on specific sections, please refer to the circuit design engineer resume example given below.

Circuit Design Engineer Resume Sample
(An experienced electrical engineer with specialization in circuit design and network development)

Richard T. Marks

3073 Lodgeville Road
Minnesota - 55402
Tel: (612) 334 8748

(Circuit design, Network Development, and Maintenance)

Career Goal

In quest of enriching assignments where my skill-sets can be brought to effective use in designing and developing innovative and complex circuit designs, which would help meet organizational equipment design objectives, and contribute towards organizational growth and personal development.

Career Summary

A professional and experienced electrical engineer with 7 years of extensive exposure to electrical circuit design and network development. I have worked with reputed electrical and consumer durable manufacturing companies, and helped them in developing new designs for electrical circuits for new equipment and resolve consumer complaints related to technical failures. Imbibed by experience, I have gained expertise over developing integrated circuits (ICs) and designing multilevel intricate electrical networks. In depth knowledge of electrical components and their technical specifications, helps me to provide effective and economical technical solutions to diverse equipment designs.

Work Experience

Electrical Engineer (Circuit Design and Integration) (August, 2009 - till date)
E I Microcircuits Pvt. Ltd., 1651 Pohl Rd., Mankato, MN
Job profile

Responsible for designing new circuit designs and integrating with the existing network to provide reliable and safe solutions with optimum efficiency.

Job Description:

  • Assisted equipment design engineers in developing new designs and electrical circuits for them
  • Prepared integrated circuits for new products
  • Determined technical specifications of new product designs
  • Developed training manuals for engineers
  • Assisted in preparing user manuals for customers to efficiently operate the equipment
  • Identified new circuit designs with advanced components for better efficiency
  • Coordinated with research and development team and clients for finding new solutions to their requirements
  • Maintained record of all designs developed, components used, and the integrated circuit for them

Electrical Engineer (July, 2005 - August, 2009)
Crescent Electro-mechanical Industries Pvt. Ltd., 13300 6th N Ave., Plymouth, MN
Job Profile

Responsible for resolving technical failures and assist in assimilating various components together as per planned circuit design, and conducting trial tests.

Job Description:

  • Attended to technical failures reported by customers
  • Assisted customer care department in providing reliable solutions
  • Conducted trial tests for new designs for efficiency and safety
  • Assisted in integrating all components together as per the actual product circuit design
  • Maintained record of all technical problems, to be used for future research and development work

Educational Qualifications

  • Course: M.S. (Master of Science) Electrical Engineering
    Year: August, 2003 - August, 2005
    Institute: Hamline University, 1536 Hewitt Ave., Saint Paul, MN

  • Course: B.E (Bachelor of Engineering) Electrical
    Year: June, 1999 - August, 2003
    Institute: Carleton Engineering and Vocational College, 1 N College St., Northfield, MN

Core Professional Competencies

  • Extensive exposure to electrical circuit design and network development
  • Worked with electrical and consumer durables manufacturing companies
  • Expertise at developing new designs and resolving design related technical failures
  • Ability to develop integrated circuits (ICs)
  • Knowledge of designing multilevel intricate electrical networks
  • Awareness of advanced electrical components and their technical specifications, used in the industry
  • Ability to interpret design blue prints effectively
  • Ability to provide economical technical solutions to diverse equipment designs

Personal Skills

  • Analytical and problem solving skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Effective time management ability
  • Communication skills


Oliver S. Clark
(Technical Director)

E I Microcircuits Pvt. Ltd.
1651 Pohl Road
Minnesota - 55412
Tel: (612) 700 1400


I hereby declare that the responsibility of proving the legitimacy of credentials shared above is my responsibility, failing which my candidature can be canceled. If asked for, I would be providing original documents to support the information furnished above.

Signature: ####

Name: Richard T. MarksDate: June 11, 2012Place: Minneapolis, MN

From the above given circuit design engineer resume sample, candidates would be able to grasp all the relevant information required for drafting their resume to apply for Circuit Design Engineer job position. The same details can also be customized for drafting any other engineering resume.

We hope that candidates find the circuit design engineer resume example helpful and informative in achieving the desired purpose.

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