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Chief Mechanical Engineer Resume

A chief mechanical engineer resume is written by a professional who wants to apply for a relevant job in the industry and wants to do so by impressing the recruiter with the right kind of information concerning his work till date. This is a highly specialized field of work for which having a relevant educational degree along with a good backing of previous experience is a must. The post of chief mechanical engineer is a higher post and to secure this, the applicant must be equipped with a good amount of proper experience on other relevant posts like floor mechanical officer, etc.

The job of such a person is to look after the entire technical division's work with the help of subordinates who brief him regularly from time to time regarding latest developments and processes. He is the one who will make sure that any mechanical problems arising in the machines are looked into immediately and solved at the earliest possible point. He is answerable to the project manager/ production manager of the company.

The resume for this kind of post will include a summary of the relevant technical skills that the individual possess. Apart from this, it will include his previous work summary (companies he has worked for, important contributions made by him, and the amount of time spent in these companies), achievements in this field of work and information of his/ her educational qualifications.

Here is a sample resume showing you the flow and style that needs to be applied to this kind of resume.

Chief Mechanical Engineer Resume Sample

Jason Lee
11, North Side, 67 St.
Carlisle, MA 01741


To obtain a senior mechanical engineering position with a leading manufacturing company and use my skills to drive the company towards further growth and efficiency.

Profile Summary

  • Good experience of 6 years in the field of machine and grid manufacturing
  • Worked with Tesla Corp for 3 years on the road roller and crane manufacturing floors
  • Instrumental in reducing the time taken to complete jobs by bringing into effect new and competitive flow plans.
  • Initiated various training programs for amalgamation and assimilation of new and latest skills among all the employees.
  • Provided technical assistance with the machine designs and peripheral tools
  • During my stint with Ukraine Tech, redesigned the current model of the SUL-K50 crane after research, analysis and evaluation of the existing processes in contrast with the other latest models of work.

Skill Set

  • Well learned in CAD processes for generating manufacturing blueprints and 3D models of machines.
  • Good analytical and testing skills to determine effectiveness of any process
  • Excellent SWOT analysis skills for improving and evaluating existing models of heavy machinery
  • Excellent communication skills for interacting efficiently with the staff and other business partners
  • Good grip on time management skills for better performance over a given period of time
  • Ability to perform well under stressful conditions and tight deadlines
  • Strong leadership and motivation skills

Work Experience

Ukraine Tech
Mechanical Process- Advisor (2008 till Present)

  • Worked on redesigning the existing model of the SUL-K50 cranes with the assistance of solid research and analysis in order to develop a more efficient model
  • Evaluated the mechanical processes of the floor and prepared detailed report including measures to be taken for subsequent improvement
  • Directed the subordinate staff to carry out the daily functions as per the plan and closely followed the daily progress with respect to the production schedule
  • Reduced the load on machines by scrapping obsolete processes and adopting innovative techniques
  • Discussing technical details with the General Manager-Productions and following instructions.

Tesla Corp
Mechanical Engineer (2005-2008)

  • Worked as floor mechanical engineer assisting with machine defects and malfunctions
  • Kept tab on optimized functioning of all the machines across the manufacturing belt
  • Computerized the process for the company by digitizing the entire process of machine testing and inspection
  • Conducted regular training sessions for the workers


  • M. Tech., New York College of Mechanical Engineering, 2005
  • Mechanical Engineering, New York College of Mechanical Engineering, 2003


Here, write a summary of some of the key skills that are relevant to this line of work.

This is how a chief mechanical engineer resume is written. Notice the stylistic and formation tools used here, such as simple language, short phrases, use of bullet points and the division of the entire resume into clearly categorized sections. The chronological order of these sections only vary when you use any other resume format for accomplishing the task. Use of simple language is necessary as the reader is not interested in your strong vocabulary, but in the range of your technical and mechanical skills and the ways in which you could contribute to the growth of the company. So, all the best.

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